Aluminum Vs. Carbon Arrows: In Complete Comparison 

Do you appreciate that if you have the best arrow to protect any challenge?

There are three types of arrows accessible in the market today. They are wooden arrows, aluminum arrows, and carbon arrows.

Many archers feel comfortable to use aluminum arrows. Some are also looking for carbon fiber arrows. So, what’s the point of Aluminum vs. Carbon arrows?

Well, both are excellent for shooting. The leading variation is aluminum arrows are reasonable, easy to control, and reliable. Unlike the carbon, arrows are light in weight, faster, and powerful arrows.

When you complete reading this versus, admittedly, it will give you a good verdict and solve the complication of the Aluminum vs. Carbon arrows issue.

Aluminum vs. Carbon Arrows: What’s the Difference?

Though both are familiar with the professional archers and recreational purposes, they have some specific disparity. Now, we will fill here basic things of Aluminum vs. Carbon arrows.

Making the Case for the Aluminum Arrows

Aluminum is the most usable and affordable material that is popular to formulate high-quality arrows. From the 1940s, the aluminum arrows are produced to provide a consistent straight and the highest precision. The most prominent aluminum hunting arrow shaft is XX75 nowadays.

If you are looking for heavier arrows, you can select the aluminum for hunting. Though they are heavier than carbon, allow you to perform at high-speed. This is because aluminum arrows contain faster bows. Plus, they are durable and strong but less than carbon arrows. Another thing is that you have to take care of this arrow if you want to use it for a longer period.

Furthermore, aluminum arrows are less delicate than others. There is no doubt that it is perfect for using the compound and recurve bows. But, if users don’t handle these arrows properly, it may be damaged by any hard effects.

Making the Case for the Carbon Arrows

Carbon arrows are another great tool, they come with slighters and faster features. The manufacturer established these arrows by using strengthened plastic along with carbon fibers. There is no doubt that this is one of the strong and powerful materials for making any tool.

Because of its stronger features, carbon arrows keep their original shape when they come back. Some archery also uses this as a recurve and compound bows.

Most hunters feel comfortable users use carbon arrows. Another thing is that they are flexible enough to go to the turning point. Due to their small diameter shaft and improved materials, you can make the right decision within a short period. So, straight to the target is not a fact because they don’t bend.

The Table of Comparison: Aluminum vs. Carbon Arrows

A smart comparison is necessary to find out more accuracy about Aluminum vs. Carbon Arrows. Let’s see below.

Definition  Aluminum Arrows Carbon Arrows
Suitable for They are more suited for beginner archers. Starter and professional archers can use these.
Durability Less durable than carbon arrows. More durable than aluminum arrows.
Price range Less expensive. A little luxurious.
Strengths Gigantic  & little heavy in weight than other arrows. Carbon arrows are further lighter as well as faster than others.
Duration It can be smashed into hard impacts. You can use this as long as possible if you want.

Hear-Head Comparison: Aluminum vs. Carbon Arrows

Now, you can excavate here surplus information and head-to-head comparison of the Aluminum vs. Carbon arrows.

Average Weight

Aluminum arrows are the most popular for their heavier characteristic. Yes, aluminum is a little heavier than the carbon’s weight. This is why maximum aluminum arrows come with quite massive strength. If you are a larger person, you have no problem carrying this one place to another spot.

Unlike, the carbon fiber arrows are not as heavy as aluminum. People who feel trouble carrying arrows, the carbon arrows are the first intention for them. Because they are light in weight.

Power or Energy Level

The most crucial thing is that the aluminum arrow’s power or energy level exists higher than the wooden arrows. You can use these to provide kinetic energy to fill bows and targets. Plus, aluminum arrows are more durable.

Contrary, carbon arrows are also suitable for producing kinetic energy. You can easily shoot them for any bow into any target. They are extremely durable and return to the original shape of your arrows.


Generally, it depends on your using system. If you can control it carefully, you can use the aluminum arrows long-term. But, they can bend or turn away if you mishandle.

Sometimes they can break due to the effects of any hardware. So, you should take special care of the aluminum arrows.

On the other aspect, carbon fiber arrows are winners in this case. They are not broken in any impact. But, if you want to use this kind of arrow long-term, you have to take care of the carbon arrows.

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Average Price / Cost

In this circumstance, aluminum arrows are champions. Because they come with reasonable prices. Plus, aluminum is a less costly material than carbon. For that reason, many archery would like to use this arrow.

However, if you are a newcomer or unskilled, you can try aluminum arrows with confidence.

Contrary to the carbon arrows are quite high-priced than aluminum. No worries, some manufacturers produced budget-friendly carbon arrows which are suited for recreational archers.

Most importantly, it offers you a long-lasting feature so that you can’t need to replace it or don’t waste extra money.

Archers who are professional would like to use this equipment due to its lightweight & strong features.


Both aluminum and carbon arrows are as handy as a pocket on a shirt when it comes to hitting or shooting in any tournament.

If you like to handle the heavier and strong arrows, you can move through the aluminum.

Or, if you love to deal with the lighter and delicate arrows, you need to turn on the carbon.

You have already got all essentials on this topic Aluminum vs. Carbon arrows. So, don’t waste your time, just go to the market and purchase the right one.

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