5 Best Tree Climbing Spikes Review & Buying Guide in 2020

best Tree Climbing Spikes

You must be tired of all those accidental falls from the trees you’re trying to climb on. But I wouldn’t call it ‘accidental’ to be honest. I mean come on, you’re not Tarzan who’s going to climb on the trees within a snap just by using his hands and feet, yeah? You need to buckle up and make sure you have all the necessary items.

Climbing spikes, often unknown and ignored, yet one of the most important things you need for a successful climb. Small trees, tall ones, you name it, if you have the best tree climbing spikes in your arsenal, you can surely get to the top.

Want to get your hands on the hottest climbing spikes available. Well, it’s time for you to hit the reviews.

1. Klein Tools CN1907ARL Tree Climber Set Top Rated Climbing Set, Our Recommended

2. Steel Spur Kit with Big Buck Pads – Best Budget Climbing Spike, Overall Best

3. Evoke Gear Tree Climbing Spike Set Climbing Spike with Big Buck Pads

4. Gecko Tree Climbers -Includes Strap  Includes Strap-On Boot Spikes and Safety Belt

5. SportClimbers Tree Climbing Spikes – The Spike with all 5-star Review

5 Best Tree Climbing Spikes Reviews

To help you out with deciding to buy a tree climber set, we have carefully picked 5 of the best boot spikes for climbing trees available on the market. Read till the end to decide which one you find as your perfect match!

1. Klein Tools CN1907ARL Tree Climber Set with Pole Climbers

Highlighted Features
  • Made from high-grade premium quality leather which makes the climber a tough and durable one.
  • For long-lasting service, the climber is equipped with Neoprene Impregnated Nylon.
  • Wide stirrups for an extra bit of comfort while climbing.
  • It comes with cushioned pads for maximum convenience and support for your legs.

Klein Tools CN1907ARL Tree Climber Set with Pole ClimbersThe first thing that you need in a Tree climber set is comfort. You are going to be putting a lot of pressure on the climber while you climb a tree. If the climber pads are not comfortable, it’s never going to be easy for you.

Kein Tools CN1907ARL provides absolute comfort for your feet with cushioned pad, stitched to pure, high-quality leather. This allows your feet to feel maximum relief, no matter how high you climb.

The climber strap is made from Neoprene-impregnated nylon. This rubbery strap absorbs all the pressure you put on it and keeps the climber safely attached to your feet. It also enhances the life of the climber to a long-lasting period.

Its steel sleeve along with the leg iron is fixed together by two hex-head bolts and barrel-type nuts. The slotted bolts come with lock washers for more excellent stability.

The split ring is made from solid steel to secure the ankle strap while locked. You can easily alternate the ring according to your choice.

Nothing will seem useful unless you can’t rest your feet on a stirrup. The CN1907ARL comes with a couple of wide stirrups that provides excellent foot support.

2. Steel Spur Kit with Big Buck Pads

Highlighted Features
  • Strong metal made spurs for heavy-duty weight endurance.
  • The climber features a soft pad for extra comfort for your legs.
  • A lined layer of thick padding to get rid of any discomfort.
  • Steel support at the back-side of the climber for excellent shape and stability.

Steel Spur Kit with Big Buck PadsOur second pick is from the Buckingham family. Buckingham has been producing high-quality professional tools and tree climbers for the past 100 years. Their tree climbers do reflect their century-old expertise and experience.

The Steel Spur Kit is one of the most solid and top-rated climbers from the Buckingham climber-makers. It is sturdy and durable. You can use it on any season for a long period.

This tree climber comes with a soft cushioned pad inside. You need two pairs of straps to tightly attach this padded-wear to your legs.

It comes with a couple of sharp and strong spurs. The spurs can easily endure weight up to 350 pounds. That means you can easily climb up any tree with steady support from the climber.

The pads evenly distribute the load without being subject to any wear and tear. What’s so great about these pads is, they have a steel skin support inside the pads to ensure maximum comfort for your legs.

Moreover, the pads are lined with a layer of thick padding on the back. This layer of the pad extends outside the leather edge. This way, you can get rid of any type of leg irritation.

The steel support at the back of the pad keeps the pair of climbers in great shape. You won’t feel any wear and tear or weak leather bending of the pads even after using the climber for quite a number of times.

You can easily adjust the length of the leg shafts according to your preference.

3. Evoke Gear Tree Climbing Spike Set Pole Climbing Spurs Climber Adjustable

Highlighted Features
  • It has a soft padded finish for the maximum comfort for your feet.
  • It comes with the metal spur to ensure longtime durability.
  • The spikes are made from strong metal material to withstand pressure easily.
  • The straps allow adjusting heights so that you can adapt the climber according to your comfort zone.

Evoke Gear Tree Climbing Spike Set Pole Climbing Spurs Climber AdjustableAlthough some may argue that the Evoke Gear Tree Climbing Spike Set is specially made for pole climbing, expert users have opined that it is also a pretty good performer when it comes to climbing trees.

The premium look of this gear will immediately strike you. But it has more than that to offer. The comfortable leather body comes with a soft padded finish for you to enjoy a comfortable feeling upon the tree.

What happens without padded support is that when you are climbing up the tree, your legs will start to feel numb. The lower straps will put pressure on your back-leg, causing discomfort to you.

Its connection of leg iron and sleeve is quite durable and very adhesive. Yet, you can adjust the joint according to your needs. The climber can be set at different heights, adapting to your needs.

The spikes are made from high strength metal. You can feel it when you are banging the peaks against the tree while you climb up. The strong metal spike supports your weight very impressively with the help of the leather body.

Having a metal spur set means extra durability for your climber. It provides added support and strong control over your feet position. This is very crucial if you are climbing a tree with a gigantic height.

4. Gecko Tree Climbers

Highlighted Features
  •       One of the lightest climbers in the market for easy wearing and comfort.
  •       It comes with an adjustable fiberglass shin cuff for integrating with the padding.
  •       Wide stirrups for you to rest your feet on while climbing.
  •       The build quality meets all the requirements of the ASTM F887 standard.

Gecko Tree Climberswe have the Gecko Tree Climbers. This one is arguably the lightest tree climbing spur kit available on the market. Weighing only at 4.3 pounds, the climber is very easy to put on and off.

It has an adjustable fiberglass shin cuff that is integrated with padding. You can adjust it according to your comfort and convenience.

The offset leg stirrup provides maximum comfort to your feet. You can rest your feet on the stirrups, and it will support your pretty well while climbing.

Steel spikes can be replaced if you are trying to bring any change to the setup. Usually, the spikes can endure a pressure of 350 pounds. You can put as much pressure as you want on the spikes; these are going to stabilize you more.

The build quality of the climber meets all the necessary requirements of the ASTM F887 standard.

5. SportClimbers Tree Climbing Spikes

Highlighted Features
  • The climber has one of the sharpest spikes available to allow you to climb almost any tree.
  • They are designed to promote easy climbing and quick climbing.
  • The spikes made from stainless construction steel for optimum durability.
  • It comes with a climbing belt for the best use of it.

SportClimbers Tree Climbing SpikesLast but not least, The SportClimbers Tree Climbing Spikes are one of the easiest climbers to put on. You just hold the straps on your hand, and put your feet inside, tie the straps, and you are ready to go.

It features some of the sharpest spikes around the market. You can easily climb up and climb down from the tree with a slight push against the tree wall.

This model was specially designed to promote quick and easy tree-climbing. You can pretty comfortably ascend and descend for the trees.

The SportClimber patents its spikes. The hollow ‘V’ spike of the SportClimber is made from stainless construction steel. The spikes feel almost weightless, yet can take a good bite in the tree.

But don’t you go with weight only. This spike can endure a pressure of at least 300 pounds.

To stabilize yourself on the tree, this climber comes with a climbing belt. You can wear the belt and adjust the length of it. It will support your even better when you put it on and use the spikes to glide up to the top of the tree.

Weighing just less than 3 pounds, the ankle strap runs through the special softs foam pad without any problem.

Editor’s Choice

Klein Tools CN1907ARL

The CN1907ARL is made from heavy-duty premium leather and Neoprene Impregnated Nylon. It is sturdy and quite durable. It also features a sturdy and sharp spike and a couple of wide stirrups for easy climbing.

Steel Spur Kit with Big Buck Pads

Steel Spur Kit with Big Buck Pads comes with a soft padded finish that supports your leg pretty well while you climb up. Coupled with the premium look it has got, it also features spikes made from strong metal materials. It makes climbing the tree easier than ever.

Things to Consider Before Buying Tree Climbing Spikes

Now that you know which tree climbers are topping the list of the best tree climbing spikes, it must be easier for you to determine the specs you need to look out for. Here is a shortlist of how to trace out the best climbing spikes.

Lightweight Vs. Heavyweight

You are going to put the climber on your legs and carry it with you on the tree. Yes, it will support your weight and all there, but it does come with a weight of itself, right? That’s something you need to support, as well.

So, if you are going to carry a good amount of load with you, that means you are overburdening yourself with weight. Try to carry weight as less as possible. Try to measure the weight of the climber before you add it to your cart.

Durable Leather Is A Must  

A tree climber means carrying a great amount of loan on it. It’s going to carry a huge portion of your weight and distribute that evenly all over its body. Without a solid structure or build-quality, it’s almost impossible for the climber to survive.

Pure and durable leather should be a good solution to that. Leather is sturdy, provides great elasticity, and is subject to less wear and tear. Leather can even survive a few huge blows and rough handling, as well.

Look For Cushion Padding

Cushion padding on the inner side of the climber can make a huge difference when it comes to comfort. You are going to rest your leg on the climber and almost lean on it when you are climbing.

If the climber doesn’t have any soft support against your legs, it is evident that your legs are gonna hurt. It’s gonna hurt bad.

It is even possible to get some stress marks from straps, as well. To avoid this fuss, look for the cushion padding on the climber.

It will provide you not only comfort but also the climber will retain a good shape.

The Wider The Stirrup, The Better It Is

Stirrups are metal-made resting zone for your feet. That’s the only support your feet are going to get while climbing the tree. You need to be careful about choosing the right stirrup.

If it is too narrow, you will have a hard time placing your feet on it and climb. It’s going to be pretty dangerous, as well, if you are not feeling comfortable placing your feet.

Look for a climber that has a couple of wide stirrup for easy positioning of your feet.

This way, you can rest your feet easily, and climb up quickly.

A Climber Belt Is A Good Integration

A climber belt is going to provide the additional support you need while sliding up the tree. You can rest your waist area on it while your feet and leg rest against the climber.

It is very crucial for longer-period climbing. If you are climbing for a few moments or so, it may not be that important. But if you are planning to stay up for a while, a climber belt is definitely a ‘Yes’ on your checklist.

It is not only a support for your back but also a gliding guide while you are pulling yourself up. Look for the climbers that offer a climber belt, too.

Heavy-Duty Durable Spikes Are Must

What matters most is how the spikes are performing. Interestingly, this tiny couple of pointed metal setup does the actual job of lifting you up while you climb a tree. The spikes need to made from durable steel.

In addition, it should be corrosion-free stainless steel, so that no wear and tear can affect the performance of it. It should be strong and a bit heavy for it to hammer itself inside the timber.

It is going to bite inside the timber and absorb the load of your body; it must be made from strong steel material without any doubt. Almost all the climbers have steel-made spikes. Make sure you don’t miss looking out for it.

Proper Adjustability Is Expected

Not everyone comes with the same body type. So you need to have a climber that may be used by your friend or a family member once in a while. So, the climber has to be adjusted to fit the legs of different climbers.

Most of the climber set on the market do have this feature of adjustment. You can look for the easiest adjusting system for your comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q.1- What is the difference between tree gaffs and pole gaffs?

Ans: As the names suggest, a tree gaff is specially designed for being used in climbing a tree. Whereas, a pole gaff is safer to use in climbing poles.

Q.2- Can I use a pole gaff for climbing a tree? 

Ans: It depends on the gaff itself. Some of the pole gaffs are actually very strong and durable. Many users have opined that these pole gaffs can be used in tree climbing, as well.

Q.3- Do I need a climbing rope or belt while climbing a tree? 

Ans: For many expert climbers, it may not be an absolute necessity. But for beginner level climbers, you should use a climbing belt for better safety.

Q.4- What type of trees should be spiked while climbing?

Ans:  According to the experts, living trees should not be spiked and climbed by using a climber. You should use the gear only in case of climbing up a dead tree to cut it down.

Q.5- How do I spike the tree while climbing?

Ans: It’s very simple to spike the tree while you are going up. After properly wearing the gear on your legs, you just gently bang your legs against the tree. The spikes should immediately bite the tree and get fixed inside.

Final Words

Selecting the best gear when you are going for technical work is crucial.  Tree climbing spike is just the type of technical support you need when you are climbing a tree for multiple reasons.

Finding the Best Tree climbing spikes for this doesn’t need to be a head-scratching task. Our reviews and complete buying guide should be enough for you to conclude in no time.

If you have found the one that suits best with you, tell us how you have decided. We are eager to hear from you!

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