5 Best Upland Hunting Pants (Review and Guide in 2022)

Upland hunting is so much fun if you have the right gear and clothes with you. And if you want to enjoy this exciting experience, you must choose the right hunting pant for you.

The right upland hunting gear, especially hunting pants is a crying need if you want to have a comfortable and reliable hunting experience. This article comes with the reviews of the best upland hunting pants so that you don’t miss any of the excitement thinking for the pant.

Also, I want you to check out buying guide so that you can make an easy buying decision without wasting much time. Let’s start then!

At A Glance: Our Recommended Top 5 Upland Hunting Pants 

Stretch technology for extra comfort and movement, a combination of three materials to be rugged for tall grasses, water repellence with incredibly fast-drying, built with rugged flex to bend and stretch easily, sits at the waist, relaxed seat, and thigh.

Comes with 420-denier nylon facing to protect against briars and other thorns, deep pockets for securing more gears, made with a cotton duck material for protection against moisture, comfy and flexible.

100% cotton, briar-resistant overlay, double-size belt adjustment loops with hook and loop closure, snap side opening for easy on and off.

Combination of polyester and cotton to make it waterproof and breathable, very lightweight, double-layered oiled cotton sheds water and brush, waist adjustment feature for flexibility, back heel cutout to prevent wear.

1. Carhartt Men’s Rugged Pants – Top-Rated Upland Pant

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Key Features:

  • Primary fabric: Cotton
  • Fabric weight: 8.5 Oz.
  • Gender: Mens
  • Fit type: Relaxed
  • Water-resistant: yes
  • More features: Rugged Flex durable stretch technology, comfortable gusseted crotch, right-leg secured cell phone pocket, straight leg opening.

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When you are chasing your target in the wilderness, you need a pant with quality materials to protect your body parts so that you can focus on your target. And that’s what you are looking at, a pant that has spandex, cotton, and polyester introduced in it. Now, such a combination of materials suggests that it will stretch for extra comfort.


The primary fabric used in the clothing is cotton. It comprises 59%, where 39% polyester and 2% spandex canvas are used for the cloth. The canvas is 30% lighter than conventional sandstone yet delivers the same durability as others. The rain defender durable and water-repellent finish of the product helps moisture to bead up and roll off the surface of the fabric. It lets you be comfortably dry even if you go on hunting at wet places which makes it the best waterproof upland hunting pants.

Stretch Technology

Those who are into hunting prefer flexible pants for adventure. Carhartt upland filed pant comes with a stretch technology that offers you ultimate flexibility during hunting.

Easily Washable

Apart from the flexibility while using, the smart upland Carhartt pants can be washed using a machine. This makes your life a lot easier. Also, you will like the button closed on the waist with belt loops and a zippered fly.

Carhartt upland hunting pants are designed to sit at the waist with a relaxed fit through the seat and thigh, while a gusseted crotch for comfort and easy mobility.

As mentioned, Carhartt brush pants are popular for being durable. This pant comes with a car strong full-front chap and half-leg in the back for extra durability.

All these features make it one of the best upland bird hunting pants. However, there are some issues with the pant. It won’t protect your legs when the terrain involves too many thorns. But, if it’s a small number of burrs or thistles, you are cool.

Things I Like

Carhartt upland pants feature stretch technology for extra comfort and movement, built with rugged flex to bend and stretch with you as you move, relaxed seat and thigh, straight leg opening fits over upland hunting boots.

Things I Don’t Like

the waist seems to be a bit small, cutting in a little. And it would’ve been great if the waist stretched a bit.

2. Dan’s Briar Proof Upland Pants – Pants With the Most Flexibility

Brush Buster, Briar Proof Chaps, Unlined, Made in U.S.A.

Key Features:

  • Primary fabric: Cotton
  • Fabric weight: 2.18 Pounds
  • Gender: Mens
  • Fit type: Relaxed
  • Water-resistant: N/A
  • More features: 420 denier nylon facing for briar and thorn protection, 4 deep pockets, rivets on all stress points, made in USA

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Dan’s Hunting Gear is popular for manufacturing top-quality hunting products. Dan’s Briar Proof Upland Pants are no exception to that with the next-level of flexibility.


The level of protection Dan’s Briar Proof pants offer is praiseworthy. When it’s a thorny terrain, it will do the job better than others. The cotton-made pants come with 420-denier nylon facing that protects against briars and other thorns that you may encounter.


The impressive factor of this pant is that it has leg zippers introduced in it. Thus, you have more flexibility. The relaxed fit pant also comes with four deep pockets and rivets on all stress points. So, it will be super comfortable to wear.

However, make sure that the zipper doesn’t hurt you around your knees, which is something it threatens to do. However, wearing fabric under the pant will solve the problem easily.

Briar-proof hunting Pants are made in the USA that comes with robust stitching, heavy fabric throughout, heavy-duty metal zippers. The best upland pants also resist the wooden shards thrown by a quick circular brush saw, even if they are not chainsaw pants.

Things I Like

The pockets of the pants are large enough for securing more gears inside. Along with protecting from briars and thorns, nylon cover protects you from moisture. Also, the riveting capacity with adjustable shoulder straps makes the pant comfy and flexible.

Things I Don’t Like

The zippers may hurt your knees which can be avoided by being careful.

3. Browning Pheasants Forever Chaps – All-Weather Upland Pant

Browning Upland Pheasants Forever Chaps Pants

Key Features:

  • Primary fabric: Cotton/Polyester blend
  • Fabric weight: 1.8 Pounds
  • Gender: Mens
  • Fit type: Regular and Tall
  • Water-resistant: No
  • More features: Briar-resistant overlay, double-size belt adjustment loops, snap side opening.

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Browning Upland Pheasants Forever Pants come with great looks. Yes, the combination of the colors makes it quite eye-catching. Also, its lightweight helps you to be comfortable on rough terrains.

Durable Fabric

Browning upland hunting pants are made of cotton completely which promise to deliver comfortable wearing. With the durable and flexible fabric, the pants are designed to be used for all types of outdoor activities.

Lots of pockets

Browning Upland chaps come with deep front pockets so that you can keep the belongings easily. Also, there are flap rear pockets and a tool pocket where you can put large kits like a knife or similar.

Moisture resistant

The fabric doesn’t come with a water resistance tag but it can resist morning dew better than regular cotton plants. However, if you want the best protection against water, you can use water repellent sprays.

Another major selling point of the pant is their lightweight. You can move fast and swiftly going after the target.

Now, there are some drawbacks I want to talk about. The fact that the legs do not come with pockets isn’t very cool. Also, it would’ve been nice if the Browning upland pants came with suspenders. And it might not be the best option if you are looking forward to hunting in too-thorny areas.

Things I Like

The fabric is made of 100% cotton which makes it lightweight and breathable. They are washable by machines. Also, the nylon overlay from the thigh area down makes it briar resistant.

Things I Don’t Like

You might need to order one size more than what you wear. Otherwise, you may find this nylon hunting pants small.

4. Banded Tallgrass Upland Pant – Upland Pant With Chaps

Banded Men's Hunting Tall Grass Pants with Chaps

Key Features:

  • Primary fabric: Nylon
  • Fabric weight: 2 Pounds
  • Gender: Mens
  • Fit type: Regular
  • Water-resistant: Yes
  • More features:  Double layered oiled cotton, waterproof polyester, back heel cut out, YKK brass zippers, waist adjustments.

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If you are looking for a product with durable and sturdy materials, then you are in the right place. The Banded Pants are made of a combination of polyester and cotton which makes them waterproof and breathable.

Lightweight and waterproof

The Banded chaps utilize the tough exterior front of 8 oz. oiled cotton with light and flexible 600D waterproof polyester. The double-layer sheds water and brush while you walk through uneven tracks.

Also, such materials should keep the legs protected from burrs and briars. Another thing you need to check out is the breathability it offers. Yes, polyester is known to offer such an advantage. Therefore, waterproof brush pants are one of the best hunting pants for summertime.


The waterproof upland hunting pants also feature waist adjustment for easy and comfortable flexibility. It allows you to have a better focus on hunting rather than keeping the pants on the waist

What’s also interesting is that they’ve made the back-heel part of the pant in a way so that it doesn’t wear out soon. Moreover, the zipper should be smooth and durable. Yes, YKK brass zippers aren’t known to mess around.

Things I Like

The best upland hunting pants with chaps are designed with a combination of polyester and cotton makes the pants lightweight, waterproof and breathable. You also get fit adjustment features, durable, and easy-to-use YKK brass zippers.

Things I Don’t Like

Even though it is claimed to be waterproof, it can’t withstand heavy rainfall or mass water to keep you dry.

5. MidwayUSA All-Purpose Brush Pants – All-Purpose Upland Pants

MidwayUSA Men's HD All Purpose Brush Pants

Key Features:

  • Primary fabric: Nylon
  • Fabric weight: 2 Pounds
  • Gender: Mens
  • Fit type: Regular
  • Water-resistant: No
  • More features: Comfort elastic waistband, YKK zipper, 2 slash front pockets, 2 flap back pockets.

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The MidwayUSA All-Purpose Brush Pants come with a military look which will definitely draw your attention. However, the best thing about them is the number of pockets that provide secure storage and make them preferable for all sorts of purposes.


The best upland brush pants are made of durable nylon fabric that makes them impressively comfortable against wind and water. Additionally, the 100% nylon protective face over a 95% cotton and 5% spandex body keeps you comfortable and moving when the brush is out to get you.

Relaxed fit

The relaxed fit pants feature a comfortable elastic waistband and YKK zipper. You will feel comfortable with the elasticity of the waistband and the zipper does things right. Moreover, the pant comes with flap rear pockets for keeping your wallet secure.

Now, will it protect the legs from the brush? Considering its fabric quality, you can hope that the best brush pants for upland hunting will. As for drawbacks, you might notice thread pulls caused by the thorns. Nevertheless, you surely want to check out these pants for comfort and flexibility. For, it’s one of the nylon hunting pants out there.

Things I Like

The all-purpose upland pants come with a comfortable elastic waistband. Its nylon protective case keeps you warm and chilled. They fit nicely with the boots with wide-down parts. The brush pants are durable to last for multiple seasons so that you can consider them to be part of your adventure.

Things I Don’t Like

You’ll find lots of thread pull from thorns after wearing it multiple times.

Buying Guide For Upland Brush Pants

There’re a few characteristics that make upland hunting pants suited for upland hunting. You need to make sure the pant you’re buying has those features in it. This section of the article will discuss some of the key features that all upland brush pants should have. Go through the section before buying so that you don’t go wrong with the buying decision. Let’s talk about them in brief.


The first thing you want to check out is the level of protection the pant for upland hunting can offer. The pant should protect you from thorns and bushes. Now, not everyone needs the pant to be resistant to thorns. For, different terrains come with different challenges. But, if the terrain in which you are going to hunt comes with thorns everywhere, the pant needs to be sturdy.


Sometimes, you need to hunt all day long. And those are the times when a pant with the wrong fit gives the user a hard time. You must make sure that you’ve got the fit right. And then check if the pant will stretch when you need them to.

We’ve come across pants that have stretch or flex technology. These could be great for flexibility.

Water Repellence

The pant should come with proper materials that will keep the moisture away. You can imagine how thoroughly uncomfortable it will be if you have to hunt with wet pants on. Now, polyester and nylon are the materials you should look for in your pants if you want to be a happy buyer.

How I Picked The Upland Pants?

Choosing the right pants for upland hunting wasn’t an easy task to do. Most hunting pants deliver decent performance while using them on tracks.

So, while choosing products, I looked for the sturdy materials used for making them. The pants should be comfortable, water-resistant, and flexible when someone wears those. I considered that too. Again, when you go hunting, you want to put as many gears as possible into the pockets. So, I searched for both spacious and protective pants so that your focus on hunting doesn’t get distracted.Best Brush Pants For Upland Huntin Reviews

We’ve studied the market and reached the conclusion that these are the best options out there. See if you can agree with us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What’s the advantage of boot-cut pants?

This type of pants doesn’t wear too soon due to repeated friction with boots. Also, such a pant looks better than others.

What’s the better option; a button waist or a snap waist?

I would prefer a pair of the pant with a button waist over the other option. For, snap waist won’t hold the pant on the waist as securely as a button one.

Is it cool to wear the pant with another pair of pants underneath?

Yes, you can do that. Many hunters prefer to wear their hunting pants this way. For, you have more protection from thorns if you have more fabrics on.

Does hunting pant provide warmth on a cold day?

Of course, it does. Unless the pant comes with flimsy materials, you can wear it on a chilly day. Also, it will keep the moisture away if it is a good-quality one.

Can I use the pant for any other jobs?

Yes, you can do a lot of things with a hunting pant on. It will be handy in some types of woodworking. And if the pant is sturdily made, there shouldn’t be any problem in using it while working with saws.


These best upland hunting pants that we’ve reviewed come with considerable protection against thorns. But you should keep your expectation in check when the terrain involves too many briars and burrs.

Some of these will resist water better than others. And some will be more breathable than the rest. Now, I would recommend the Carhartt Men’s Rugged Flex Upland Field Pant, for most of the users have liked its features very much. You may also find Columbia upland hunting pants worthy for the price.

I hope the best upland hunting pants review will help you find the best upland hunting jeans for you. Let me know if you find the right briar pants for you.

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