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Top 10 Best Hunting Boots Review 2019

Last updated on February 12th, 2019

While you are on hunting, so much chance to fall on or face a slipping environment or a great chance to an imbalance of step. So it is important to wear the best hunting boots. You also remember that the season and the types of path definitely differ you form the way of your passing. So you need a good hunting boot for winter, summer, fall or rainy season. One thing is if you want to enjoy your hunting time, a great boot with proper comfort, stability, traction, and flexibility is a must requirement.

It is important that a hunting boot must be able to protect your feet from the harsh environment as well as the different conditions of your path. Your path may be rocky or wet or slippery which can fall you into great trouble. It is very common that you get various types of obstacle in the hunting time.

So the best hunting boots should be very adaptive and flexible to you. And the most important thing is the best runner hunting boots should have a perfect fit so that you can get the proper support in your movement. An additional feature may deliver you more comfort which is shock absorption. Best mountain hunting boots should carry all the features.

Here we list some best hunting boots for women and also for men. We consider the customer choice, features along with the prices. Hopefully, the content will help you to collect the best lightweight hunting shoes.

Best Hunting Boots for Men’s and Women’s Reviewed 2019

1. Irish Setter Men’s 2870 Vaprtrek Waterproof 8″ Hunting Boot

Best Hunting BootsIrish Setter Men’s Vaprtrek Waterproof Hunting Boot is awesome footwear of Irish which has an amazing waterproof upper to protect you in any water situation. The boot is super lightweight and has high ankle support specially designed for hunting. They are really attractive to the customer that it get the fast position of the list of best hunting boots 2019. It can also be listed in the list of best lightweight hunting boots.

Those best waterproof hunting boots are extremely durable which is very much essential for a hunter. The UltraDry waterproofing system of this boot can offer you much comfort if there is no moisture control environment. Thus it becomes great flexible hunting shoes for shallow bodies of water, creeks, and marshes while it can ensure dry feet all the time.

The boot weight has so attractive weight without sacrificing comfort. It can deliver the perfect comfort and durability to you. Though the boot is expensive you can get super supportive use while you are hunting. So buy it for a better hunting time.

  • Lightweight ankle-high hunting boot
  • Extreme durability
  • Ideal for early-season
  • Ultra-Dry waterproofing system
  • Weight without sacrificing comfort

  • Expensive
  • Minimal color option

2. LaCrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro 18″ Hunting Boot

best rubber hunting bootsLaCrosse is a famous brand for making the best mountain hunting boots in the marketplace. Customer praised for their product a lot that you can see their product in most of the hunting boots review. This LaCrosse Men’s Alpha burly Pro 18″ Hunting Boot also has such quality and features.

Those boots are made of leather for exceptional durability because they are made of Neoprene or rubber. These materials make these boots more durable. So you can use them for a long-term for hunting. The boots have a high arch so that your lower legs are protected during the hunt. Offering the best comfort and durability these best hunting boots for men can really support you that much which is needed for you.

The opening facilities of this boot are so easy that do not make any hassle for you when you want to put on or put off. This knee-high best rubber hunting boots offer an outfitted with adjustable gussets to deliver a perfect fit. The Hand-laid premium rubber over the boot makes it more durable and long lasting.

The boot is fully waterproof with scent-free comfort which is very much supportive for the hunter in rainy season or cold weather. You can say them as the best cold weather hunting boots for having such features. An additional thing of this boot which can delight you much that it has an air circulation inside the boot. So you can get a proper air ventilation feature by this hunting boot. So make a try with this hunting boot and we will hope that you like them so much.

  • Neoprene/Rubber
  • Lug Sole
  • Hand-laid premium rubber over
  • Waterproof, scent-free comfort
  • Air circulation inside the boot

  • Highly expensive
  • Not for winter

3. Bogs Men’s Bowman Waterproof Hunting Boot

best cold weather hunting bootsAll the hunter wants a boot with a good appearance as well as great comfort and flexibility. Bogs is a popular brand with a number of quality products both for hunting and maintaining. This best hunting boots for men offer you the most flexible and frequent movement through the jungle or on the mountain.

They are made of rubber and textile products for bringing a great durable mountain boot. The bags added an internal shank designed to provide extra support as you pass through rough terrains. So you need good protection because you have enough chance to fall into an injury. A removable sockliner provides you a chance to minimize the heat when you become much sweaty. This is a great feature for any user we think.

Max-wick moisture wicking lining serves as a great odor eliminating feature when you are in a harsh environment in hunting. Scent Combat biotechnology also very much comfortable for you and the boot has neoprene insulation. We think this neoprene material is worth your investment. These materials are very much effective to lock moisture.

However, this boot’s size may vary to person to person. So when you want to have them just take a look at their product details and sizing chart. Otherwise, all the features make you interested to buy them. Let’s make a try of this amazing hunting boot.

  • Rubber and Textile
  • Waterproof hunting boot
  • Max-wick moisture wicking lining
  • Scent Combat biotechnology
  • Neoprene insulation

  • Not snake proof
  • Size may vary

4. LaCrosse Women’s Alphaburly Pro 15 Realtree APG Hunting Boot

best elk hunting bootsThis LaCrosse Women’s Alphaburly Pro 15 Realtree APG Hunting Boot is very much popular among the women hunter. They are also included in the best cold weather hunting boots. Actually, LaCrosse products are so much popular as well as worth for hunting purposes. If you look for a while for a hunting boot, you will get minimum one product of this popular brand.

The hand-laid premium rubber of this boot gives you proper comfort and soft feeling while you are wearing this boot. They are flexible and waterproof. So you can use them in any path whether it is wet or dry. You do not have to be very much concern about this. It would be safe to say that this best hunting boots for women can deliver you an air circulation system inside the boot. And obviously this a great feature for anyone who likes to hunting, maintaining or something like that.

The shoe has a wicks moisture as well as quick drying capability to keep you safe from various bacterial attacks. When you pass through the rough path this boot can protect from the different types of bacteria. The active Fit with adjustable neoprene of this boot offers you a perfect fitting so that you can safely pass the way and can concentrate on hunting.

  • Hand-laid premium rubber
  • Flexible, waterproof
  • Air circulation inside the boot
  • Wicks moisture and quick drying
  • Active Fit with adjustable neoprene

  • Size may vary
  • May get warm in hot weather

5. Kamik Men’s Hunter Cold-Weather Boot

best mountain hunting bootsKamik is a hunting boot brand of Northern Canada. Though they are not so popular brands when they are coming to make the best hunting boots. But with the passage of time, their products get a huge market demand as well as customer choice. Kamik Men’s Hunter Cold-Weather Boot is a hunting boot as well as the best winter hunting boots for having such features.

The boot is made with rubber and fabric upper. This material can make a shoe more durable and stable to rocky or watery place. So you can get a good life of this boot. The boot also has a waterproof upper which make the shoe perfect for hunting. After using we hope that you will tell that they are the best waterproof hunting boots.

The boot has a removable thermal guard liner to keep your feet extra warm in the winter of cold weather. In a nutshell, they are perfect for all rounded gear that can be used in almost weather. The rubber outsole of this shoe delivers you great traction support for hunting. Kamik’s Explorer rubber outsole of this boot help you to prevent slippage on smooth surfaces such as mud and damp grass.

The shoe is very cheap compared with the other hunting shoe. So you can easily afford them. With the money considering the affordable price, you can enjoy better foot support in many regards. With all other features, we hope that it can deliver you the most comfortable movement.

  • Knee-high cold-weather boot
  • Rubber and Fabric
  • Waterproof upper
  • Adjustable drawstring at top line
  • Rubber sole

  • Not well designed
  • Size may vary

6. Muck Boots Woodymax Rubber Insulated Women’s Hunting Boot

best lightweight hunting bootsThis women hunting boot is good enough for hunting. They offer that much support with their shoe which is exactly a hunter looks in a boot. The flexible upper and adaptive cushioning offer you great comfort in all portion that you want. The thermal foam under footbed provides a soft feeling inside the boot. It also insulates your feet from different types of injury.

With lightweight EVA midsole of this boot, you can get the perfect cushion and comfort when you are passing the harsh terrain as well as the rocky mountain. Thus the deliver you the support for hiking and hunting also. But it has not enough arch support which is claimed by some users but the company doesn’t agree about this. Actually, it depends on the wearer’s feet and their walking pattern.

The high-grade rubber exterior invents the new comfort for the women hunter. It maximizes your external support as well as comfort with extreme durability. The boot has also an ability to reduce weight and improves stability. These features are very much important for a hunter as a first priority.

Finally, we can assure you about the comfort and support with the flexibility of moving this shoe for hunting. Our suggestion will definitely help you if you read out all the features of this boot. Have a try with this best hunting boots.

  • Thermal foam under footbed
  • Warmth and adaptive cushioning
  • Lightweight EVA midsole
  • High-grade rubber exterior
  • Reduces weight and improves stability

  • Minimal arch support
  • Size may vary

7. Danner Men’s Pronghorn 8” Uninsulated Hunting Boot

best waterproof hunting bootsDanner Men’s Pronghorn is a durable, comfortable, lightweight as well flexible hunting shoe known from most of customer review. This Uninsulated Hunting Boot from Danner is able to fulfill your demand of a hunting boot. Let’s break down other features that it can deliver you for hunting.

The boot is durable with waterproof full-grain leather so that the wearer can get rid of the concern of the type of way. The boot is also lightweight with 1000 Denier nylon materials. So you can enjoy an easy movement and also enjoy your hunting. With the cushioning three density open cell of it added an extra level of comfy movement. The three-layer open cell of the boot offers you amazing comfort and support.

Top 10 Best Winter Hunting Boots Review 2019

With a lightweight and stable performance of this boot, you can easily pass a long way without any discomfort and problem. And when you are in hunting, you cannot think that you can hunt a bird or deer or any animals within some moments. So you have to look for them and it may be a long period of time. Thus a super light and flexible boot is a must need for you.

But the boot has a disadvantage. The boot has just one color that you cannot make a choice. You have to wear this one color if you want to buy it. Otherwise, all the features can make you interested to have it we hope.

  • Durable, waterproof full-grain
  • Lightweight 1000 Denier nylon
  • Full-grain leather toe and heel cap
  • Cushioning three density open cell
  • Lightweight and stable performance

  • Just one color
  • Size may vary

8. Salomon Women’s Quest 4d 3 Gtx W Backpacking Boots

best insulated hunting bootsSalomon Women’s Quest 4d is amazing and beautiful hunting and hiking boot specially designed for women. They are listed in more shoe review as the best hunting boots for women. The main reason for being popular of this shoe is having a wide toe box which can deliver a perfect comfort and also can protect you from various kinds of injury.

The boot has a synthetic upper. It is 100% waterproof that offer you flexible moving. The addition of Gore-Tex material makes the boot more durable. You do not need a safety toe because Salomon provides it which is needed without affecting your toe. 4D Advanced Chassis guides you in different portion. The forefoot flexion makes you more flexible in moving. The shoe is lightweight and also has thick padded material.

The boot’s size may vary to you. So you should make a try when you want to buy them. And sometimes the boot may run big that give you a loose fitting. But Salomon 2 year limited warranty make you ensure to collect them as they can serve you when you need or exchange.

  • Textile and Synthetic
  • 4D Advanced Chassis guides
  • Forefoot flexion
  • Smoother ride that flows from step to step.
  • Salomon 2 year limited warranty

  • Size may vary
  • May runs big

9. The Original MuckBoots Adult FieldBlazer Hunting Boot

best waterproof hunting bootsThe Original MuckBoots Adult FieldBlazer Hunting Boot is a popular choice of hunters. It has the ability to protect you from different types of injury while you are hunting or hiking in any mountain. It a great feature that you can use this boot not only for hunting but also for hiking.

The boot is a rugged knee-high hunting boot. It is made of waterproof materials so you can get the protection of different liquid poisons. This popular company also add a reinforced Achilles support panel which offers great protection if you have an Achilles tendonitis or any kind of injury like that. The rubber sole of this boot makes it more durable and stable for hunting. You can easily get the proper support for ankle and heel with this boot.

The price rate of this shoe is very affordable. The customer review about this shoe that a super comfortable hunting boot at a reasonable price. So you can easily buy them and we think you really get the best comfy movement.

  • Rugged knee-high hunting boot
  • Waterproof materials
  • Reinforced Achilles support panel
  • Reinforced shank
  • Rubber sole

  • Not for cold weather
  • May feel tight

10. LaCrosse Men’s 16″ Premium Knee Boot

best hunting boots for cold weatherNow we include in our list another shoe from LaCrosse which is the most famous boot’s brand. You are already known about this brand from our previous review. Actually for their amazing quality boots and user-friendly features able those to get this position in the marketplace. Customers like their product so much that we have to include three shoes from just one brand.

These boots have uncompromising waterproof protection which helps a hunter to get rid of concern of the type of path. He or she can easily pass any watery path if he or she put on this boot. They are also natural and hand-crafted to deliver the user a perfectly natural movement. The boot has a rubber sole for enhancing traction as well as the balance so that you can navigate the trail.

It also has a tear-resistant rubber to make it more durable. To walk with enough confident is more important in any kind of hunting. In bird or deer hunting, you should be very careful about every step to get an animal. If you fall on for the lacking of your footwear, nothing would be worse than it.

Double layer abrasion resistant of this boot take great care of your feet. It can protect you from various types of injury and something like slipping, stumbling etc. It has added a shovel arch protection to protect your arch if there is any kind of injury. And it is an obvious thing that a hunter must need a boot with good arch support and protection.

The product price is very reasonable to most of the customer. So you can definitely collect this best hunting boots.

  • Natural, hand-crafted
  • Tear resistant rubber
  • Double layer abrasion resistant
  • Shovel arch protection
  • Safety toe protection

  • No padded inserts
  • Looks like plastic

Criteria for evaluating the best hunting boots

There are a lot of criteria that one may look for a hunting boot. But the main criteria to choose the best boots for hunting are described below. From the numerous features, these features can definitely help you to find supportive and comfortable hunting shoe with a short time. Read all the criteria carefully to find out the best boot for you.

hunting with dogs

Overall weight

When you want to have a good quality pair of shoe and if you use it like hunting, the first and foremost criteria to evaluate the best hunting shoe is the weight. It really does matter that, after a long period of climbing, walking and moving, your feet need a proper strength to carry you on. If you were a heavy hunting shoe, after a certain time you just cannot move at all. And at the end of the day, your all tasks come to an end. Less than 1 pound is preferable but the truth is, you hardly find them on market.

Best Lightweight Hunting Boots for 2019

So you should look for a weight maximum 1.5/2 pound. But many companies cannot make their boot with this weight. So first look in their shoe chart and then collect them by knowing the weight perfectly. Finally, our suggestion is to evaluate the best hunting boots with the weight of this boot.


Most hunting boots are designed with a specific use in mind. The manufacturers think about the user’s demand and their condition of passing. So it is quite common that a bird hunting boot is different from a deer hunting shoe. Thus, the height of the boot plays an important role while you are hunting.

height with maximum 13 inches is good for high preferable boots. But you can choose a short one for the different way of your hunting. But keep in mind that all the things are looking for your protection. This is the main criteria that anyone looks for any products. So when you are choosing the best boots for hunting remember about the height of the shoe.

Anti properties

Another criterion to evaluate the best hunting boots is the anti-bacterial, anti-microbial properties of a shoe. For frequent movement and a long period of the journey, these features are too much necessary to keep you fit. Thus those materials are used in insoles, liners as well as midsoles. And these properties make the footwear more supportive while you are in long hunting. So our suggestion is to collect a shoe with those features and enjoy a pleasant and adventures hunting.

Proper fit

After all, fitting of your shoe is always a great concern. And for the best hunting shoes for man and women, the fit of the shoe is mandatory. As hunting is a high-endurance movement job, the wearer has to move on and on. So if the shoe seems to you lose or tight, definitely it will deteriorate your movement. The loose fit can make you unable to get the proper support and the tight fit can make you unwilling to walk.

So the proper fit is important. Another thing is, in hunting, you need more support in ankle and heel. If the shoe is loose or tight, it cannot offer that much support as well as comfort. So it is very much important for hunting boots to have perfect feet to the wearer. It can make you safe in the time of hunting. As there is so much chance to face an injury while you are hunting. So care about the proper fit of your shoe. It is also necessary to make you easy to walk in any situation.

Outsole traction

Outsole traction is another criteria to evaluate to choose the best runner hunting shoes. When you do some high-endurance movement, great traction is a must. Because you do not want to face a fall or slipping or any kind of accident. A traction profile that creates a heavy grip is a need for the best mountain hunting boots. PR outsole is the most common outsole for hunting boots. It can protect them from different types of injury as well as an accident so should care for this feature when you want to buy a hunting boot.

jungle hunting

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Should the best hunting boots be waterproof?

Ans: Actually if you pass through a watery place than a waterproof boot is mandatory for you. Because if the boot is not waterproof than your feet may go wet and cause some blister. It can protect you from different bacterial attacks and other injuries. As in hunting, you should be prepared for all the time, you need a waterproof hunting boot. But if you know about your path is dry and no chance to pass any watery place, you may get a normal boot.

2. What types of insulation available in my hunting boot?

Ans: Honestly speaking, the hunting boots are made with extreme support for extreme cold weather hunting trips. There are three types of hunting boots in the marketplace: field boots, rubber boots, and snake boots.

Each boot is built for different purposes and with the number of insulations that you need for keeping warm in hunting. Grams of insulation means how warm the hunting boot will be and how thick the insulation inside the boot. The popular materials used for warmth in the best hunting boots are thiosulfate, wool, and polyester. There are 200 grams, 400 grams, 800 grams, 1200 grams and 1800 grams available in the market. You should select them depending on their use.

Top 10 Best Rubber Hunting Boots Review 2019

3. How to prevent foot odor in my hunting boots?

Ans: Foot stink can get a serious concern for hunters especially all the activities of a hunter doing on their outdoor adventures. It is quite possible to happen at some point in time. And you need a remedy to keep your boots fresh. To keep your boot away from foot odor you may let them an air fry or often wash them in routine cleaning. Thus it can prevent microbes and keep mold at a minimum. If it doesn’t work you will need to take greater measure to remove bad odor.

4. What are the best brands for best hunting boots?

Ans: There are huge numbers of brands who are making hunting boots. It is quite hard to say the best brand for making hunting boot. But with the customer review and great research we list the best brands for making the excellent hunting boots below:

1.Danner, 2.Thorogood, 3. LaCrosse, 4. Irish, 5.Bogs, 6.Kamik, 7.Carolina Shoe Co, 8.Chippewa Boots

5. How can I make my boots waterproof if I don’t have waterproof hunting boots?

Ans: Actually it is better to buy a waterproof boot for hunting. But if you cannot buy waterproof shoes for any reasons that you can make your shoe waterproof by using some things. You can use a product called Nikwax Waterproofing Wax for leather. This will do your job the right way. It is an easy to use safe product which can provide a durable water repellency. You can choose them in black or brown color to keep your boot color in previous. This is a product of professional outdoor adventurer time. So you can easily use them to keep your boot waterproof and also enjoy a decent movement of hunting.

deer hunting boots


Actually, hunting can deliver you more pleasure if you can focus all the time on it. If anything makes you worry, you cannot make a good hunting time. And footwear is a mandatory element for any outgoing. And when it is hunting, the footwear should be more comfortable, supportive, flexible and most important is more durable. Because if your shoe break in the hunting time, nothing can be more worst than it’s being careful when you want to collect the best mountain hunting boots. Hopefully, our shoe review, buying guide, and the frequently asked question will definitely help to get the best hunting boots for you.

Top 10 Best Hunting Boots Of 2019 - Which One You Should Get?
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While you are on hunting, so much chance to fall on or face a slipping environment or a great chance to an imbalance of step. So it is important to wear th
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