Best Ghillie Suit for Bowhunting | Top 5 Picks and Reviews

Best Ghillie Suits for BowhuntingIf you want to be a successful hunter, one of the things that you must have is a good ghillie suit. Otherwise known as camouflage suits, these attires are designed to meticulously blend you into the surroundings so that you become a part of nature as you wait for your prey.

Hunting with bows requires a great deal of precision and a much closer range of proximity than with other weapons. Therefore, having the best ghillie suit for bowhunting is particularly necessary in order to get a good number of kills.

It will keep you hidden in the background, and you will be able to get clearer shots at your target. Moreover, it will keep you safe from becoming prey yourself.

Our Recommended Top 5 Ghillie Suit for Bow Hunting at a Glance:

Best Ghillie Suit For BowHunting Review

We are going to talk about 5 of the most exciting suits in the market now. And we are pretty sure that you are going to find the best ghillie suit for hunting that is suited particularly to your preference. Let’s have a look.

1. Arcturus 3D Leafy Ghillie Suit Camouflage for Hunting

Highlighted Features
  • Very precise and dense leaves
  • Made of a material that is soft and noiseless
  • The suit is very light, and it almost feels like a second skin
  • It does not cling on to random rubble and leaves from the ground
  • The 3D effect makes the leaves look like they’re moving when it’s windy

Arcturus 3D Leafy Ghillie Suit Camouflage for HuntingThis jacket has everything you would want in your jungle companion. It has the perfect material for warmth, it can keep quiet, and most importantly, it can help you to become completely one with your background. You will have no problems sitting or shifting through the leaves – be they dead or alive.

The first thing you will notice about these suits is that they are completely covered in leafy things. Yes, that’s how they are supposed to look. Most ghillie suits are like this. They have leafy attachments.

What makes this one good is that the attachments are dense. They will cover every part of your body and give you a good cover from head to toe. When you see them for the first time, you may think that they look spiky. But in reality, when you touch them, you will be surprised at the cloth-like quality of the material.

Fall, crawl or drag yourself all along the wild forest floor, and your ghillie suit will still have your back. The best part here is that the suit has over ten thousand 3D cutouts, aka leaves, that does not make a single sound as your bustle and hustle through the leaves.

This will give you comfort, protection and good cover. They are perfect for many different places. From heavy woodland to grassy plain lands, this suit just fits all scenarios.

2. Zicac Outdoor Camo Ghillie Suit 3D Woodland Hunting

Highlighted Features
  • Will fit kids of all sizes
  • Very comfortable material to wear and has good breathability
  • Waist measurements are adjustable for your comfort
  • A good number of leaves that make the camouflage really good

Zicac Outdoor Camo Ghillie Suit 3D Woodland HuntingOne of the best things in life is to be able to share your knowledge and excitement with the closest people in your life. Hunting is a family sport for many. If you have children, you can now take them out hunting with you with these excellent ghillie suits.

These suits are made with polyester. When your kid sees them, she will be utterly fascinated. Made with synthetic polyester material, these suits are particularly made to be as lightweight as they are durable. Polyester is also very easy to dry and is also very flexible. Which is why this one is also called the best ghillie suit for airsoft.

Your kid will be able to breathe in it, and so will you. Comfort is one of the biggest motivations behind the suits that these companies make, and this company is doing swimmingly well in that regard. The camouflage leaves used on this suit make it even more perfect and suitable for rough conditions outside.

These suits are not only for going out for hunting. You will be able to get good use out of them for airsoft and paintball games as well. The sleeves are fixed, and as they are meant for kids, this won’t be a problem at all. Waist measurements, however, are left on for adjustment.

3. North Mountain Gear Super Natural Camouflage Leafy Hunting Suit

Highlighted Features
  • Easy to maintain and won’t cause you any hassles
  • The fit is adjustable so that you can pull this off easily
  • Comfortable to wear
  • The suit comes with pockets
  • Cleaning it is much less of a hassle
  • Made with a very high grade synthetic

North Mountain Gear Super Natural Camouflage Leafy Hunting SuitThe best part about owning this suit is that you will get the confidence to go into hunting with renewed spirits. You will be able to find all the secret passageways and take all the shortcuts through the jungle without waking up the wild animals. The material that this is the suit from is very forgiving.

It will give you the best cover you need. One of the worst things about hunting is that sometimes you might scare away the prey with a little rustle that you make as you shift your position while waiting.

The material of this suit is so soft that you will never face this problem when you have this one. Made from high-quality synthetic material, this suit keeps itself extremely clean even when you go through the most extreme crawling situations in order to hide from potential prey.

Besides making this a hassle-free affair, this cleanliness also means that you will have to spend less time to maintain the suit for the long run. Another amazing part of this suit is that it comes with pockets. The pockets go deep, to accommodate you to store accessories that you might need to carry around with yourself.

It comes with a hood and drawstrings around the waist that you can use to bring about your convenient fit. For increased flexibility, the ankles are also made with a flexible material, which stretches to give you more room to move your hands around.

4. VIVO Ghillie Suit Camo Woodland Camouflage for Forest Hunting

Highlighted Features
  • You will get the whole kit at once
  • The suit is available in both kid and adults sizes
  • Provides excellent camouflage against all forest backgrounds
  • Made from very comfortable and easy to maintain polyester materials

VIVO Ghillie Suit Camo Woodland Camouflage for Forest HuntingAt first glance, you will notice that this suit is not the same as the ones you have seen so far. The leaves are longitudinal and they are much denser than the ones above. If you are out in the open field, you will actually be able to just sit on the ground, and appear to look like a big heap of twigs and attached leaves.

Which makes it a really good hide for any situation. This suit is also made with a synthetic polyester, which does not cling on to the rubble and debris scattered all throughout the grounds. The entire suit weighs only about 4 pounds, which is practically weightless in measure.

When you buy this suit, you are not just buying a one-piece garment. You will be getting the whole kit, which, besides including a jacket and pants, will also contain a mask and a gun cover. One amazing aspect of these suits is that they are available in both adult and young people sizes.

So you will be able to match up with your children, and finally, make them go hunting with you. It will give you the perfect opportunity to create beautiful memories with your kids, as you all bend down to become bushes to hide from animals in the jungle.

5. Kryptek Ghillie Suit Set & Ware to Work Bandana Bundle

Highlighted Features
  • Made with military-grade material
  • Feels very sturdy and comfortable to wear
  • The leaves are integrated with a special artillery netting system
  • Comes in two different types for different climates and adventure levels

Kryptek Ghillie Suit Set & Ware to Work Bandana BundleIf you are looking for something that will take you through many rigorous hunting battles, then you are looking at the right suit. Until now, we had been talking about ghillie suits that are excellent for hunting. However, this particular suit is absolutely necessary if you are looking for the most adventurous hunting day.

These suits come in two different styles – one is called the Dalibor. Suits under this label are known as the most adaptable wears in situations that may become very challenging. If you are the risk-taker and need a good armor of protection all around, then you are going to love this suit very much.

Another set of the same suits come in a range called Valhalla. These suits are made to withstand pressure and a lot of exertion. If you are going into warm climates, then these are the perfect type of suits to carry, as they are equipped with the best temperature scaling garments.

Instead of the 3D leaves of the previous suits, here, the camouflage is created by the company’s specially designed artillery netting techniques. As a result of this, the 2D surface of the suits appear completely three-dimensional and also becomes so perfectly blended into the background, that you start to appear invisible.

Buying Guide For Ghillie Suit For Bowhunting

If you are going to buy a good camo suit, one of the cheat ways to ensure you get a good one is simply to ask the shopkeeper for the best ghillie suit for deer hunting. This will open up a wide range of options for you. And to further fine-tune your options from there, you will have to check for the following criteria:


Is the suit comfortable? That is one of the first factors that should make you consider or reject a suit. Some ghillie suits are made with cotton. And even though we appreciate cotton wear in our daily clothes, having cotton-made suits is a real problem.
The leaves will cling on to the cotton, and be very difficult to brush off. As a result, your suit will make you itch all throughout your body. In such a case, you will find it difficult to stand in one place restfully, let along sit and wait for prey to catch.

Easy of use is provided by suits that are made with synthetic materials like polyester or nylon. They will not hold on to rubble or make you itch.

Cleaning Difficulty

This is in the same flow as the previous criterion. You will have to get a suit that is easy to clean. In this case, as we already said, the best material to go for is nylon or polyester. These materials will make it easy for you to get all the dirt away with a delicate wash.

As a result, the leaves will stay intact, and the suit will be able to serve you for longer periods. A suit that is difficult to wash will never be value for your money.

Size Adjustments

By looking at these suits, it can be quite difficult to guess whether they will fit you or not. These suits usually look very big because of the leafy attachments that they have hanging on to them. This is why you need to check into the dimensions of the suits and check for the strength in seam lines and the hemlines.

The best idea is to go for suits that have some kind of elastic material around the waist and elbows. Some ghillie suits come with drawstrings around the waist, which makes it much more convenient for you to get a good fit.

The Colors

There is not much of a color variation here to worry about. They are all more or less some shade of the leaves you see in the forest bed. But despite that, some suits just come in colors that are not very fitting to the surroundings. So before you buy a suit, consider what type of environment you will usually be hiding in.

If you are going for grassy lands, you will be better off with a greener and with more longitudinal leaves than someone who will be going into the forest to hunt. Although subtle, these color choices must be taken with caution and thought.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

We have tried to find you the best ghillie suit for archery hunting. However, we still expect you to have questions. Below, you will see some of them already answered. For further queries, please comment.

Where do these suits get their name from?

The name originates from Scotland, where, according to ancient stories, lived a monster called Ghillie Dhu, who was covered with leaves from head to toe, and he used to roam around dense forests without anyone’s notice.

Are these suits effective in camouflage?

Yes, they are very difficult to spot. Animals usually do not suspect soundless fallen leaves on the ground. So, they are a pretty good cover.

Are these suits generally itchy?

No, unless they are made of cotton, they are not going to itch.

Can I wash my ghillie suit with soap?

No, that will break down the leaves and damage the suit irrevocably, no matter what material they are made from.

What is the proper way to wash these suits?

You could either clean each spot manually, or you could use a hosepipe to shower it with clean, soap-less water.


If you are looking for the absolute best ghillie suit for bowhunting, we would definitely recommend the Arcturus 3D Leafy Ghillie Suit. They are very professional quality and also very durable.

If you want something for the beginning period, then judge by the guide we have provided to find the best suit for your needs. Best of luck with the hunting!

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