Best Bow For Elk Hunting (Top 5 Picks & Reviews)

The best bow for elk hunting is preferably a good deal when you want to take your elk to home. But who knows where you stand and what you are aiming for shooting?

Chasing elk by crossing across the different locations often changes the game when you have the best bow sight for elk hunting. Your heart trembles under the stars; on the contrary, you find a bit of ease across the gold shimmering aspens or in the ripe wheat fields.

For different places, the hurdles shift off easy to tough directions. Also, your ability to draw the weight from light to heavy mode is another aspect. Good to know some elk hunting bows come with soothing features. We explored many and sort out a number of picks for you today.

Our Recommended Top 5 Bow at a Glance:

What Are The Types Of Bow For Elk Hunting?

If you want to knock down the nerdy Elk using a bow, there will be many types. We consider the main types would be either to have any Compound bow or the Recurve Bow.

The compound bow is highly mechanical, easy to perform, and has more ability to get the right poundage. Recurve bow is still a good choice, but it is only preferable to highly skilled hunters.

Among these two choices, the compound bow would be pretty versatile and has more features to look for. That being said, you may opt for one to many whenever it is about compound bow for elk hunting.

5 Best Elk Hunting Bow: The Reviews

1. Best Compound Bow: Predator Archery Raptor Compound Hunting Bow

Predator Archery Raptor Compound Hunting Bow

Key Features:

  • Fully mechanical oriented Aluminum Cams
  • Axle to Axle length 30″
  • 75% of let-off design
  • Raptor weighs 3.6 lbs

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If you are looking for the best bow release for elk hunting considering the maximum draw weight with the speed that fits your upper strength, then Predator Archery Raptor is the right deal.

It is an adult hunting bow with adjustable draw weight and length. The draw weight is at its fullest form up to 70 lbs, allowing it to hit your target with deep penetration. The draw length is on a higher level only for hunting ranges from 24.5-31″.

If you are unable to hold up such an intensive draw length, no worries the brace height here helps you. With the longer brace height up to 30″ and lightweight frame weighs 3.6 lbs, you can cross the threshold to deliver the intense hitting.

The compound design accelerates the ability to hold the bow at just 17.5 lbs, that being said, it cuts off 75% of the draw weight.

Summary: We know Elk hunting is a tough game and thus often curious to know how heavy should an arrow be for an elk? Well, Predator’s arrow is as furious in speed as it can manage to kill a bull at 40 yards. Besides, having the other features mentioned above, we recommend it as the best compound bow.Β 
πŸ‘ Pros:
  • The lightweight frame design
  • Flexible brace height ensures more accuracy
  • The let-off design provides precise target shooting
  • Cams are fully equipped with machined aluminum
πŸ‘Ž Cons:
  • Adjusting the bow sight is hard.

2. Runner-Up: Bear Archery Cruzer G2 Adult Compound Bow

Bear Archery Cruzer G2 Adult Compound Bow

Key Features:

  • Offer intense speed to hunt ELK up to 315 FPS.
  • 3 lbs Lightweight design.
  • Adjustable draw length from 12″ to 30″
  • 70 lbs pick draw weight
  • Advanced grip design

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When it comes to choosing the most versatile compound bow for 16+ kids and adults, then Cruzer G2 is considered to be the best beginner bow for elk hunting. Aside from that, a full-fledged experienced Elk hunter also got his hands into it.

Once we delved into the features, we convinced that the adjustable draw weight and length would give privileges to the novice Elk hunter. Because of the lightweight 3 lbs frame, the weight allows them to get rid of muscle strain.

Speed is something which you may not sacrifice to shoot down the nerdy Elk, here is why 315 FPS is just perfect. When it comes to the construction of a hunting bow, three is no way to consider any of the flimsy parts.

After the key features, the accessories are found right out of the box. The four-pin sight, Trophy Ridge five arrow quivers, peep sight, stabilizer, Whisker biscuit, and what’s more? We recommend you fix all the pin sights for the Elk hunting at the arrow rest position to get it’s the fullest performance.

Summary: It is a perfect compound hunting bow to those who want to improve the hunting skill at the same time knock down the Elk at a short distance or close shot. Having the 5-70 pounds of draw weight will be aces for kids to adults.Β 
πŸ‘ Pros:
  • Versatile compound bow for all ages
  • 70% let-off
  • Adjustable bow with different body frame and skills
  • Smooth draw at perfect adjustment
πŸ‘Ž Cons:
  • Not for professionals

3. Best Crossbow: PSE ARCHERY Coalition Crossbow Package

PSE ARCHERY Coalition Crossbow Package

Key Features:

Anti-dry fire & Auto safety trigger design

  • Illuminated Scope tracks the aim precisely
  • Limb Dampeners for reducing noise
  • 127 FT. lbs of Kinetic Energy ensure power stroke
  • 380 fps Arrow’s top-speed

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Hunting down the Elk at long distance is somewhat next to impossible with archery type bow. If you want to move on to any Crossbow, then PSE would be fast in shooting, ergonomic in design, and reliable in performance.

The main reason to recommend it as the best crossbow for Elk hunting is because of its lightest design with the highest draw weight up to 185 lbs. After that, the Illuminated Scope can easily manage to knock down the Elk at the furthest aim.

We found many crossbows, but the reason to bring forth this one is due to having an Anti-dry fire system. The anti-dry fire retains the drawstring at a closed and open position whenever it requires.

As a crossbow having the 7.5 lbs weight, which can shoot an arrow at 380 FPS is admirable. After the speed, draw weight, and auto mechanism features come in for consideration. Having the number of bolt quivers would be another reason for the recommendation. While most competitors come with 3 bolt quivers, it is satisfying with 4 bolts.

Summary: PSE is the right crossbow to opt for at its maximum draw weight and sophisticated features. The only downside we found is with the lack of an installation guide.Β 
πŸ‘ Pros:
  • Ensure ultimate safety and versatility
  • Lightweight at furious arrow’s speed
  • Adjustable stocks with flexible foregrip
  • Dual String Stop dampens the vibration and sound
πŸ‘Ž Cons:
  • No turret cap on the scope

4. Best Recurve: Southwest Archery Spyder Takedown Recurve Bow

Southwest Archery Spyder Takedown Recurve Bow

Key Features:

  • Rich wooden glossy finish
  • Available in both right and left hand
  • Reinforced with the Limb tips
  • Man Made riser accommodates 14 Dacron string

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We consider the Southwest Archery Spyder as the best recurve bow for elk hunting due to its lightweight and resilient construction. The wooden finish craftsmanship of this recurve bow will blow your mind certainly.

When sorting out the different features, we love to say it’s a variation of draw weights from 20-60 lbs. For each of the 5lbs, you need to enjoin more strength up to 2.5 pounds. You can put many accessories together and get to see different aspects of hunting, even bow-fishing included. Here is why we recommend this as a versatile recurve bow under the buck.

The limb riser comes with the improved version, so the tips of it allow you to land on fast flight smoothly. Moreover, the 14 Dracon string sets nicely in one stick without making any fuss a bit. This is one of the most recommended recurve bows for deer hunting like the Elk.

Summary: We recommend you invest the least buck on it and get to see how unforgiving it is for Elk hunting. The variation of drawing weights preferably gives you the ease as a beginner recurve bow for elk hunting.Β 
πŸ‘ Pros:
  • Taller braise frame up to 8″ will give the best accuracy
  • Pre-installed bushings and dracon strings
  • Versatile usage for different hunting animals or fishes
  • Applicable for left and right-handed hunters
πŸ‘Ž Cons:
  • No stringer tool in the box

5. Best for All Ages: Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package

Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package

Key Features:

  • Unforgiving 310 FPS Arrow’s speed
  • Durable 4-pin trophy-ridge won’t snap-off
  • Sophisticated Binary Cam
  • Adjustable draw weight 5 to 70 lbs
  • 5″ Octane stabilizer

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We applaud Diamond Archery for its high-end infinite edge innovation that encompasses precision shooting. Afterwards, the sophisticated stabilizer creates viable balance during the Elk hunting, making it the best bow stabilizer for elk hunting.

The draw length comes up variably in between 13″-31″ so the beginner shooter will get leverages. On the other hand, when it comes to the draw length, it begins from the minimum weight to the maximum around 5-70 lbs.

The standpoint of this bow is with the stabilizer and redesigned cam which fits all together and allows for different target shooting at great ease. The compatibility knows no bound to match, indeed. In addition, the limb bolts are easily adjustable to acquire minimum to maximum poundage as well. After the accuracy,

The weight of this compound bow is 3.2 lbs, yes having the 3.0 lbs is the right feature, but still, it is manageable. All you need to do is to wear an armguard and take rest after every shot.

Summary: The Diamond infinite edge would be the best investment under the buck for them who are newbie Elk shooters. The modern equipment will give them the ease of shooting while the rest of the bow will give them a hard time. Getting the variable poundage will correct the hunter’s precision aim to the resting position by the top-notch reinforcing stabilizer.Β 
πŸ‘ Pros:
  • Optimized with the high-end dual binary cams
  • No need of Whisker biscuit as it fletches perfectly
  • The default draw length is suitable for beginners
πŸ‘Ž Cons:
  • Peed-sight won’t come with the package

Things To Consider Before Buying a Bow For Elk Hunting?

Deep Penetration of Arrow with Right Poundage

When an Elk hunter is considering any bowhunting elk, the first thing that comes up in mind is poundage variation. That being said, how much poundage does it take to kill an elk bow? Since Elk is a large animal to hunt down, 60-70 lbs is preferably correct poundage. However, with this heaviest weight of draw, you won’t compromise with the accuracy.

The range of shooting distances will aid the accuracy at the same time to increase the arrow’s speed. Let not forget to consider how far you can shoot an elk with a bow.

40-60 yards are the variable distances at the pick poundage to cast and get a quick snap off and deep penetration. Thus, we recommend you to have the highest arrow’s speed in between 290-370 FPS considering your strength and stamina.

Let-off Percentage Helps to Hold More Weight

Compound bows are a great choice for beginners when they are a novice and have no strength to hold more weights. Elk hunting is not a kid’s play but still manageable when you have a bow with higher let-off, turning the 70 lb bow into 7 lbs at 90% of let-off rate. However, they are pretty expensive deals.

Set up Brace Height to Increase Accuracy

A well-tuned hunting bow for elk plays an important role. The common question here is a longer bow more accurate? Yes, it is because the longer the brace height, the easier and more accurate the shooting would be.

On the contrary, brace height reduces the speed, so don’t just opt for making it so long as it won’t kill the Elk at this reduced speed. We recommend you to keep the brace height ranging from 6-8 height. That being said, the closer the distance shot, you can keep the brace height taller.

What Is The Ultimate Elk Hunting Gear List?

There are a number of gears that give you the ease of elk hunting. The Broadhead is the most unforgiving gear for reliable penetration. It comes with two types, either the fixed blade or the mechanical one. The fixed blade is recommended for its sharpness and thus penetrates the right spot. The mechanical one is slim in design, so it improves the accuracy. However, the penetration is not likewise.

As a hunter, when your feet are wet, cold, and full of sores, you might feel the need of a pair of boots for elk hunting. The best elk hunting boots can enhance your performance in the field and provides you comfort during your hunting period.

Having the Elk Hunting Backpack is a must when you are crossing across the woods. Depending on the time you will stay on hunting the size would be ranging from 3000-5000 Cu. Don’t forget to have 10 fletches of arrows at least, when you are targeting one Elk in a single mission.

The rangefinder is a good gear for better targeting. If you have a good budget, it is good to opt for. But don’t forget to buy an Armguard, the long session is tiresome and it fits well comfortably.

If you don’t want to spend more on a rangefinder then at least keep Binoculars for targeting Elk at distance. We know a bow often loses its string from tearing apart one side or both. Here is why keeping some extra bowstrings is safe for the venture. Also, make sure to keep the Allen wrenches to sight position and other repair gear if needed.

Additional Gears:

  • First-aid kit
  • Lighter
  • Bow sling
  • Maps/Compass/GPS
  • Flashlight/headlamp
  • Knife
  • 50 feet of nylon cord
  • Signal whistle
  • Plastic flagging
  • Calls (grunt tube, mouth diaphragms)
  • Folding saw

What Is The Best Bow Setup For Elk Hunting?

Killing the Elk using the right traits of your bow is still tough to manage. A lot of setting up processes come across, and only experienced shooters learn it throughout his entire journey.

The main reason to set up the gear variably is because of the distance the arrow will travel. Normally, a hunter hunts down an Elk after traveling the arrow in between 45 to 60 yards. This distance does not remain the same as the air between the space and the arrow lean to what amount is variable to sort out.

We may not sort out every aspect to tell, but let’s share the best practice with you. If you have a compound bow, it leverages indeed due to its let-off ability to make 70 pounds within the one-third ratio. To begin with, the highest draw weight to pull at 30 inches of length since you still find it comfortable. The fixed Broadhead induces deeper penetration but is viable when you have an arrow’s speed of more than 300 FPS.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is a Good Bow for Elk Hunting?

A good bow comes to you that fits your strength and body frame. Since you opt for Elk hunting so having the draw weight and length up to 70 lbs and 30″ will give edges. Moreover, the FPS has to be more than 300 ft/sec. Keeping other additional features in mind, Predator Archery Raptor is the right deal.

How Much Poundage Does it Take to Kill an Elk with a Bow?

It depends on the distance the arrow will travel and perform the penetration. Varying from the minimum to maximum distance the 60 to 70 lbs would be the correct poundage rate to kill an elk with a bow.

How Heavy Should an Arrow Be for an Elk?

To kill an Elk to what distance is a major factor to measure. Normally, expert hunters recommend having an arrow in between the 450 to 500 grains to perform deep penetration varying from 40 to 60 yards distance.

Where Should I Shoot my Elk with a Bow?

You may shoot down any place with a bow just keep in mind to avoid foggy places where aiming at the target is tough to manage. Also, keep in mind the set target has no visionary illusion like we get to see in the desert.

Can be 50 lb. Crossbows Kill an Elk?

50 lbs crossbows are the beginner shooting toy like gear which preferably shoots the rabbit or squirrel. So, if it is about to kill an Elk, then we recommend you go higher up to 100 Ibs with the correct poundage rate.


Hopefully, you get to know the Best bow for elk hunting after reading between the lines of our reviews. We sorted out the choices based on a number of aspects. The best overall we mentioned above is for the adults who have experiences to treat the traits of Elk hunting. The rest of them are also good in variable situations. Now it is your time to move on and purchase the right deal that fits your stamina, strength, and skill.

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