Affordable Guided Elk Hunting Trips

Affordable guided elk hunts can be a memorable experience for a lifetime! Elk hunts can include some fascinating chapters in your adventure life. But where to find the safest elk hunt in affordable range? How to hunt in a well-managed elk ranch? Will the affordable elk hunt ensure security?

These questions come around the minds of most people. I will let you enter an adventurous elk ranch property. You can enjoy self-guided and affordable hunts in New Mexico, Canada, Montana, Idaho, etc.

In this article, I will describe to you everything about elk hunting trips. I will also tell you every preparation that you need to take for an elk hunt. This article will enable you to take over many trophy-class animals while on the hunt.

Difference Between Drop Camp and Guided Elk Hunt

Before taking over a ranch of elks on this elk season, you need to know about drop camp and guided elk hunts. Adventure against trophy elks will become fascinating by researching well about your hunting.

Drop Camp Elk Hunts

Compared to other categories, Drop Camp is a money-saving option. If you want to experience the taste of hunting in the wilderness, you can try out the Drop Camp elk hunt. In this option, you get to manage everything on your own. But you’ll remain under the supervision of the protectors.

Such a hunting trip will provide you a real taste of wildlife, as you’ll have to survive day-to-day on your own. Drops camps usually contain a built-in camp set-up. And the crew manages the camping and packing process.

If elk hunting is a new thing for you, drop camp becomes unmanageable at a point. And this learning process can be life-threatening for newcomers. That’s why suggest beginners refrain from choosing drop camp.

Before stepping into a drop camp experience, make sure that you have a team of 3-4 people. Otherwise, situations can go worse.

Guided Elk Hunt

A guided elk hunt will be ideal for you if you’re looking for an enjoyable experience. Here, the crew will provide you everything you need for a hunting trip. The camp is already set up and the hunters reside in a cabin or lodge.

The experience and quality of the guide differ from man to man. If you go for an under-experienced guide, he may have less idea about the area you’re hunting. Some outfitters are experts in hunting and some ace in outfitting.

It depends on which guide you’re hiring. In general, the crew schedules a hunt when they can grab maximum customers at a time. Such tactics may not go with the weather sometimes. Even though you get an expert guide in the operation, danger can follow anytime. So, never forget to double-check the safety measures.

Prime Locations of Elk Hunting

We all admire hunting in the ranches of elk during the peak season. But lack of research and knowledge can halt us in our intention. If you’re inclined to experience an exciting, thrilling, and a bit intimidating hunt, you need to know the prime locations of elk hunting.

So, let me tell you about the top-listed states for affordable guided elk hunts-


If you’re interested in diversified hunts, Idaho is the right spot for you. Be it panhandle or Southern border, Idaho will render you a thrilling hunting experience. With an elk population of 120,000 presumably, you don’t have to feel the pressure of executing a hunt.

Idaho has an environment in favor of the hunters. It allows you to execute rifle counter and archery at the same time. In the general zones of Idaho, the authority allows you to hunt in every spot.

And in these general spots, the archery season is in mid-September. And rifle season in general zones is in late October. The cost of Elk hunt in Idaho is pretty budget-friendly.


If there’s any state where you get to hunt ranches of elk every year, it has to be Montana. Montana has an elk population of 160,000 which is massive! The rule of hunting in this state is ‘first-come, first-serve.

The average cost of elk hunts in Montana is $5,000. But this state is highly demanding for an elk hunt. So, you better rush to that place to perform thrilling hunts.


Colorado is a destination that is tagged as every hunter’s dream. If you’re an archer hunter, there’s no better place than Colorado. Its overpopulated elk number makes the hunters drive this way from all over the US.

With 280,000 elks, Colorado is the best place to enjoy the wilderness and hunting. Be it for bow, rifle, or archery hunting, Colorado opportunities all. The state has 147 spots for bow hunting and 92 for rifle hunting.


Hunting is not something that you execute every day. That’s why you need to have one of the best affordable elk hunts. If you’ve never been on a hunting trip before, this article will work wonders for you. I have explained everything related to a guided hunt here. Let me know if it comes in handy!

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