Best Hunting Boots for Women (Top 10 Pick in 2022)

best hunting boots for women

As with many kinds of activewear and even some types of apparel out there, the sad reality is that when it comes to hunting gear for women, there’s a pretty big gap in the market.

This is especially true in the case of hunting boots. Perhaps it’s because we don’t expect women to be interested in hunting, much less invested in it.

However, it also has to do with a lack of information regarding the right products out there. Not to worry, though; we’ve researched the best hunting boots for women currently to be found on the market—so that you don’t have to.

Our Recommended Top 5 Women’s Boots at a Glance:

The 10 Best Women’s Hunting Boots Reviewed

So now, without further ado, let’s dive right into the full list of reviews. We’ve spent a considerable amount of time researching and analyzing the following boots, so don’t worry, you’re in good hands.

1. Muck Woody PK Rubber Women’s Hunting Boots

Highlighted Features
  • Durable, premium quality all-over rubber construction
  • Built to be completely waterproof in any weather
  • Incorporates breathable mesh PK lining and neoprene
  • Soft inner fleece lining keeps your feet warm
  • The foot bed has 2mm of thermal foam under it

Muck Woody PK Rubber Women's Hunting BootsOur first pick is from Muck Boot, one of the most easily recognizable names in outdoor footwear. This rubber boot comes in an attractive color scheme of Realtree Xtra with hot pink accents. Let’s see what else the boot has to offer.

Made entirely from rubber, these boots also come with a mesh PK lining that will ensure breathability for you on the move. By enhancing air circulation, the lining will allow you to retain the desired temperature for your feet in both cold and warm temperatures.

And speaking of staying warm, you’ll also appreciate the neoprene in the boots’ construction. That, coupled with the cozy and soft fleece lining and the cushioning EVA midsole, will ensure your continued comfort while on the hunt. And even if you’re hunting in wet conditions, your boots will be protected by their waterproof coating.

If there’s anything we’d complain about, it’d be the color scheme. Yes, it’s cute, but the hot pink would definitely stand out in a wooded hunting ground where you’d probably want to blend in. Other than that, we think these boots are definitely worth your consideration.

2. Irish Setter Women’s 2881 Vaprtrek 400 Gram Hunting Boot

Highlighted Features
  • Integrates ScentBan and UltraDry technology for clean, dry feet
  • RPM composite construction makes the boots lightweight and ultra-comfortable
  • RPM soles allow for higher traction in any terrain
  • Comes with side panels built for abrasion resistance
  • Angled lugs on sole work against slippage

irish Setter Women's 2881 Vaprtrek 400 Gram Hunting BootWho hasn’t heard of Irish Setter? More importantly, who hasn’t heard of the famous Vaprtrek shoes? With its lightweight design and sturdy build, the men’s Vaprtrek has attracted the attention of many hunters, and the women’s packs a lot of the same wonderful features.

Let’s start off with the sole of the boot, which is constructed from the RPM composite. This is a synthetic material notable for its durability, and it stands out for its ability to make the shoe 40% more lightweight, all without sacrificing the boots’ traction.

Probably our favorite thing about this boot, however, is the incorporation of ScentBan. We all know how easy it is to get icky, sweaty feet on the trail; the Irish Setter-exclusive ScentBan technology has been crafted specially to fight off odor-causing bacteria from the lining of the foot bed.

And speaking on the note of comfort, you’re also bound to appreciate the UltraDry technology that has been integrated into the boots; this uses a moisture-wicking lining that has been infused with waterproofing for drier, cleaner feet.

The best part of this shoe? Its price, of course! Given the price point at which this shoe is available, we think it’s definitely a steal.

3. XPETI Women’s Thermator Mid High-Top Outdoor Boot

Highlighted Features
  • Highly affordable despite having premium features
  • Comes with a Hdyroshield waterproof membrane and an upper made from waterproof mesh
  • Allows great traction thanks to rubber toe cap and rubber outsole
  • Features sturdy ankle support built from molded TPU
  • Comes in 5 different colors: charcoal grey/blue, black, camouflage, light grey, & off white

XPETI Women's Thermator Mid High-Top Outdoor BootWe’ve had our look at best-selling mid-range ladies’ hunting boots, and we’ve also gotten a taste of the premiums. But what about those of us lady hunters on a budget? Don’t we deserve to hunt comfortably in a great pair of boots?

Because the answer to that is yes, we’ve selected the XPETI Thermator boot for the next product on our list. With a body made from a combination of synthetic and fabric material and a sturdy rubber sole, this hunting boot could give many expensive ones a run for their money.

Comfort and dryness for your feet are key to a successful hunting trip, and XPETI has kept that in mind while designing this boot. It comes with a Hydroshield waterproof membrane, and its upper panel is made from waterproof mesh. Together, these components work to keep your feet warm and dry in most terrains.

The build of this boot is surprisingly sturdy, which you could possibly attribute to its reinforced rubber toe cap and TPU molded ankle support. Furthermore, the rubber outsole makes for great traction; all in all, it seems these boots are ideal for use in almost any terrain.

4. LaCrosse Women’s Alphaburly Pro 15 MO 1600G Hunting Boot

Highlighted Features
  • Rubber body is laid by hand over a durable neoprene core
  • Adjustable gussets make putting on and removing the boots effortless
  • Heel and toe are equipped with extra layers of rubber
  • Waterproof body with a moisture-wicking liner
  • Mossy Oak camouflage print helps you blend in

LaCrosse Women's Alphaburly Pro 15 MO 1600G Hunting BootThe Lacrosse Alphaburly has long stood as one of the toughest, most resilient hunting boots to be found on the market. With a full rubber and neoprene construction and a sturdy sole reinforced for longevity, this boot comes with all the right features to make it one of the best Women hunting boots.

Just like the men’s Alphaburly, the women’s version is also constructed from rubber laid by hand over a sturdy yet comfortable neoprene core. Not only does this increase the boots’ overall flexibility, but it also makes them waterproof.

Meanwhile, the embossed liner within the shoe works against icky moisture accumulation by wicking it away, thanks to improved air circulation. Even if your feet get sweaty in this thing, they’ll dry quickly, for sure.

LaCrosse has also kept the fit in mind while designing this boot. Along with a more petite fit for the narrower feet of women, these boots also come with adjustable gussets. This also makes the boots easy to put on and take off.

It’s also worth noting that we like this one much better in terms of the color scheme compared to a few other popular options on the market; with a Mossy Oak body and minimal accents, it won’t stand out in the wild.

5. Danner Women’s Wayfinder 800G Waterproof Hunting Boot

Highlighted Features
  • Suede and nylon construction make the boot extremely sturdy and durable
  • RealTree Edge camouflage print allows you to blend in
  • Features a lace-to-toe design that accommodates a better fit
  • Built to be lightweight to allow you more freedom on the hunt
  • Danner Dry waterproof lining and Thinsulate insulation keep your feet warm and dry

Danner Women's Wayfinder 800G Waterproof Hunting BootWe’ve had enough rubber boots; now, let’s have a look at some high-quality suede ones. The Wayfinder from Danner, with its sturdy build and secure lacing, promises to be your trusty hunting companion, committed to taking you far and wide.

The body of the boot is built from suede of premium quality, while the upper is made from durable nylon. The comfortable yet strong polyurethane foot bed, combined with the exclusive Danner Plyolite midsole, ensure the longevity of a truly great pair of hunting boots.

And like any respectable hunting boot, these also come with insulation; 800 grams of it, precisely, which makes the boots perfect for hunts in fall or early winter weather. Furthermore, thanks to the integration of the Danner Dry waterproof liner, your feet will stay dry, which will keep you focused and ready for whatever’s on the hunt.

All your worries about fit will also be dispelled with these boots, which have been designed specially to fit the narrower heels characteristic of female feet. Oh, and these boots are some of the most lightweight out there, weighing only 2.5 pounds!

6. Le Chameau Women’s Chasseur Rubber Lady Hunting Boot

Highlighted Features
  • Constructed with premium quality, durable rubber, and leather
  • Front panel integrates Kevlar for protection against scratches and abrasions
  • Riri Aquazip lining makes the boots waterproof
  • Adjustable straps allow for a better, more snug fit
  • Comes in Vert Vierzon, Vierzon Green and Black color options

Le Chameau Women's Chasseur Rubber Lady Hunting BootLet’s get fancy! Our next pick is from Le Chameau, a French brand recognized for producing some of the most premium mid-to high-range hunting boots out there, be it for males or females. (Do note, however, that this pair will cost you double as much as the others we have looked at today, so if you’re on a budget, you might want to skip this one!)

Each iteration of the Chasseur (literally translating to “hunter”) is handcrafted and built with an inner lining made from the highest quality leather. With its instantly recognizable design and features, especially, these boots have come to assume something of iconic status.

But how does it perform? Well, why don’t you ask the Kevlar reinforcement added to the front or the waterproof Riri Aquazip lining? Or you might even ask the adjustable straps; the point is, with these boots, your comfort, stability, and safety are guaranteed (as far as hunting boots go).

To add to that, we’d like to highlight the leather insole, which is bound to keep your feet snug and comfortable when you’re on the trail. The outsole is designed to be suitable for use in all kinds of terrain, while the shank comes reinforced to better support your feet’s arches.

All in all, if you’re looking for the ultimate premium ladies’ hunting boots, then your search is probably now over.

7. Lacrosse Women’s Alpha Thermal 7.0MM Waterproof Work Boot

Highlighted Features
  • Insulating neoprene and fleece lining keep your feet warm
  • Adjustable gussets allow for a better fit
  • Sleek, stylish and subtle aesthetic appeal
  • Integrates thick cushioning EVA midsole for greater comfort
  • Available in a number of attractive colors such as black, gray and chocolate

Lacrosse Women's Alpha Thermal 7.0MM Waterproof Work BootLike the last Lacrosse pair we reviewed above, this one also comes with a full rubber/neoprene body, but if we do say so ourselves, we like the look of this one better. Another important distinction is that this pair isn’t primarily intended to be worn as hunting boots. As such, it does not come with the heavy insulation of the Alphaburly.

That being said, the 7mm neoprene core does have a strong insulating effect. This is helped by the super comfortable fleece lining. Then when you factor in the waterproof coating, you end up with a boot that works as well for light hunting expeditions as it does for work.

And the body of the boot itself is extremely sturdy. Just like other similar boots from Lacrosse, the rubber on the body of these boots is also laid by hand over the neoprene core. The result is a durable and hard-wearing pair of boots you’ll be able to count on.

Another great feature of these boots is how easy they are to put on and take off, thanks to the textured grips. Plus, thanks to the adjustable gusset, finding your right fit is also super easy.

8. DSG Outerwear Women’s Neoprene/Rubber Boots

Highlighted Features
  • Integrates 400 grams of 3M Thinsulate insulation to keep you warm
  • Comes with grip soles for higher traction and stability
  • Designed exclusively to fit women’s feet
  • Fully waterproof with a resistant fixed inner lining
  • Comes in 7 different sizes from 6 to 11

DSG Outerwear Women's Neoprene/Rubber BootsOur next pick in women’s hunting boots is from DSG Outerwear. What stands out about this brand compared to all of the others we’ve looked at today is that it’s geared exclusively towards women. But of course, that alone isn’t enough to recommend these boots; let’s find out what makes them great.

The sole and bottom of this hunting boot are both made from rubber, while the upper part of it is constructed from neoprene. Both are hardy, durable materials which are bound to hold up over innumerable hunting trips.

And of course, the boots come insulated, integrating 400 grams of 3M Thinsulate insulation. This makes the boots ideal for early-season hunting and makes it so that they can double as boots for any other outdoor activity e.g., farming. On that note, yes, these boots are also waterproof! They wouldn’t be very good hunting boots otherwise.

You can also expect great traction from these boots, thanks to the soles which are built for a superior grip. Furthermore, the Realtree Edge camo print will keep you shielded from the prying eyes of your quarry while the aqua blue accents give it a stylish kick. Overall, we think these are some of the most reliable boots out there, and they come at a pretty lucrative price.

9. Northside Women’s Abilene 400 Waterproof Insulated Hunting Boot

Highlighted Features
  • Comes with 400 grams of Thinsulate insulation and waterproofing
  • Made from durable suede and features camo textile paneling
  • Synthetic grip sole allows for greater traction in many kinds of terrain
  • Molded mudguard and tall cuff offer great ankle support
  • Quick-draw lacing allows you to get a better fit

Northside Women's Abilene 400 Waterproof Insulated Hunting BootThis next pick from Northside is undoubtedly one of our favorites, as winter hunting boots to be found on a budget. Made fully from suede and nylon, this boot is extremely sturdy, and it comes equipped with 400 grams of Thinsulate insulation for those cold and wet hunting expeditions.

The high-rise cuff of this boot makes it so that you can trample about in any terrain without worrying about any damage to your ankles coming from sharp branches or rocks in your path. And should you be searching for a closer fit, you can always enable the adjustable circumference of the shoes.

Adding to this are the molded mudguard and heel stabilizer, which will work together to help you keep your balance while on the trail. Furthermore, the gripping soles will allow you to enjoy great traction in almost any kind of terrain.

And yes, these boots are waterproof! It wouldn’t make much sense otherwise for them to be branded as hunting boots, would it? And when you consider the smooth and efficient lacing system, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better pair of hunting boots for such a low price tag.

10. Hisea Women’s Mid-Calf Hunting Boots

Highlighted Features
  • Sturdy neoprene and rubber construction keeps your legs and feet safe
  • Air-mesh lining built makes the boots breathable
  • Outer rubber shell adds an extra protective layer
  • Upper is built from waterproof flex-foam and stretchy nylon
  • Non-slip molded rubber outsoles provide great traction

Hisea Women's Mid-Calf Hunting BootsWe’re closing off our list of reviews with our most affordable pick in women’s hunting boots. Available from Hisea, these rubber boots are ideal for those women who are just starting out with their hunting expeditions.

That’s not to say that these shoes don’t offer great performance! Constructed from rubber and neoprene, these boots are surprisingly sturdy. And because the boots’ uppers are made from waterproof flex-foam, your feet will be kept dry even in the moistest of hunting conditions. Add to this the breathable air-mesh inner lining, and you have a pair of boots in which your shoes will actively resist getting gross and stinky.

The neoprene in the boots’ construction also offers a number of important benefits, starting from light insulation to shock absorption, which can be crucial on the more heavy-duty hunting trips you take. And on that note, you’ll be pleased to hear of the sealed rubber shell, which adds an extra layer of protection.

Keep in mind, however, that the durability of these boots isn’t their strongest point; moreover, since they don’t come with a certified insulated lining, they might not do the best job of keeping your feet dry. All the same, at the price you’re getting a lot of great features, so it’s definitely worth a try.

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Buying Guide For The Best Women’s Hunting Boots

The search for the best hunting boots for women can be an exhausting one, given primarily the lack of adequate products. However, if you keep most or all of the following factors in mind, you should be good to go.


We think of the fit before we buy any pair of shoes, of course; however, when it comes to hunting boots, this is even more of an important factor to consider. This is possibly even truer in the case of women’s boots, given that female feet tend to be smaller and/or narrower—there are more specifications to follow.

More importantly, a pair of boots that don’t properly fit, you can have a significant adverse impact upon your hunting experience. Nothing is worse for concentration than being hot on the trail of your quarry when suddenly your toes start to feel pinched.

If you’re buying your boots on Amazon, remember to check the specification called “Fit” (you’ll find it below the title of the product). If you’re buying in-store, however, always, always check the fit of the boots before you purchase them.

And remember, it’s important to break in your shoes once you get them, meaning you should spend a little time walking around in them before taking them with you on the trail.


One of the absolute worst scenarios a hunter can find herself in is having wet feet while on the trail. Your feet don’t need to be soaked all the way through—if they’re even a little wet, it will not only make you uncomfortable but throw you off your concentration.

Therefore, it’s important to opt for a pair of boots that are made from water-repellent material. Look for mention of materials such as Gore-Tex or PU (polyurethane). The purpose of these linings is to repel all kinds of moisture, which, yes, includes water.

You may be tempted to buy a cheaper pair of boots if it doesn’t come with a waterproof lining. However, the extra bit you’re spending is definitely worth it, as hunting grounds can more often than not have moist or wet spots.


No one likes having cold feet, especially when engaged in any kind of outdoor activity. In our opinion, the best women’s hunting boots are only those that come with some sort of insulation system, such as Thinsulate.

What is the point of insulation? Well, an insulated boot will be able to trap any warmth, while making sure cold air doesn’t enter your shoe. At the same time, a well-insulated pair of boots will have the ability to keep your feet dry and fresh, which will help you avoid odor.

It’s helpful to know how the level of insulation is measured—usually in grams per every square meter of the fabric. For those traveling light in warm conditions, 200gm of insulation is good enough. Between 400 and 800 grams is perfect for fall hunts. And for those hunting in very cold conditions, 1000 to 1200 (or more) grams of insulation is necessary.


The soles of your shoes are, obviously, the part of them that will come into contact with the ground first and foremost. Accordingly, a number of important factors depend upon the quality of your boots’ soles: grip, traction, stability, and, last but not least, your comfort.

As a general rule, the sole of a shoe tends to be more flexible if it’s thinner. The inverse is also true: if the shoe has a relatively sturdy or think sole, then it’s likely to be more rigid. The latter is usually preferred by those who travel with a lot of equipment weighing them down.


Before deciding on the right pair of hunting boots for yourself, it can be useful to take stock of the kind of terrain you’re most likely to be hunting on.

For those hunting in moist, muddy terrain, high traction is a requirement. If, on the other hand, you’ll be trekking through gravel or pebble-littered path, your shoes should have soles that won’t pick up those stones.

Finally, if the high speed of movement is important to you, you’ll want boots with soles that actually have less traction.


You might not think that this is an important factor to consider, but it certainly is. Hear us out: the type of lacing on your boots will determine, in large part, the amount protection to the ankle you will get. The usual 7 inches is alright for lighter hunting expeditions, while higher lacing (up to about the calf) should be considered by those going on heavy-duty hunting trips.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How well should my hunting boots fit?

They should fit you snugly, but not too tightly. It’s important to have room to be able to wiggle your toes. If you favor wearing liners with your boots, remember to purchase boots 1/2 size bigger than your usual.

Exactly how many grams of insulation will be necessary for hunting boots?

As discussed above, this depends mainly on weather conditions. For mild conditions, 200 grams is ideal; 600 to 800 grams is perfect for fall weather, and higher than that is good for cold climates.

What’s the difference between women hiking boots and hunting boots?

Things like weatherproofing, insulation, and tougher soles are the mark of hunting boots, which are designed to match the needs of the climate conditions you’ll be hunting in.

What can I do if my boots stink?

Wash your boots; afterward, dry them properly. Then fill the boots with baking soda and let the pair remain as it is overnight. In the morning, get the baking soda out of the boots.

Should I go for heavy or thin soles?

Go for the former if you prioritize traction. If flexibility is more important to you, then thinner soles will suit your needs better.


So, as we have seen, the best hunting boots for women come in many shapes, sizes, and even colors. Whichever one you pick, remember to keep in mind the construction material, along with the insulation and waterproof properties of the boots.

We hope you liked our picks. Happy hunting!

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