Top 10 Best Mountaineering Boots for 2019

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If you have ever fancied a trek over mountain tops, you would realize the importance of having a good mountaineering boot. The best mountaineering boots provide insulation and help your feet get a good grip on rough rocky terrains. That is why outdoor enthusiasts are always on the lookout for best light mountaineering boots and the best summer mountaineering boots on the market.

To save you the trouble, I have compiled the best lightweight mountaineering boots review to showcase different kinds of mountaineering boots with their advantages and disadvantages so that you don’t have to do the hard work and look for it elsewhere.

I will also talk about mountaineering boots for wide feet so that men and women of all sizes can enjoy the outdoors without breaking a sweat. Boots instill a kind of confidence in oneself and it is an important gear that plays countless roles for a person who treks. My best mountaineering boots for 2019 buying guide also comes with frequently asked questions which would answer some of your most important queries regarding mountaineering boots and Amazon links to help you purchase the product.

Best Mountaineering Boots for 2019

1 La Sportiva Men’s Nepal EVO GTX Boot

best mountaineering bootsThe first on the list of the best mountaineering boots for 2019 is the LA SPORTIVA NEPAL EVO GTX. It is a very strong and sturdy boot made from a reliable brand. The LA SPORTIVA is a waterproof boot, coated with a GORE-TEX material.

The boots are designed in such a way that climbers with heavy backpacks can wear the LA SPORTIVA with ease and comfort. The boots are extremely rigid and provide support for crampons and the boot lacing system of the LA SPORTIVA is very easy to use. It is one of the best summer mountaineering boots that you can find in 2019.

  • Comes with removable and adjustable fit tongue
  • Helps you stay dry and comfortable
  • Rigid and Sturdy
  • Provides great support
  • Great support for climbing icy mountains

  • Lacing system doesn’t always work
  • The tongue on the boots can feel uncomfortable at times

2 Salewa Men’s Ultra Train GTX Mountain Training Shoe

best mountaineering boots reviewThe SALEWA MS RAVEN is made to overcome all sorts of challenging terrain. With a thick polyurethane coating, these boots are durable and are not susceptible to wear and tear. A comfortable mountaineering boot should be easy to wear and endure the harsh extremities of Mother Nature, and the RAVEN can do all that while being waterproof at the same time. These are one of the best light mountaineering boots that money can buy at the moment, and it comes with a lot of customizable options for you to experience greater flexibility while on your trekking adventures.

As these boots are very airtight, it does not let water inside its compartments and this is why it can endure harsh weather conditions. The SALEWA has greater flexibility than other best mountaineering boots, and it provides greater support and an equally greater fit for you to enjoy long trekking adventures without feeling uncomfortable.

  • Comes with great fit and flexibility
  • It is very easy to wear
  • Made with water-resistant fabric that can endure harsh weather conditions
  • Provides great support
  • Has a 3D lacing system for better usability

  • They could be a tad more breathable
  • They are very small compared to other boots

3 Scarpa Men’s Phantom Guide Mountaineering Boot

best mountaineering boots for wide feetThe SCARPA PHANTOM 6000 is an iconic boot with aesthetic design and it’s made out from sturdy materials. The SCARPA PHANTOM 6000 also comes with great waterproofing abilities and is able to seal your fight from the harsh elements. With its new T-Zip feature, the SCARPA PHANTOM 6000 Boots helps to keep water and snow out of your boots while you scale rocky terrains.

It’s also designed with a wide fit, meaning if you have wider feet, these boots would still fit perfectly. The materials used in the construction of this boot are durable and keeps your feet comfortable even though you might have to use these boots for a long period of time. The rear rending locks at the end of the SCARPA PHANTOM 6000 helps you to get a good grip on your feet and it is useful for climbing high and hilly mountains.

These boots also have great insulation and greater flexibility than other boots, helping you to trek longer with these boots on.

  • Great Insulation
  • Durable boots with great comfort
  • Has greater flexibility than other boots
  • Comes with good waterproofing abilities
  • Unique design

  • The lacing system breaks under stress
  • These boots don’t fit that well

4 La Sportiva Men’s Olympus Mons EVO Boot

best summer mountaineering bootsThe LA SPORTIVA OLYMPUS MONS is an exceptional best mountaineering boots that come in a lot of colors and it gives incredible warmth due to its Vibram PE Sole. The sole of these boots are soft and comfortable, which is good if you want to wear them for long periods of time but that is also one of the biggest downsides of these boots. Due to its super comfy sole, it is a challenge to scale rocky and sharp mountains without wearing crampons.

The boots are also heavier than other boots of its class, and it is a waterproof boot so you don’t have to worry about feeling soggy when you’re climbing through snowcapped mountains. It’s a very trendy and popular boot for people who want to enjoy the extreme cold conditions.

The boot comes with a polyurethane thermal coating and it can accommodate many different foot sizes. The lacing system is unique, and it uses a one hand lacing system and due to the Velcro closure, the LA SPORTIVA OLYMPUS MONS don’t require any additional tying. So it is very useful for people who want to tie their laces by wearing gloves or mittens.

  • Offers great comfort for people who want to climb high altitudes
  • Comes with a great fit
  • Provides exceptional warmth to your feet
  • The lacing system is one handed
  • Offers great stability and durability

  • Vibram PE Sole is too soft and thus it is risky to climb rocky or sharp mountains
  • Heavier than other boots

5 Scarpa Men’s Charmoz Mountaineering Boot

best mountaineering boots for womenThe SCARPA CHARMOZ comes in both Men’s and Women’s, so everyone can enjoy a hike up the mountain tops. The SCARPA CHARMOZ only weighs around 6 pounds, which means that the SCARPA is a very lightweight mountaineering boot. The best thing about the SCARPA CHARMOZ is its decent price tag, which makes it easily accessible for a lot of hikers who are low on cash. These mountaineering boots are considered an all-season boot, which means that you can wear them in snowy or rainy weather.[irp]

The SCARPA CHARMOZ is also very durable, so it can be worn for long periods of time. The only downside to the SCARPA CHARMOZ is its higher rocker, which means it is unsuitable for chilly conditions. But if you use the SCARPA CHARMOZ for an occasional hike, it won’t let you down. These boots have very good insulation and provide decent comfort to your feet, so a long hike will not make you feel uncomfortable. The soul of the SCARPA CHARMOZ is very flexible, and these boots are great for use in spring or summer due to its great insulation and comfort factor.

  • It is a very lightweight boot, coming in at only 6 pounds
  • Great price tag
  • Is a very versatile boot
  • It is usable with different types of crampons
  • Provides great insulation to your feet

  • It is not a long lasting boot compared to other mountaineering boots on the market
  • The waterproofing of the SCARPA CHARMOZ does not work that well

6 La Sportiva Men’s Spantik Boot

best mountaineering boots 2019The LA SPORTIVA SPANTIK is an excellent choice for hikers who want to brave the extreme weather conditions of some of the highest mountain ranges in the world. It comes with an insulated double boot, thus it provides an amazing level of insulation even in very cold weather conditions while at the same time being very comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Even if you want to climb above 600 meters above a mountain range, the LA SPORTIVA SPANTIK will not let you down and provide excellent warmth and insulation to your feet.

The LA SPORTIVA SPANTIK is by far one of the most popular double boot on the market as it very popular among hikers for its excellent warmth and insulation capabilities. This industry best mountaineering boots of 2019 keep your feet warm and dry and it is designed to be compatible to step in crampons.

The outer layer of these boots is made with a water repellant Lorica materials that give excellent waterproofing abilities to the LA SPORTIVA SPANTIK. The sole of these boots are also designed to absorb shock, so the comfort factor of these boots are hard to beat. The materials used in the construction of these boots are also designed to be abrasion resistant, so these boots come with a lot of useful features.

All these make the LA SPORTIVA SPANTIK one of the best choices for the best alpine touring boots and will give you great confidence to hike across very high mountain ranges and give you the ability to brave the extreme weather conditions of the Mother Nature.

  • Provides great warmth
  • Provides great insulation
  • The sole is designed to absorb shock
  • Is a great boot to climb high mountain ranges
  • These double layered boots are very supportive

  • Very heavy boots
  • Cuffs rub at times

7 Scarpa Fuego Mountaineering Boot

best light mountaineering bootsThe SCARPA FUEGO provides excellent traction due to its design and it is a very popular option for firefighters who tend to work in the wilderness areas. The SCARPA FUEGO sports a classical style and has leather features. The sole of the SCARPA FUEGO is made from Vibram PE, so you can tackle the harsh climate of the wilderness and beyond with these mountaineering boots.

SCARPA FUEGO has a gusted tongue which provides amazing protection to the front of your feet and the eyelets assist you with great ankle support when you climb wearing these boots. The design of these boots make it an ideal element to tackle the harsh weather conditions and it is a very versatile boot, so you can subject these boots to different weather conditions but it still will not let you down.

These SCARPA boots also have a sturdy design and are made to be durable, so you can wear these for long periods of time. These mountaineering boots also come with a double tongue feature, which gives great flexibility to your feet and provides an amazing fit, so no matter where you intend to hike to, your boots will offer the utmost comfort and warmth to your feet.

They are also designed to be watertight and have excellent ventilation capabilities, so you can hike through snow and still not have to worry about having soggy feet. The best features of these best mountaineering boots are that they are sturdy and provides great support and traction to your feet while you climb, and this is why people keep coming back to them.

  • Made with very high-quality materials
  • Is a very versatile boot and can handle all types of weather conditions
  • Provides excellent traction and support to your feet
  • The boots are designed to keep the feet of hikers comfortable
  • It is a waterproof boot and provides excellent ventilation to your feet

  • Boots can feel stiff sometimes because it is a very heavy boot
  • Sometimes it can be a bit hard to walk with these boots

8 Salewa Men’s Alp Trainer Mid GTX

winter mountaineering bootsIf you want to climb through wet or icy conditions, and you want a lightweight boot, then the SALEWA RAPACE is the perfect boot for you. It is designed with a waterproof gaiter that keeps moisture off from your feet, and it has a lightweight single boot design. You can wear these boots to icy mountains and a variety of other climates.

These boots are waterproof and its T-Zip feature with super-gaiter snugly inside the inner part of the boot will help your feet to be warm and comfortable even though you might be hiking for long periods of time. The SALEWA RAPACE provides a great fit and offers great flexibility to your feet.

These boots come with two different kinds of fit, one is the Performance Fit and the other is the Insulated Fit. The Insulated Fit has a wider compartment for feet and the Performance Fit offers a much tighter fit than the Insulated Fit.

The sole of these lightweight mountaineering boots of 2019 is very innovative and provides flexibility and you can also adjust the stiffness of the sole of these boots. These innovations make the SALEWA RAPACE a worthwhile lightweight mountaineering boot in the market currently.

  • It has great waterproofing abilities
  • You can wear these boots to icy climates as well many other weather conditions
  • Provides great warmth and comfort to your feet
  • The sole is flexible and the stiffness of the sole can be adjusted
  • These boots come with adjustable fit options

  • These boots can feel heavy at times
  • These boots are large and uncomfortable to maneuver in some conditions

9 LA SPORTIVA Finale Cat Feet

best summer mountaineering bootsThe LA SPORTIVA G5 is made with a combination of excellent materials and using the most sophisticated technology, you can use these boots to climb rocky or icy mountains, or a combination of both without having to worry about the condition of your feet.

The LA SPORTIVA G5 is also extremely lightweight, and it offers one of the best value for your money in the market currently. Because they are so light, the LA SPORTIVA G5 is one of the best mountaineering boots for women. Even if you hike mountains during rough weather conditions, the LA SPORTIVA G5 manages to keep your feet warm and dry due to its excellent waterproof and insulation.

These are one of the best summer mountaineering boots with super gaiter design and made from high-quality materials. Due to its lightweight nature, the LA SPORTIVA G5 is a versatile mountaineering boot and are very comfortable to wear. The PU midsole that the LA SPORTIVA G5 uses are good at absorbing shock, and the airtight compartments of these boots are good at keeping water or ice out of the boots.

The LA SPORTIVA G5 also boasts a carbon midsole that gives added rigidity to your feet, and it also helps you to break even when you are in a slanted position. The power and comfort these boots offer can make it one of the best light mountaineering boot of 2019.

  • Good waterproofing abilities
  • Provides great comfort to your feet
  • The boots are lightweight which adds to the comfort of your feet
  • A versatile boot which is able to handle rocky and icy mountains
  • The carbon midsole makes the LA SPORTIVA G5 more rigid and helps you to brake across slanted surfaces

  • The price point is a bit too high making it inaccessible to most hikers
  • The availability of these boots is not that good, making it hard to find

10 Asolo AFS 8000 Boot – Men’s

best mountaineering boots for wide feetASOLO AFS 8000 in one of the best mountaineering boots for wide feet currently available on the market currently. It is designed for technical mountaineering, and the ASOLO is optimized for high-level climbing performance. The shell of the ASOLO AFS contains Pebax and keeps the boot very stiff and strong at the same time.

These mountaineering boots are designed to be comfortable so that your feet don’t feel stiff even while climbing high altitudes. The shell of the ASOLO AFS 8000 is designed in such a way that the boots would be durable even if they are subject to high levels of stress, the kind of stress that hikers usually subject their boots to while facing harsh weather conditions.[irp]

The inner compartments of this boot are removable and are customizable to provide a snug fit. The midsole consists of carbon fiber, and the technology used to build these boots keep it well ventilated and waterproof at the same time. This is why the ASOLO AFS 8000 will keep your feet warm even in subzero temperatures due to its amazing insulation.

The Vibram sole will provide you with an excellent grip so that you can venture out into all sorts of terrains, be it rocky or icy. These boots also come with step-in crampon compatibility, making it a very versatile option for hiking lovers.

  • These boots are waterproof
  • Has amazing ventilation capabilities to keep your feet warm and dry
  • The sole offers great grip of the terrain
  • The carbon fiber sole is good at absorbing shocks
  • The boots are extremely durable, even at subzero temperatures

  • These boots are more costly than its competitors
  • The Vibram sole is less durable than normal rubber soles

Criteria To Evaluate The Best Mountaineering Boots for 2019:


Hiking across high altitudes subjects your feet to harsh and wet conditions, so it is important to have waterproof boots to face such extreme weather conditions.


Hikers routinely venture across mountains that have subzero temperatures, so it important to keep your feet warm and comfortable during such conditions. So a boot that is insulated properly will help hikers to feel comfortable while braving Mother Nature.


Breathability is an important factor for hikers as having boots that are too tight will make a hiker feel uncomfortable and hard to climb.

Types of sole:

A sole made with good materials will help you in wet and rocky conditions and provide good grip on the terrain.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What is the best durable material for mountaineering boots?

Boots that use Carbon fiber offer good durability and are long-lasting.

What kind of boots is good for hiking across icy mountains?

Boots that offer good flexibility to your feet and step in crampon support are good for hiking across icy mountains.

Is it important to buy boots with good insulation?

Yes, a boot that has good insulation capabilities keep your feet warm and dry in wet and harsh conditions.

What are lightweight mountaineering boots used for?

Lightweight mountaineering boots are used to hike across mountains that are higher than 600 meters, meaning it is better to climb high altitudes with a lightweight boot so that your feet don’t feel too stiff.

Where can I buy the best mountaineering boots?

Amazon is one of the premier destinations for hikers to find good deals for mountaineering boots. Backcountry is another great spot to locate the best lightweight mountaineering boots. Amazon is more user-friendly and offers a great variety of mountaineering boots. You can also check the user reviews to make an informed decision on which product you want to buy.[irp]

Awesome List of Best Boots for Mountaineering


The best boots for mountaineering come with great perks for hikers. These boots offer great value for your money, and each of the boots in this best mountaineering boots review come with pros and cons, helping you to decide which boot is perfect for your needs. I have tried to help you identify which features you need for specific weather conditions, and have included both lightweight and heavy-duty mountaineering boots which offer you great options for your hiking adventures.

Features such as waterproof boots, insulation, and breathability are very important for hikers, and going through this review will assist you to make an informed decision as a hiker who wants to enjoy his/her hiking adventures with the utmost comfort and flexibility. Some of these boots come with carbon fiber soles which offer great shock absorption capabilities, which help hikers feel less stiff during long hiking trips.

Top 10 Best Mountaineering Boots for 2019
Best Mountaineering Boots for 2018

If you have ever fancied a trek over mountain tops, you would realize the importance of having a good mountaineering boot. The best mountaineering boots pr

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