Best Buck Grunt Call (Top 5 Picks & Reviewed in 2022)

Best Buck Grunt CallEncountering the closest buck or the farthest from your sight would be somewhat impossible next to any bowhunters. But things are getting easier when you will get your hands on the grunt caller that mimics the best buck grunt call.

Different distance coverage with or without aggressive tone, making a grunt caller all-inclusive to a hunter. If you have come here to win your next match, you are in the right spot.

Here, we will share several grunt callers for different hunting purposes. So to know which fits the most under your leaps, have a look at our buck grunt call reviews.

Take a look at our Top Pick of Buck Grunt Calls at a Glance:

Realistic sounds, Dual-layered technology, Works in all weather

Realistic throaty grunts, Laser engraved for a perfect sounding call, low – high volume calling

Instant Snort Wheeze, deep grunt

Flexible, easy-to-use, Hardwood Grunter, Adjustable reed assembly, extra loud volume, and deep, throaty grunts

Soft rubber exterior, Finger Tip Control, improved reed design, simple, old-school feel, durable

What Is Buck Grunt Call?

Grunt call turns the table during critical moments of hunting. A buck grunt call is a tool that imitates the realistic sound of a buck. The best part of it is to imitate the sound in different tones. Moreover, the buck grunt call tool comes with different frequencies to utilize the buck call in different hunting seasons.

We can say buck call whistling is a messenger that communicates with the buck keeping a certain distance. One important aspect of such calls is to utilize the prey’s position, the versatility of buck calling at different seasons, and the cause of calling them near our sweet trap.

Why Do You Need To Have A Grunt Call?

The usability of any buck calling is because of grunting success. A successful grunting will save our day without hanging around like a foolish hunter. For example, if you are running across the woods and getting to see no bucks around you, this magical wizard-like tool will let you find the nearest buck.

Forget about buck calls, and then if you come to hunt them down, this seems a tough job. And, it can even take hours or days after days. But during specific seasons like when the buck is finding their young buck, a buck grunt call makes them come closer. Because it is a reckoning of another buck that they think of and, finally, fall under your prey’s aim.

5 Best Buck Grunt Call: The Review

1. Top Pick: Illusion Systems Extinguisher Deer Call

Illusion Systems Extinguisher Deer CallIllusion Extinguisher grunt call is the top pick from our side, as we get to see it to produce top rated buck grunt call. It is all weather-based and infused with the maximum buck grunt call techniques. Here is why we put this on our first list.

Finding the effective calls in the maximum deer call tools would be the major drawbacks, but Illusions patented with MODI SLIDE, making it a true caller. We find it is for novice to expert hunters to get along with it. Here is why it has gotten an almost 97% rating from the NAHC deer call field test.

One of these amazing callers’ main features is to have dual-layered technology, which is highly effective in producing all realistic angle sound through the throat tube. The pitch of the sound is also adjustable to moderate to intensive level. Having the freeze-free technology makes sure to churn out true calls even in the coldest weather.

Summary: They can easily cope up with Illusion’s gear. We recommend this because it’s easy to adjust reed as a result, great to equip novice to master bowhunters. When many deer callers fall flat to imitate the true call since the reed often misaligned, thankfully, this has amazing precision. So it may easily snap back in the correct place with perfection.

👍 Pros:
  • Cold-weather friendly
  • Impressive range
  • Produce authentic deer call
  • All-in-One Whitetail Deer Call
  • Great for all levels of hunters
👎 Cons:
  • On cold days, the inside tube gums up from moisture and requires maintenance.

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2. Runner-Up: Nationwide Scents All in One Deer Hunting Grunt Call

Nationwide Scents All in One Deer Hunting Grunt CallOur runner-up is Nationwide, and we bring it here due to its estrus bleat and snort wheeze making true talker. Here is why this turns out to be a great tool for gun shooting when you want to draw the buck grunt caller at full draw for a rattling call.

The rattling system coordinates the low to high pitched sound. That being said, it imitates the deer vocalizations in different aspects. It offers extra loudness with Laser engraved technology. The call comes with the extra-long grunt tube mimicking the authentic rutting buck grunt.

It is made of high-quality cherry wood, so it is highly durable. From hot summer to the coldest days, it serves all the season. If it is about the harsh cold season, the freeze-proof tip allows it to provide the true call and deters moisture from coming in. Nationwide has been tested out and found effective in more than 700 breeds. Here is why we consider it as the best deer rattle call in numerous states.

Summary: The sound comes up with reduced faulty sound mimicking fawn or doe bleat. The flexion inside the rubber ring, making it a true caller in all seasons and effective on many Whitetails. More importantly, it turns out great to produce deep vocalizations and thus considered to be the best mule deer grunt call

👍 Pros:
  • Durable & convenient
  • Produce high pitched realistic sound
  • Attract doe and mature buck
  • Offer low-maintenance
👎 Cons:
  • It is not suitable for the beginner hunter.

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3. Best Budget: Flextone Buck Collector Plus Call

Flextone Buck Collector Plus CallFlextone Buck Collector Plus Call is the most affordable trait when you want your prey to respond with the immediate snort wheezing. Besides, when you want to chase a doe, it turns out effective as well. A little drawback comes up with all-season performance except the summer hunting one.

The Flextone comes with fawn and doe calling button sets underneath of your lips. The caller comes with three different tones for a doe, mule buck, and bucks. However, the tone is precise only when you know how to use your vocal cord. With the perfect pressure, you can successfully communicate with the doe.

The price point is the biggest feature itself. We believe that you won’t get anything like it under this budget. If you know how to call bucks during different hunting from bow to gun, this will indeed be a money-saving investment.

Summary: Flextone turns out great if you know how to use this powerful tool to attract young buck or mule. This call is preferable to attract a buck in the minimum distance. The sound is deep enough, mimicking like a true caller that effectively communicates with your next prey.

👍 Pros:
  • Affordable to buy
  • Soft & flexible mouthpiece
  • Easy to change inflection and tone
  • Produce instant snort wheezing
👎 Cons:
  • It is not well-performing for aggressive grunting

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4. Best Durable: Hunters Specialties True TALKER OG Grunt Call

Hunters Specialties True TALKER OG Grunt CallWe know granter-calling tools often go through a hard time and turns out wearing or tearing apart after a hunting season. If durability is your concern, then Hunters Specialties True TALKER would be the perfect deal for you. It is made of decent quality materials that will withstand a hard time easily.

The True Talker OG is a real bait that comes with all great sounds to let the buck closer to you. The exclusive feature you will get to see the soft rubber outline and the tip control, making you easily wheeze and call in no time. We know beginner hunters often avoid grunt calling as they see it is not easy to call.

The improved reed design cuts all the average caller’s flaws, so its adjustability knows no bounds. The three different calling signs will be made easy by Lanyard technology. All you need to do is to blow your mouth into it.

Summary: The whole unit is far more durable without snapping off, which is a common flaw of many grunt callers. Its rubber texture exterior grip and concealed grip made it far more durable without smearing it apart inadvertently.

👍 Pros:
  • Premium caller with durable parts
  • Easy to blow
  • Offers occasional maintenance
  • User-friendly
👎 Cons:
  • In harsh weather, the sound may fall flat to mimic the true voice.

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5. Best Easy-to-use: Primos Hardwood Grunter Call

Primo’s hardwood grunter call is made of elegant wooden texture, easy blow off, and creates extra loud volume. If you are a novice and a little bit scared to use any grunt caller, then this turns out the best deal, indeed.

The key feature of it is to have a flexible mouthpiece with the most variable grunt calling. The adjustability knows no bound as it leaps over 6 in 1! If you want to cover all the Whitetails, no matter if they are doe, mule, or any nerdy buck, it will allure them all.

The manufacturing base is located in the USA, and they won’t leave to see flimsy parts in it. The flex part of hardwood has enough void to produce a loud and deep voice with the expandable hose. The curvature of that hose making the grunter true to producing all variable tones.

Summary: One of the key reasons we suggest you, as a durable caller, is its O-ring setup. Under the long tube, the O-ring concealed in great order at highly adjustable formation. Therefore, it ensures low-maintenance and highly durable.

👍 Pros:
  • Create extra loud voice
  • Durable
  • Flexible and smooth to blow
  • Offers deep calling to snorting
👎 Cons:
  • O-ring assembling may give you a tough time.

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What To Consider Before Buying The Buck Grunt Deer Call?

We know buying the first buck grunt caller is not as easy as buying hunting equipment. Because it is something that takes time to master at making precise calling to your buck, however, if you make sure to consider the following features, then it will save a lot:

Neutral and Authentic sound

Having the natural sound mimicking of a grunt caller is the first and foremost feature to look for. If it fails to cope up, then no feature comes to reward you during hunting. Different callers come with different innovations of mimicking to imitate more closely to any bucks to produce authentic sound.

Perfect Reed Adjustment

Buck hunting is a fun game that is suitable for a different mode of hunting. A whitetail buck grunt call can turn the table of bowhunting and gun shooting both. We believe the Best deer call sound is well-performing at variable shooting type. A bowhunter prefers a loud voice, and gun shooters love aggressive one as well. Here is why the reed adjustment should come variably to satiate them both.

Durable and Rugged Design

Many grunt callers come with so many materials, but if they wear or tear out soon, that means it is not true to its materials. Here is why you will choose to make a preference between hardwood and heavy-duty rugged design with rubberized gripping.

Easy to Use

The mouthpiece has to be flexible enough as well for that you may easily blow it with precision and eventually turns out convenient. If you get to see, it comes with the attached lanyard mouthpiece. That being said, it is excellent with gripping and making the deep sound. The bowhunters often find difficulty with the caller as

Impressive Range Coverage

A real grunt caller can call from far, and nearby doe and mule buck both. Only you need to switch between the different coverage signals. Afterward, you will get to see the amazing ranges of it. So before buying anyone, make sure it will cover 20 yards to more than a hundred yards at least.

How To Use The Buck Grunt Call?

Grunting is fun, but it is more about skill. The best buck grunt call sound is something you know the perfect circumstances. The basics of grunting would be three things to consider.

1. You know how to keep the distance before grunt calls (The minimum distance would be 80 to 100 yards, not closer than that).

2. You won’t rely only on blind calling; rather, you spot out its position and start calling to it.

3. You know the rhythm of calling the louder calling will bring them closer, and sometimes you need to halt and wait.

How To Clean And Maintain The Best Buck Grunt Call?

If you are about to clean an integral part of your grunt calling tools, that being said, you will need to go through a couple of phases. Well, this is not an easy-going job like you will literally break the parts apart and clean or rub whatsoever then put them together.

One of the main reasons you need to clean the buck is to kick the moisture out of it. During calls, each time, a very tiny part of moisture from your mouth goes inside it, so after a season, you need to clean it.

Forget about it because it isn’t going to work anymore. It would help if you bore the hassle of pulling the O-ring of the grunt call, an integral part of it.

The O-ring is a very important compressional thing that only comes out, pressing your thumb alongside the flex tube without wearing or tearing apart.

As the O-ring came outside the flex tube, then get your hands on it using a lubricant.

The inside parts are delicate and easily flex or go bend down, so be cautious about doing so. We recommend using a nozzle like a dropper and applying the solution to it, afterward fixing it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When Should you Use a Buck Grunt Call?

Grunt calling is all-year-round stuff to allure bucks, but it becomes more effective when mother buck is on the way to find out the doe in mid-October. However, to halt the bucks nearby and to trap them under sweet traps is always welcoming.

Are Deer Calls Effective?

Deer call is the easy way to catch up with your prey. It is effective only when the call resembles the true call to another buck to step inside your hunting zone.

What is the Best Grunt Call?

Illusions Extinguisher considerably produces the best buck grunt call as it is patented with MODI SLIDE, making it a true caller. It can mimic the realistic sound just like a buck is nearby you.

How Far Can a Buck Hear a Grunt Call?

It depends on the gear feature, but the best buck caller can produce such depth of sound that spread out 125 yards far away. So far, this is the maximum limit to hear the realistic sound to hear.

How often Should You Use a Grunt Call?

You can use it repeatedly, especially when you are in the woods, and can visualize a buck is almost coming to your zone. There is no such restriction to limit the repetition, but don’t call when the buck is within 20 yards.


The best buck grunt call is something that you may master on it. We sorted out some of the best deals, which will turn out durable, easy to use, and, more importantly, imitate the original buck calling.

Now, the thing comes upon you to make a move. Depending on your expertise on using such tools, you may get your hands on them and make sure you know the buyer’s guide on buck calling gear.

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