10 Best Hunting Backpack for Elk Hunt – (Recommended in 2022)

Best Hunting Backpack for Elk HuntIf you ask a hunter, what are the most important stuff that he needs while setting out to chase the target, of the things he will mention will be the backpack. Lately, we’ve seen some brands to produce wonderful backpacks that make a hunter unable to hold himself back from buying one.

Now, it was quite some task to choose the best ones out of so many options. But, we did it in the end. Therefore, you don’t have to go through the hassles of choosing the best hunting backpack for elk hunt as we did. All you have to do is read the reviews of the products we’ve found to be great.

Once you are done with reading about these narrowed down options, you will make a decision that will earn you a lot of compliments. So, let’s see if we can keep our promise.

10 Best Backpack for Elk Hunting Reviews

Here are the reviews of the best elk hunting packs. Read on to find out if the products are as good as you want them to be.

1. Badlands 2200 Camouflage Hunting Pack and Meat Hauler

Highlighted Features
  • The bag has an awesome carrying capacity; 1980 cubic inches
  • Very durable fabric; KXO-32
  • Comes with a hydration pocket
  • Has a built-in meat shelf
  • Easy to carry

Badlands 2200 Camouflage Hunting Pack and Meat HaulerIf you are looking for incredible carrying capacity, then this is the bad boy you should check out. We are talking about 1980 cubic inches over here. And what’s crazy is that it’s only the main pocket that has such enormous capacity. If you add to it the capacity of the pockets, then it will get more impressive.

A great thing about this backpack is that you don’t find it to be awkward even when it has its tummy full. So, you’ve got a good looking model right in front of you. It comes with some outstanding features. The T-6 aircraft aluminum frame is one of them.

This is the type of aluminum you need when you are loading everything you can into the backpack while going hunting. The material is known to be very durable. What’s more, you will find it amazingly lightweight. I also liked how it transfers my weight to the waist.

Another great thing about it is the meat shelf it comes with. This is such a valuable feature. For, you need to carry meat on your way back. If it wasn’t there, you would’ve needed an extra container for the purpose. I appreciate this feature so much. For, I haven’t found it in too many models out there.

The shelf is big. And what’s great about it is that it won’t let the meat make other stuff dirty. Also, they’ve designed it in a way so that you aren’t overburdened with the extra weight. This is why this is the top elk hunting backpack in the market.

Now, in terms of durability, you will be ecstatic with this product. For, it comes with a very sturdy fabric to see the job done. If you are not new in this, you must’ve heard about the KXO-32 fabric. They cannot come with a stronger fabric than this.

2. Eberlestock Team Elk Pack- backpack for Team

Highlighted Features
  • Comes with an adjustable suspension system
  • Easy access to the weapons
  • Helps you to walk without making sounds
  • Great meat shelf
  • Features internal sleeves

Eberlestock Team Elk Pack- backpack for TeamLet’s talk about another posh bag. If you want to know what the best thing about it is, I would say that it’s the suspension system. This feature comes fully adjustable. There’s this ladder technology in place to help you make the best out of it. What’s more, you will find an adjustable sternum strap with it.

I also found the meat shelf to be brilliant. For, aluminum is the best material to serve the purpose, and that’s what they chose. You’ve got to appreciate how it curves down. It makes you feel comfortable even with all the weight. What’s more, the backpack’s back comes with awesome breathability.

Moreover, you will have an adjustable waist belt that comes padded. And it’s removable too. Also, it comes with some pockets. Therefore, it will be very useful in carrying your gear for you.

I was also pleased with the capacity of this backpack. 3100 cubic inches should be more than enough for me to have happy hunting. Now, what’s quite surprising is that it doesn’t weigh much. It’s quite lightweight considering the capacity.

Another worth mentioning feature is the lid that it comes with. With this in place, you will have it easy to attach your accessories to the bag. Also, it offers you better access to the bag’s interior. And if you want to have complete access to the inner compartment, you can use those smooth zippers.

Moreover, the bag comes with internal sleeves, four of them. Also, there’s a mesh-zippered pocket included. I found these sleeves to provide me with all the storage I need. The pockets in this backpack are also well-made. They will offer you sufficient storage for your gears.

All these great features make this option come second to the great elk hunting backpack on our list.

3. Badlands Superday Hunting Backpack, Bow, Rifle, and Pistol Compatible

Highlighted Features
  • Has 7 pockets and 3 compartments
  • Made sturdily
  • Plays the role of a camouflage
  • Very comfortable to use
  • Looks nice

Badlands Superday Hunting Backpack, Bow, Rifle, and Pistol CompatibleHere’s another great backpack with enormous capacity. You can carry your hunting world in it. But, that doesn’t mean that the backpack looks awkward. It will be as stylish and comfy as you like. The best thing about it is that it lets you carry your food along. Unlike some other bags, nothing will squash the food.

Now, you’ve got to check out the compartments of this bag. You will find 3 of them in it. And there are 7 pockets to allow you to keep your stuff in a nicely arranged manner. A bag with so many compartments, as well as pockets, will make it easy for you to find the gear you are looking for.

I loved the shapes that these pockets came in. They allowed me to carry all sorts of gears with me during hunting. What I was also satisfied with is the quality of the fabric they’ve chosen to go with. It’s the KXO-32 that we talked about earlier.

Yes, you need such a strong material if you want to return home triumphant. For, it will be ages before you find such a fabric to let you down. What’s also fantastic about it is that it plays the role of a camouflage. For, the fabric won’t make the slightest of sounds to help you to continue in the stealth mode.

Another benefit of using this backpack is that you will be perfectly comfortable carrying it around. If it wasn’t the case, then you can imagine how miserable would’ve been the hunting experience. Not to mention, the intolerable back pain.

In terms of capacity, you will be satisfied with it. For, it comes with 1950 cubic inches of storage. What’s more, they’ve introduced pads with the straps so that your shoulder doesn’t hurt from carrying all the loads. Therefore, it’s the best elk backpack if comfort is your concern.

4. Eberlestock X2 Pack – Eberlestock pack

Highlighted Features
  • Lightweight and won’t weigh you down during the hunt
  • Able to carry the guns and elk hunting bows
  • Provides quick access to the gears inside
  • Offers multiple color options

Eberlestock X2 Pack - best eberlestock pack for elk huntingI am amazed at the capacity some backpack offers. The model I am talking about it is one of them. Even if it’s a large number of gears, this beauty will carry them all.

What’s very cool about this thing is that it will carry your gun for you. Yes, you heard it right. I mean, you would expect that the best Eberlestock pack for elk hunting will come with such a great feature, right?

This way, you can pay more attention to other important things while hunting with this backpack. And it will provide nice storage for the bow as well. There are separate compartments for all these purposes. Even if you want to take the sleeping bag along, you can go ahead.

Now, some hunters might find the bag to be a bit small. But a small Backpack size isn’t a bad thing at all. Especially if you can carry all the necessary stuff with you, then it shouldn’t be a big issue. You won’t find such great capacity in too many bags. And the way it provides storage for different types of gears is brilliant.

Therefore, you shouldn’t underestimate the backpack by looking at its small size. On a given day, it will rival those fancy sized bags in terms of storage capacity. You only see it small, for they’ve designed it in a way so that it looks beautiful.

Now, a great thing about this backpack is that it’s lightweight. I always love such a bag, for it doesn’t add to the weight I’m already carrying around. A bag like this offers me comfort when I need it the most.

They’ve introduced compression straps in this model to make it so comfortable. It’s always easier to carry the weight when it’s closer to the body. These straps will make sure to keep the load close so that you don’t develop back pain.

5. ALPS OutdoorZ Commander + Pack Bag

Highlighted Features
  • Great external frame
  • Features numerous useful tools
  • Can store a lot of items
  • A rifle holder included
  • Affordable

ALPS OutdoorZ Commander + Pack BagNow we are getting our hands on an extremely versatile backpack. It will make a great possession for a hiker, hunter, and camper. I found the external frame of this bag to be awesomely designed.

Now, I found the bag to be a bit on the heavier side. But, when I looked at the Pack frame, I knew why it weighed so heavy. This frame will make sure that you can carry a huge load in the backpack. And during hunting, you need the bag to have such capacity.

The best thing about this backpack is the affordability it offers. In this price range, it will be a daydream to find a backpack with such great features. Moreover, I liked the lid it comes with. It lets me have easy access to the bag’s interior.

I found the opening of the bag to be incredibly large. Therefore, it will make it quicker for me to pack my things. And the expandable collar is also awesome. It provides me with extra storage. Another thing you would appreciate is the bottom compartment of this backpack that comes nicely zippered.

Moreover, you will find an impressive collar in it that assists the zipper. The zipper was already very efficient. The introduction of this feature just adds to the efficiency.

Another worth mentioning feature is the water bladder included in this backpack. It will carry 3-5 litter-bladders. What’s more, you have a hanger included with it so that you can carry it with ease.

What I was also happy about is that there are numerous attachment points to make things more comfortable. What’s more, there’s a special rifle holder in place.

6.Tenzing 6000 Back Country Hunting and Hiking Pack with Rain Fly

Highlighted Features
  • Comes with a rain cover
  • Weapon carrier is included with the unit
  • Separate compartment for the sleeping bag
  • Doesn’t make much sound

Tenzing 6000 Back Country Hunting and Hiking Pack with Rain FlyIf you are looking for a Back Country elk hunting backpack, you should check this product out. The best feature it comes with is the Dyneema you will see in some areas that deal with stress. With such an incredible feature in place, you can rest assured that you have a very durable backpack in front of you.

There won’t be any tear and wear for years to come with this amazing product. And the way it reduces the workload on you is awesome. I was over the moon to see such a lightweight model. And when it comes to capacity, it boasts enormous storage.

What I also liked is the suspension system it comes with. They’ve made it fully adjustable. Therefore, you can adjust the height of the bag any way you like. So, you can imagine how much comfort it has in store for you. Moreover, you will appreciate the channeled air-cooled back pad it features.

There are also shoulder straps that come padded. As if that’s not impressive enough, they’ve introduced padded hip supports also. All these features will make sure that the weight is perfectly distributed so that you can have comfy backpacking experience.

I recommend this product highly for anyone who’s looking for the utmost comfort even when he has to carry heavy stuff. They’ve gone to extremes of length to reduce the stress on you. That’s why you see it coming with an adjustable chest strap as well as load lifters.

Among other outstanding features is the harness tethering system that it comes with. It makes sure that the straps do not annoy you by getting in the way. And if you love stuff to be noise-free, you will be happy with the elastic clasp it features.

7. INSIGHTS Hunting THE VISION Compound Bow Carrier Pack

Highlighted Features
  • Features an incredible gear basket
  • Has an ergonomic design
  • Provides you with huge storage space
  • Very durable
  • Perfect for storing weapons

INSIGHTS Hunting Compound Bow Carrier PackHere’s another great bow-carrying backpack. The brand has done a fabulous job with this amazing model. You won’t find such a highly versatile backpack in the market much often.

The best thing about this product is that it comes with a ridiculously wide compartment so that you don’t have any difficulties in keeping your weapons. What’s also remarkable is that it offers you an attachable accessory pod when you need additional storage.

With this pod in place, you are going to enjoy all the comfort you can imagine while carrying your bow with it. This feature is compatible with all types of bows as well as arrows. Therefore, if you are planning to go hunting with the bow for a considerably long period, then this is the Best Bow Carrier Pack For Elk Hunt for you.

I found the backpack to be perfect for hiking also. It comes with all the necessary features that you need in a kinking backpack. I was impressed with the sturdy buckles that it offers. Also, the straps will do the job perfectly. And when it comes to material, they’ve chosen to go with a very sturdy one.

So, this could be a great option for a passionate hunter who wants the bag to be extremely comfortable. If you go for it, you can rest assured that you won’t need to buy another one anytime soon. For, when it comes to durability, you ought to be impressed with the build of this extraordinary backpack.

I liked the bow carrying system the most. It allows me to have my hands free to pay attention to other things. The backpack will secure the weapon wonderfully for you. And you will find the suspension system to be incredibly sturdy.

8. ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Hunting Pack

Highlighted Features
  • Ideal for keeping the bows
  • Lightweight
  • Features hydration pocket
  • Helps you carry the weapons easily

ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Hunting Pack - Best Budget Elk Hunting BackpackLooking for a wonderful bow pack? Well, we have the perfect backpack for you then. Check out this awesome model that will carry the bow nicely for you. And if you want to carry your rifle with it, you can go ahead also. Now, among the most impressive features that it has, I liked the rain cover in particular.

I know that the bag isn’t waterproof. But, if I have such an incredible rain fly, then why do I need it to be waterproof, right? Check out this nice little feature first, and I’m sure that you will agree with me on this. This is a precious thing to have around when the sky suddenly turns gloomy.

Another great feature is the pocket for carrying the weapons. You can use it to keep your bow or rifle. They’ve designed it in a way so that you can take the weapon out at a ridiculous speed. That’s excellent considering that you have to make a move fast at times.

I also liked the fact that they’ve provided me with more than one color option. If you are into looks, you are going to love these marvelous colors. They will let you blend with the wilderness so that your target doesn’t spot you easily.

The backpack offers a great deal of comfort. You should check out the torso range that it offers to know what I mean. Moreover, there are shoulder harness and waist belt in place to enhance the level of comfort altogether. They come nicely padded.

Another nice little feature is the hydration pocket it comes with. You won’t have to stay thirsty anymore with such a useful pocket in place. And in terms of load carrying, you will find multiple beneficial accessories with it as well.

9. King’s Camo Mountain Top 2200 Backpack

Highlighted Features
  • Features Dual compartments
  • Smooth zippers
  • Has a good number of pockets
  • Mesh material provides breathability
  • Will last a long tie B00S17X4BQ

King's Camo Mountain Top 2200 Backpack - Best Pack For Elk HuntingThe backpack we are talking about is a great option for any hunter who’s looking for a durable model. It will blow you away with the outstanding capacity it comes with. You’ve got to check out the dual compartments it comes with. This way, it lets you keep your gears in a better-arranged manner.

I loved the smoothness of the front zippers of this bag. You need them to be so incredibly smooth and sturdy so that you can have easier access to your stuff.

For, some backpacks give you a hard time with the ridiculously rough zippers. And if these go bad, the whole backpack becomes good for nothing. Now, apart from this, it provides you with awesome breathability, thanks to the mesh material it comes with.

Therefore, this backpack will keep your back as dry as possible. I also found the storage to be perfect. If I have to carry my little hunting world with me, it shouldn’t be a problem. And the backpack is also perfect for storing small necessary gears. It will let me find them easily.

Now, you might find the bag to be a bit costly. But, if you ask me if it will be worth the money, I would say yes undoubtedly. For, you shouldn’t mind spending a few bucks if you can afford on a backpack that will take the hunting experience to a whole new level.

I mean, those padded straps are too adorable to ignore. And if you want to see some awesome pockets, you’ve got to check out the ones it has. Moreover, the fact that it’s USA-made adds to the value of this great product.

10. Sportsman’s Outdoor Hunter Full Curl System Backpack

Highlighted Features
  • Able to store all the things you need
  • Highly versatile
  • Comes with a large number of tools
  • Has a sturdy frame
  • Numerous compartments

Sportsman's Outdoor Products Horn Hunter Full Curl System BackpackWe are looking at the best pack for elk hunting when it comes to versatility. And it’s enormous too. If you own this incredible backpack, you won’t run out of storage ever.

It will make you very comfortable while carrying a huge load. Now, the first thing you will notice when you look at this beauty is the outstanding elk pack frame that it comes with.

1400 cubic inches of storage is remarkable for a bag like this. What’s amazing is that it allows you to carry larger loads also whenever needed. All you have to do then is to attach a larger main bag to the frame. What I found also worth mentioning is the frame’s ability to carry a meat bag.

That’s a great benefit in using this wonderful backpack. If you had to carry the meat bag separately, it would’ve been too much for you to carry the extra weight while heading for home.

The frame comes with attached buckles also to make things easier for you. And the aluminum construction assures you of its sturdiness. Moreover, you have the compression straps to make sure that the bag doesn’t let you down if the weight is too much.

Another worth mentioning feature is the dropdown water bladder pocket. So, whenever you are thirsty, you can easily pull out the bladder and quench your thirst right away. Moreover, they’ve introduced dropdown storage pockets with every wing of the backpack.

You will also appreciate the hip belt pockets this backpack features. And the fact that the suspension system comes with heavy padding is too great. What’s more, you will have a separate compartment with this backpack to keep your sleeping bag.

Therefore, I highly recommend this product for the incredible features it comes with. And it will be durable, rest assured.

Buying Guide for Choosing Top Elk Hunting Backpack

You should be able to make a perfect buying decision now that you’ve gone through the reviews of some great elk hunting packs. But, we must point out some factors that you need to keep a sharp eye on to ensure the perfection of the decision.

If you just go through this section real quick, there’s a great chance that people will envy your buying choice. So, let’s get to it then.


Since we are dealing with elk hunting backpacks over here, it’s needless to say how sturdily built the bag should be. Therefore, make sure that the material of the backpack can deal with your heavy weapons.

For, the last thing you want is to have a weak backpack when you are out there facing some big challenges in the course of hunting. That’s why the products we’ve reviewed come with great constructions, all of them.

You should check if the frame is sturdy enough to carry all the loads. Also, make sure that the fabric is strong. In a nutshell, the backpack should show serious strength from head to toe, so that you feel assured while chasing the target.


This is another important aspect to keep an eye on. There are some impressive products out there in terms of capacity. Since you are likely to carry a whole lot of gears with you, you need the bag to provide you with sufficient holding capacity.

Now, some bags might be small in size. But, when it comes to storage, they are as great as a big sized bag. So, if you can afford to buy such a compact backpack, you should go ahead.

You should also make sure that the backpack will have no problem in carrying your weapons, irrespective of their sizes. Some bags are compatible with big sized weapons while the others carry only the small ones. Depending on the size of your gun or bow, you should choose the bag.


The backpack must fit you nicely. If it’s too loose, then it will hang down low, making your shoulder feel miserable. And if you don’t want to go through the misery of having back pain, make sure that the bag will stay close to your back. This way, the weight-bearing burden will be lessened.


Buying a lightweight backpack will be the way to go. For, you are already carrying a big load with those gears and weapons; there’s no point in making it more difficult by buying a heavy bag. Now, you might be thinking that if the bag isn’t heavy, then how will it be durable?

Well, this is an era of lightweight stuff. They’ve found a way to make these backpacks weigh extremely light while being very strong. However, some heavy units are too amazing that made us review them. If you are okay with a little extra weight in exchange for great durability, you can buy one of them

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What are the things that a hunting backpack will carry?

You can carry your weapons, such as bows and guns, with the backpack. Also, it will carry all your necessary gear for you. These are a water bottle, torchlight, sleeping bag, and so on.

What is the ideal size of a hunting backpack?

It will depend on the number of accessories you are taking along. If the gears are large in number and big in size, then you will need a large bag. Now, some bags might appear small from the outside, but they come with enough carrying capacity.

Can I use the hunting backpack for carrying the weapons for me?

Yes, you can, if the backpack allows you to. Therefore, make sure that the bag comes with the features to carry the weapons.

Should I buy a lightweight hunting backpack or a heavy one?

I prefer my backpack to be lightweight. For, it reduces the workload on me.

Is a waist strap necessary for a hunting backpack to come with?

Yes, I would say it is. For, it makes sure that the weight is evenly distributed and protects you from back pain.


Let’s not delay the buying decision anymore. For, you are now learned about the top products out there. Finding that best hunting backpack for elk hunt you’ve been looking for all along shouldn’t be a problem now.

However, let me recommend a product that I found to be the most remarkable. It’s the Badlands 2200 Camouflage Hunting Pack and ALPS OutdoorZ Commander + Pack Bag, for it comes with a built-in meat shelf and enormous capacity. So, it will make an excellent choice.

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