Best First Aid Kit For Hunting (You Must Need in 2022)

Best First Aid Kit For HuntingFirst aid kit for hunting is a must after the hunting equipment you pack with you. During the whole period of hunting, you may encounter danger from minor to severe injuries.

And having a hunting emergency kit will be a lifesaver. Yes, you can build your own kit at half price than buying a pre-packaged one. But accumulating all the medical supplies like bandaids, bandages, and others are the real challenge as well as time-consuming.

On the other hand, by buying a pre-packaged first aid kit, you can get all the essential medical items in one place. Besides, you will get a bag that keeps the safety equipment safe from rough and tough weather.

In this guide, we have listed the best first aid kit for hunting that comes with every medical supply. So, let’s check out the list.

Good for treating gunshot wounds, 600D Polyester construction for durability, weighs 1.8 pounds, water-resistant

600D Polyester construction for durability, good zipper quality, weighs 1 pound, labeled inner sleeves, water-resistant,

163 Piece, 18 items, multipurpose, small and lightweight, water-resistant, whistle and flashlight

100% waterproof DryFlex inner bag, for 1 or 2 people, weighs 0.75 pounds, compact design, durable

LED Safety Collar, compact, lightweight

What Items Must A First Aid Kit For Hunting Contain?

Carrying some must-have medical supplies in your first aid box can be life-saving. As a hunter, you must have this basic safety equipment in your aid kit.

  • Band-aids
  • Gauze
  • A pair of tweezers
  • Duct tape
  • A bottle of hydrogen peroxide
  • And other stuff like that

These kits help you to heal when you get a small cut or something of nature.

Additionally, you can take extra water, rope, sharp knife, hunting emergency kit, whistle, blanket, and lighter for extra security.

In case of life treating emergency, you must have the following medical supplies:

  • Some sorts of bleeding control like hemostatic agents
  • Israeli bandage
  • Occlusive dressing like Halo Seal
  • Trauma shears
  • A couple of nitrile gloves
  • A space blanket

Best First Aid Kit for Hunting: Our Honest Review

1. Best Overall: Surviveware Trauma First Aid Kit

Surviveware Trauma First Aid Kit

Things We Like:

  • Removable MOLLE compatible
  • Triple stitched bags
  • North American Rescue Hyfin Vent Chest
  • 18″ splint roll
  • Triangle & elastic bandage

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We choose the Surviveware Trauma First Aid Kit as the best overall because it is packed with every kit that a professional hunter is looking for, no matter if he is hunting inside the grove or woods.

We found this item as one of the best trauma kits. Because the emergency trauma dressings will be handy with the compressed gauze, making you stop the bleeding and tape the area both. Moreover, it entails a finger hole as well for that you may easily tie up stuff. The chest seal is another price point with a removable molle system.

One important tip for you is to load the tourniquet as early as possible once you open it up. If you avoid the fast application, then the seal will falter to some extent.

A simple drawback we’ve come to experience is about its safety glasses. They eat up a lot of space and make the whole bag bulky, but removing the glasses will shed off extra weight.

One last more thing is to understand the bag. It seems it has several under layered straps & zippers. Firstly, you need to unravel the loop strap, then the velcro strap, and finally, the zippers.

Summary: This kit is a compact and specialized best first aid kit for elk hunting. From normal to severe wounds like a gunshot, it saves them all. Once you come across how to use its gears and find them during an emergency, then you will be the best survival first aid kit among the packs.

πŸ‘ Pros:

  • Well-Organized medi-kit
  • Put together very well
  • Ensure quick clots while bleeding

πŸ‘Ž Cons:

  • A little bit bulky

2. Best Organized: Surviveware Small First Aid Kit

Surviveware Small First Aid Kit with Labelled Compartments

Things We Like:

  • Category based leveled inner sleeve
  • Durable 600D polyester arc
  • Removable CPR kit with Instructions
  • D-Rings & Molle system Bag

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Surviveware Small First Aid Kit is the right out of many boxes when conventional kits are not well-organized with essential add-ons. That being said, in time of emergency call, you not only find every sort of kit but also, they are easy to find.

The first feature we come across is to have the 100 essential supplies of it, which makes it the best first aid kit for backcountry hunting. The small packed kit has no major shortcomings like you won’t get to see the elastic band is loosening up, or the Tourniquet will pop up before sealing.

However, to get its fullest performance, we suggest you go through the whole manual first. Because to cover the major bleeding like arterial bleeding, this tool is required to utilize the manufacturer manual. The deep wound to the little cuts or scrapes will be covered all together, no worries.

The zippers convey excellent quality; during stressful camping, it won’t wear out. The carry handle serves well with a few loops placed on the back and attached to the strap. It is neither overweight nor skinny; that being said, a thoughtful product right out of the bucks.

Summary: The lightweight package comes in handy because of the labeled inner sleeve. So, when you find your item based on categories during urgent calls, then you may easily retrieve your kits. When you avoid the large boastful bag, this will turn out great for you.

πŸ‘ Pros:

  • Small bag packed with all-inclusive kits
  • Portable & easy to carry
  • Enough room for ice-packs

πŸ‘Ž Cons:

  • It is not overloaded with all of the meds & gears

3. Best Budget: Deftget 163 Pieces First Aid Kit

Deftget 163 Pieces First Aid Kit

Things We Like:

  • 163 pieces of medical-grade product
  • All-inclusive survival tools
  • Sturdy case and zipper
  • Inside elastic pockets are spacious

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We know hunting first aid bags comes with so many medics & gear. If you only consider the medi-kits, then Defget has brought something for you, which is more affordable than other picks.

This smallest package mainly focuses on medical items. Even though it is light to carry, it is still sort of a more compact medi-kit than other hunting first aid kits.

As it is mainly focused on medic items for that, you may get to the gear based item won’t be available within it. This would be a little drawback but adjustable to those who want affordable bait and look for medic-oriented hunting bags.

Aside from many medic items, you will find battery-free hand-pressing flashlights and whistles, making it a default hunting bag. The bag is water-resistant, not waterproof, so it will resist the water spilling but won’t float at all. The design looks vivid with its red color and quiet luggage type with a zippered case.

Summary: Don’t belittle this bag’s weight because this is a multipurpose life-saving bag with 163 pieces of medi-kits under 18 items. Yes, it is not all-inclusive with hunting equipment, but it saves your money from breaking the bank for light hunting courses.

πŸ‘ Pros:

  • Everything included for little scratch to the deep wounds
  • Flashlight is superb with the battery-free operation
  • Easy to carry and thus lightweight
  • Nicely organized

πŸ‘Ž Cons:

  • For major wounds, there is no pouring solution

4. Best for All-Weather: Adventure Medical Kits UltraLight and Watertight

Adventure Medical Kits UltraLight and Watertight

Things We Like:

  • 18 items 163 pieces or medi-kits
  • Hand-pressing flashlight
  • Emergency Blanket
  • All adhesive tapes and bandages

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Adventure medical kits deter rain, water, snow, or sand storms so nothing can get inside the watertight bag. For that, we categorize it as the best all-weather first aid kit for hunting.

The ultra-light bag has included everything that you have expected, from Tourniquet to a little bandage. One of the unique things you will get to find a wide array of kits, specially designed for hunting hours. For example, the blister bandage is occasionally found in any hunting kits. Besides, the bag has the heel for allergic ailments as well.

If you come across small cuts or scrapes, it will serve. For deeper wounds, trauma like broken limbs, it will serve too. For example, simply bring out the pressure bandage and dressings, then tape safely alongside the impaling part of your body.

After many good sides, we found a drawback of it. The two packages make the whole bag watertight, but on the other side, it gives the user a hard time for users. First Aid Kit is a good add-on for the short trip or hunting.

If you stay and hunt down wild animals for successive days, this will falter, but for occasional hunting like bow hunting or fishing would be great.

Summary: We often cross the river or lake during hunting, so if the bag slips out your hand and runs underwater, then it won’t sink but soaks up. Keeping this in mind, you may move ahead and bring it for the next trip.

πŸ‘ Pros:

  • Treats pain, inflammation, and allergies
  • Two-stage waterproofing
  • A one-Year experiment of medi-kits
  • Compact and lightweight

πŸ‘Ž Cons:

  • Some medics are limited in the package.

5. Best for Hunting Dog: ARCA PET Cat & Dog First Aid Kit

ARCA PET Cat & Dog First Aid Kit

Things We Like:

  • Approved by VET and FDA
  • Emergency Kit Pet Travel Kit
  • Kit Pouch is handy and easy to retrieve
  • Sturdy case and handle
  • Water-resistant fabric and shock-proof case

Check Price On Amazon

When your dog is your hunting mate, then never forget to keep the first aid kit for hunting dogs. Well, in that case, we recommend an ARCA PET first aid kit for your pet. Because it is specially designed for your dog with 100 pieces of 25 items, all of them come in handy while needed.

We suggest this kit, especially for your pet not for you. The manufacturer designed it so. For that, once you find your wounded pet, you can gently press the gauze band-aids. The thermometer is a price point indeed that tells you whether your dog is fatigued or has a fever.

The whole unit is made of water-resistant fabrics and turns out shock-proof as well. After opening up, you will find a small mini-pouch, where you will keep things from the bag to put things together inside of it.

If you are cautious about the dog’s safety and whether to use it or leave it. Keep in mind; FDA approves it, so no worries. We found it is the most comprehensive lightweight kit, which you will take anywhere with your beloved dog. Last but not least, the pet manual is helpful with practical tips to use Wilderness Medicine.

Summary: The kit is friendly for hiking, but we also recommend it for your hunting course. Because the key features like tick remover, thermometer, and emergency collar will also be effective for you. The gear is designed to fit any extreme outdoor trips or travel as well.

πŸ‘ Pros:

  • Stop bleeding and ensure cleaning effectively
  • Kit includes total pet care & basic health check-up
  • Easy to carry anywhere
  • Durable firm case

πŸ‘Ž Cons:

  • The bag is too small to put extra stuff

What To Consider While Buying The First Aid Kit For Hunting?

Buying the first aid kit is more crucial than buying other stuff. A first aid kit is a thing that will keep you safe from a small cut to trauma wounds. So, you need to pick a wilderness first kit with enough caution.

Before buying a survival kit for hunting, you must look for the below considerations.

Bleeding Control Components

This is one of the most important features you should take into account.

Arterial bleeding causes severe bleeding that may even lead you to death.

But having a first aid kit that comes with bleeding control components will help you rapid blood coagulation.

Hemostatic agents like QuikClot, Israeli bandages, Tourniquet, Pressure dressing, and compress dressing are known to bleeding control components.

Choose a medical aid kit that comes with these supplies.

Again, Surviveware Trauma First Aid Kit will be the best first aid kits for hunting in terms of bleed control.

Well-Organized or Not

A well-organized aid kit is another feature you should also consider. Because in case of an emergency, you can quickly get the equipment you need the most. Afterward, it also lets you replace the components in its place.

Surviveware Small First Aid Kit with Labelled Compartments might be a great choice for a well-organized kit. It comes with labeled inner sleeves and a separate zip pouch.

As a result, you can organize all the equipment in the right place to get quick access and retrieve & replace them accordingly.

Weather Resistant

A first aid kit that is compatible with all-weather is recommended to choose.

Having a weather-resistant bag means you can take the safety equipment with you in every condition (cold, summer, and rain).

In this case, picking the Adventure Medical Kits UltraLight and Watertight would be a great choice. It’s outer sealed with siliconized nylon. Besides, the zipper of it is also watertight. Indeed, this keeps your first aid kit safe from rough and tough weather.


Purchasing a first aid kit is an investment. So, you should buy a medical kit that lasts for a long time. When buying an adventure kit, always consider the material it is used to make the kit. Generally, the first aid medical kit made of 600D polyester or similar material seems durable.

For a long-lasting adventure kit, Surviveware Small First Aid Kit might be a great choice for its construction material.


Pick the first aid kit that comes with straps to carry it with you. Also, we recommend you to choose an aid kit that has a removal system. In return, you can keep it in the car’s trunk by removing the strap.

In general, the backpack you carry filled with hunting equipment will be heavy.

Adding the first aid kit with it makes your hunting backpack heavier. So, it is crucial to choose a small first aid kit for hunting that is lightweight and add minimum weight.


If you are on a tight budget, then you can consider First Aid Kit – 163 Piece.

Though the price of it is low, it doesn’t mean it sacrifices its quality. This first aid kit comes with almost every basic safety element like scissors, tweezers, and flashlights.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I become certified in first aid?

To become certified in first aid, you should do the following things.

  • Take a first aid course from ARC (American Red Cross), AHC (American Heart Association), and other sources.
  • Take a class on general first aid or other sections you are interested in.
  • Pass the test and meet the requirements to become certified in first aid.

Note: You must be 11 years old to get certified in first aid.

When do first aid kits expire?

From the date of manufacture, almost every first aid kit expires between 3-5 years. So, inspect every medical supply of your first aid kit periodically to ensure the date of them hasn’t expired.

Who should buy the best first aid kit for hunting?

Every hunter should buy a first aid kit for hunting. A medical aid kit is a lifesaver as it helps you to keep safe for small cuts to severe injuries like trauma wounds.

Is it cheaper to buy or build a first aid kit?

Building a first aid kit is comparatively cheaper than buying one. You can build an adventure kit with the same stuff (as premade aid kit offers) at half price. However, most of the hunters are interested in buying a first aid kit for the bag.


When safety is the first concern, then you need to put aside the price and personal preferences. This is how you will get the best first aid kit for hunting. Thankfully, there are so many choices out there, and we tried to bring them together. Therefore, you will have some room to think about the price point and what you will opt for.

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