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Best Lightweight Hunting Boots for 2019

There was a time when a lot of men were interested in activities such as hunting. This type of sport required a specific sturdy footgear for travel efficiency. Thus, in the late 16th Century, the boots were invented. The footwear must be lightweight, durable in any condition, heavily yet carefully tailored for strength; as well as attractiveness and be as comfortable as possible. Due to the durability and resistance of such boots; over the years people have sought out to this type of footwear for various other professions and sports alike.

Thus, it is typical for people working in such genre of business to opt for the best lightweight hunting boots. Boots are of a particular type of shoe. It covers the entire foot; from the toe all the way above the ankle. In the olden days, hunting boots used to be chunky and heavy. It was no doubt tough for the men and women to pace around wearing such weighty footwear.

However, over the course of time, shoemakers have found new, lightweight yet durable components which could be used in replacement of the bulky and hefty parts used in the boot making process. Hunting boot is a particular type of boot is used in many defense professions like the Army, Police Department, Navy etc. Many companies are fighting over to provide the best lightweight waterproof hunting boots.

Be it hunting or a requirement for the profession, and the respective person would need a waterproof, durable and comfortable Hunting Boot. Therefore, we have listed down ten best lightweight hunting boots in 2019:

Best Lightweight Hunting Boots in 2019

1. Irish Setter Men’s 2870 Vaprtrek Waterproof 8″ Hunting Boot

best lightweight hunting bootsIrish Setter is one of the best lightweight hunting boots. It is entirely 40% lighter than the traditional hunting boots; making it more mobile, athlete and comfortable. It is achieved by using RPM composite in the rubber sole; which is a durable yet lightweight synthetic material which does not compromise the strength or durability of traction of the boots.

The Vaprtrek Hunting Boots uses UtraDry waterproofing to provide breathable and the best lightweight waterproof hunting boots. The boot even has ScentBan scent controlling technology to prevent odors from forming inside the footwear. The moisture-wicking nylon mesh helps to keep dampness at bay, and the Cushion Comfort Tongue provides the best cushioning in the shin area. The boot come in two colors – Brown and Realtree Xtra with a height of approximately 8 inches, weighing 5 pounds each pair.

  • Very comfortable and lightweight
  • Extremely durable
  • Great fit, grip and ankle support
  • Great for stalking; most waterproof boot in the market
  • Nicely insulated

  • Quality and design defects for certain batches; they fit slimmer so its wise to buy a size bigger
  • Forms cracks on the certain areas after some time of use

2. Kenetrek Mountain Extreme Ni Hunting Boots

best lightweight insulated hunting bootsThese boots provide both attractiveness and effectiveness. They retail for a much higher price than most of the other boots in the market. It is a 10 inches tall boot made with full-grain leather along with double and triple stitching for durability.

The boot has a custom-made K-Talon Outsole that provides extra grip and traction; 7mm nylon midsole that offers exceptional support and stability. It is corrosion resistance due to its forged boot hardware. The boots can be easily categorized the best lightweight waterproof boots because it has durable Windtex water-proof which provides water resistance and breathability.

It is suitable for both hot and cold climates. The reinforced rubber sole helps for abrasion resistance. They are super light; weighing 3.9 pounds. These are exquisitely made in Italy to provide the best quality and achieve customer satisfaction.

  • Excellent traction on every surface whether it is wet or dry
  • The height of the boots with the full grain leather uppers provides comfort and foot protection
  • Extremely light in weight is making them massively efficient
  • The reinforced rubber sole makes it the best lightweight rubber hunting boots of all time
  • Greatly insulated

  • Everyone cannot afford this as it is costly
  • It is a bit stiff so, it will take time to break in

3. Lowa Men’s Tibet GTX Hunting Boots

best lightweight waterproof hunting bootsThese boots are made with premium nubuck leather uppers which are equally breathable and waterproof as it also has a GORE-TEX lasted lining. It has a PU injected midsole and a full-length stabilizer for the under-foot stability and heavyweight carrying control. It has a rugged VIBRAM outsole, a LOWA C4 tongue and collar that is strategically placed for instep comfort. A special ankle-flex design is used to prevent slippage and offer easy—trekking.

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The boot is covered in a full-length rudder and to stand against the toughest of surfaces. The boots are handcrafted in Europe and are often opted by hikers and climbers. The boot features D—ring eyelets and speed lacing technology for faster and easier lace up. Climate Control holes allow to let out heat and moisture. The boots promise to be the best lightweight hunting boots.

  • High-quality manufacturing ensures the best product and customer satisfaction
  • The seamless uppers offer warmth, and the GORE-TEX lining allows breathability
  • VIBRAM outsole is extremely durable and delivers sure footing on any surface
  • The boots give enough support for the ankle, so carrying heavy objects is much more comfortable
  • The insulation is good

  • It usually fits very snuggly around the foot, so it is advised to buy one size bigger than what is needed
  • The boots are made for excellent strength thus making them difficult to fit in initially. It will take time to break in

4. Irish Setter Men’s 880 Elk Tracker Waterproof Hunting Boots

best lightweight elk hunting bootsThis is one of the best looking boots in the current market. It is the company’s ultimate product that ensures comfort, durability, and effectiveness. It is claimed to be the best lightweight elk hunting boots in the market. These boots are heavy duty and best known as hunting work boots. It is made with 100% leather uppers providing the known waterproof and breathable cover.

It has a rubber sole which makes it greatly durable and works friendly. It is quite a tall boot measuring to a whopping 12 inches and shaft measuring 9.5 inches from the arc. These boots consist of 200 grams of 3M Thinsulate insulation making them the best lightweight insulated boots for the chilling environment. The boots have a GORE-TEX lining for water-proofing.

The boots have Scent Ban technology which eliminated odor creating bacteria formation. The midsole comprises of shock-absorbing comfort cork which drastically lowers the risk of foot damage from high jumps or sudden bumps. A pair of these weighs around 2 pounds making them the best bet for best lightweight hunting boots.

  • 200 grams of Thinsulate delivers both warmth and breathability
  • The genuine rubber sole allows surface grip despite terrible conditions
  • The boots allow trekkers go forge into murky terrains as they are 100% water-proof
  • Steel shanks provide additional support for the foot
  • Very comfortable and lightweight

  • The support on the arch is not well equipped thus, the wearer would feel fatigued after some time
  • Poor customer service

5. LaCrosse Grange

best lightweight rubber hunting bootsThese single-colored (Od Green), tall 18 inches boots are made with 100% hand laid premium ZXT Rubber. ZXT rubber is ozone, abrasive and tear resistant with malleable strength. These have chevron cleated outsole which will never separate from the boots and rubber sole to provide great grip in the wettest surfaces. The rubber covering ensures durability, water-proofing and scent-free protection. These weigh around 2 pounds and has ankle fit for securing the foot in place and an adjustable top strap for adaptable fitting.

These boots can be easily referred to as the best lightweight rubber hunting boots. It is the perfect choice for heavy duty workers and trekkers in murky areas.

  • The outsole is custom-made for the purpose of easy grip in the harshest of conditions
  • The rubber cover is tear resistant and textured for strengthening the durability
  • Form-fitting at the ankle ensures stability and zero slippage
  • Relatively less expensive yet very efficient
  • Very comfortable and lightweight

  • These boots are made in smaller sizes so some customers may have trouble with sizing
  • Quality is not as same as when it was made in the US

6. MuckBoots Unisex Woody Sports Hunting Boots

best lightweight hunting boots 2019These boots are perfect for duck hunters. These are knee-high and are 100% synthetic. It has water-proof camo shaft and breathable air mesh lining. The outsole is made with molded speed-tracker for a faster and easier grip in the wettest surfaces. The boot consists of cushioned EVA midsole for supreme comfort amidst the harsh environment.

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The boot comes in a unisex design that includes 4-way stretch nylon which is a 100% water-proof upper and abundance of padding for all-day comfort and breathability. It weighs around the standard lightweight boot weight of 2 pounds making them the best lightweight hunting boots.

  • Breathable lining keeps the wearers’ feet dry and comfortable
  • The water-proof shaft protects the legs from the midline
  • High abrasion outsole provides superior durability and sure footing on any surface
  • Easy to clean and are very efficient
  • Great insulation

  • Comes in one style only
  • Some batches may have faulty boots which wear out in a few months’ of use

7. The Original MuckBoots Adult FieldBlazer Hunting Boot

best lightweight warm hunting bootsThese mono-colored (Mossy Oak) boots are manufactured for a more relaxed environment usage. The air-mesh lining is amazingly breathable in the worst of situations. These are excellent for elk hunting as they are super lightweight (around 1 pound) and ideal for less extreme quests. They are made with 100% synthetic and fabric. It has a protective water-proof natural rubber shell.

The CR flex-foam boot with four-way stretch nylon is 100% flexible, lightweight, water-proof, comfortable and resilient. It is the perfect combination for people looking for the best lightweight elk hunting boots.

The boot consists of rubber outsole surrounding the entire perimeter ensuring no damage is done to the foot, toe or ankle. This is great to slip on at a camp or a light elk hunting. It’s a prodigious bargain for the quality promised to be the best lightweight hunting boots.

  • A comfortable footwear ideal for simple camp or fire-gathering tasks
  • They are super lightweight, making them a convenient choice for daily tasks like raking leaves
  • The stretch fit at the upper provides a snug fit around the ankle so that no debris or dirt can enter the boot once worn
  • Easy to put on/off and clean
  • Good insulation

  • These are low boots which not ideal for shallow water hunting or deeper
  • The sole does not provide much traction

8. LaCrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro 18” Hunting Boot

lightweight lacrosse shaftsThese are very lightweight and comfortable and are perfect for extreme outdoor endeavors. They are made with water-proof 100% neoprene/rubber upper delivering a durable and breathable experience. The sole is made with Lug Sole giving it impressive grip on the murkiest surfaces.

These are pretty long boots measuring up to 18 inches from the arc. The opening of the boot is approximately 16 inches in circumference. The boot comprises of hand laid premium rubber covering over 3.5-millimeter neoprene core for maximum flexibility, durability, odor-free comfort and water-proofing; promising to be the best lightweight water-proof hunting boots.

The inside of the boot has embossed liner which allows adequate air-circulation, drains moisture and is incredibly quick drying. The boots are easy and comfortable to wear and take off allowing an active fit due to the presence of adjustable neoprene gusset. The multilayer rubber on the toe and heel results in enhanced support and stability. Hunters with fierce activities in extreme conditions can opt for these as the best lightweight hunting boots.

  • These boots are made with genuine rubber making them the impermeable barrier against water
  • The liner is specifically designed to keep the feet dry and provide air circulation
  • The form-fitting gives the hunter the satisfaction of a custom fit
  • Very durable and heavy duty
  • Very comfortable and good insulation

  • The boots are manufactured in larger sizes so it is wise to buy a smaller size than what is needed
  • The design is not as attractive

9. Under Armour® Speed Freek Bozeman

lightweight hunting boots reviewsThese boots are made with 1000D nylon and waterproof suede leather upper giving them excellent durability and breathability. These are constructed as lightweight and water-proof boots making them the best lightweight water-proof hunting boots.

These boots have an anti-bacterial Cupron® copper-infused lining to achieve Under Armour Scent Control® and prevent from bacterial growth. The odor is eliminated by using breathable anti-microbial molded Ortholite® sock liner. The midsole is ultra-light as the boot features EVA molding and improved TPU shank for better stability.

Enhanced protection is gained by installing scratch rubber toes heel caps. The outer sole is made with rubber Lug Sole making it water-proof and sturdy; it can withstand the toughest of surfaces. It weighs merely 1 pound 8 ounces making it the best lightweight insulated hunting boot.

  • The upper involves tough abrasion nylon and suede
  • The Under Armour Scent Control® technology helps to keep the boots odorless
  • The solid rubber sole has Lugs on it making it easier for the hunters to get a good grip while on the run or aiming
  • Looks attractive and is very robust
  • Very comfortable and has good insulation

  • The tongue is not secured correctly; thus it is not as comfortable as it should be
  • The shock absorption feature is not adequate

10. Danner Pronghorn Realtree Xtra 1200G Hunting Boot

lightweight rubber hunting bootsThese dual-textured best lightweight hunting boots are made with 100% CamoHide leather rugged with 1000D nylon. They consist of rubber soles to give strength and grip. The construction of these boots uses GORE-TEX technology to provide them with breathable, durability and water-proofing. The boots comprise of 1200 grams of insulation making it the best lightweight insulated hunting boots around.

The Pronghorn outsole provides amazing traction. Supreme stability, comfort, and support are delivered by the TERRA FORCE platform and Ortholite Cushion insole. It comes in one color of Mossy Oak and weighs around 66 ounces per pair.

  • High-quality boots best for hiking/hunting with challenging grounds
  • GORE-TEX lining ensures odorless, dry and water resistance environment for the feet
  • The top cushions support the ankles when grounds gets tough to walk on
  • Improved comfort is warranted by the triple cushion footbed
  • Has great comfort, stability, and insulation

  • Time is required to break into the boots
  • The designs of camo on the boots are nice yet unnecessary

The Criterion to Evaluate the Best Lightweight Hunting Boots:

A. Upper, Sole, Lacing – for any hunter or any person, the quality of the upper and the inner, mid and outer sole is very crucial. It indicates the durability and strength of the footwear. Lacing is important for convenience during times of hurry.

B. How well it is Water-Proofed – hunter, hiking is not limited to a certain season. So, the footwear must be water resistant in order to endure different climate and seasonal changes. Or else, the boots would not last long.

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C. Breathability – it is inevitable to not sweat when on a long tiresome day at hunting. So, it is necessary for the boots to have adequate air-circulation in order to avoid bacterial growth inside the boots.

D. Insulation – like mentioned above, hunting is not limited to a certain condition. The hunter must be ready to hunt in cold water, hot sand, murky marshes, etc. thus, insulation is needed to avoid getting cold feet and feel uncomfortable in the middle of a hunt.

E. Price – price is important because not every hunter can afford wildly expensive boots. So, a balance between quality and price is essential for any hunter.

Buying Guide for Best Lightweight Boots:

Every boot is made according to a certain type with specific features and to serve a certain purpose. It is important to understand the purpose of the boots that a buyer wants to utilize. It is crucial that the buyer apprehend his/her motive of buying a certain boot.

One must comprehend his/her own likings and necessities that s/he wants from the footwear. For example, a farmer requires an affordable, heavily water resistant, anti-bacterial, lightweight, strong grip boots for planting and harvesting crops in a muddy area.

So, s/he would have to choose a boot that is most probably made with rubber with a sturdy sole and breathable upper and is not severely expensive. Likewise every hunter/buyer must know what s/he needs and wants in order to get the perfect pair for him/her. Let us break it down further to evaluate the best lightweight hunting boots 2019:

Size – It is important to choose the accurate size of one’s boots. Well, fitted boots can result in greater satisfaction than an ill-fitted one. It is important to remember that some types of boots are smaller or larger. The buyer must physically be present to test out the product if possible or buy a size bigger or lower respectively. It is important to remember that s/he will be wearing socks thus the size should be accurate for a comfortable experience.

Ventilation –it is absolutely crucial for boots to be breathable. Feet are apart from the living body thus, it will create heat and sweat. It is vital to ensure air-circulation to avoid suffocation and bacterial growth. Or an unwanted and unhealthy environment will be created inside the footwear.

Insulation – this depends on the climate and whether the buyer will be working in. if s/he is hunting on a colder climate; s/he will want a heavily insulated boot; and vice-versa, giving the best lightweight insulated hunting boots.

Price – most of the time, prices can indicate higher quality components/features given in the boots. It a good practice to balance the price point with the value of the product to be bought.

Break-in Time – It is essential to remember that socks need to be worn at all times while wearing boots as well as allow some break-in time. As the boots are manufactured to be strong and sturdy, a bit of time is required for the boot to loosen up according to the buyers’ feet structure.

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Maintenance – like all other things in life, boots need to be maintained in a certain way. Periodically cleaning, regularly air-drying are all process of daily maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q.1. Which brand (US based) of boots is the best for hunting?

Ans: Danner, Thorogood, Carolina Shoe Co., Filson Uplander, Gokey, Itasca Leathergoods

Q.2. What is the best level of insulation?

Ans: Boots come in three categories – Field Boots, Rubber Boots, and Snake Boots. Each serves different purposes, and different levels of insulation provide different purposes as well. The insulation ranges from 200 grams to 2000 grams depending on the weather and work conditions the wearer would be going through.

Q.3. How to prevent the boots to have odours?

Ans: Odors will form at some point in time. However, to prevent from it, the footwear must be air-dried after every use and cleaned periodically. The wearer must wear socks at all times s/he is wearing boots.

Q.4.What is the most durable material for the best rubber hunting boots?

Ans: Vulcanized rubber.

Q.5. Where to buy the Best Lightweight Hunting Boot 2019?

Ans: www.amazon.com is the website that has many choices of any products; as well as the best hunting boots in 2019.


The best lightweight hunting boots 2019 comes down to the specific criterion a buyer is looking for. No boot can be best if it doesn’t meet the needs of the customer. So, it is crucial that a buyer choose the boots that meet with most if not all the standards the buyer is looking for.

However, as fabrics tend to be most difficult to clean, it is wise to avoid materials that catch dirt quickly and requires a long cleaning period. Rubber and synthetic boots are usually user-friendly and easy to maintain. A boot that has the perfect amount of insulation (according to the location it will be required in), adequate strength, durability, and breathability should be ideal for the buyer. Not to forget, the price being justified by the performance of the boots.

Many people must have already bought the desired boots. It is wise to do some research and look for genuine reviews before investing in any kinds of footwear. Usually, the excellent quality or boots from well-known brands tend to have many reviews on them; so it is easier to evaluate whether to invest in them or not. The best hunting boots should compromise the essential criteria of the footwear. The buyer should be careful when choosing a pair to invest in.

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There was a time when a lot of men were interested in activities such as hunting. This type of sport required a specific sturdy footgear for travel efficie
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