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Best Upland Hunting Pants 2021 | Top 5 Picks and Reviews

best upland hunting pants Upland hunting is so much fun if you have the right gear and clothes with you. And if you want to enjoy this exciting experience, you must choose the right hunting pant for you. Now, we’ve come with the reviews of the best upland hunting pants we found out there.

We’ve researched about these quality products. And we want you to check out this article so that you can make an easy buying decision without wasting much time. There’s also a buying guide included making things nicer for you.

Best Upland Hunting Pants Reviews

We’ve studied the market and reached to the conclusion that these are the best options out there. See if you can agree with us.

1. Carhartt Men’s Rugged Flex Upland Field Pant

Highlighted Features
  • Combination of three materials make it rugged for tall grasses
  • Awesome water repellence with incredibly fast drying
  • Flexible and comfortable with the flex introduced
  • Nice fit over the boots, neither awkwardly wide nor too narrow

Carhartt Men's Rugged Flex Upland Field PantWhen you are chasing your target in the wilderness, you need a pant with quality materials to protect your legs. And that’s what you are looking at, a pant that has spandex, cotton, and polyester introduced in it. Now, such a combination of materials suggests that it will stretch for extra comfort.

You will like the button placed on the waist. What’s also cool is that you can wash the pant using a machine. Moreover, the stretch technology will offer you flexibility during hunting. Also, the crotch comes nicely gusseted. And in terms of water repellence, it will do the job excellently.

All these features make it one of the best upland bird hunting pants. Now, there are some issues with the pant. It won’t protect your legs when the terrain involves too many thorns. But, if it’s a small number of burrs or thistles, you are cool.

Also, the waist seems to be a bit small, cutting in a little. And it would’ve been great if the waist stretched a bit.

2. Dan’s Briar Proof, Nylon Faced Upland Game Pants

Highlighted Features
  • Pockets are nicely deep for securing the gears inside
  • Nylon provides awesome protection against moisture
  • Riveting capacity makes the pant comfy and flexible
  • Superb protection against briars and burrs

Dan's Briar Proof, Nylon Faced Upland Game PantsHere comes another top-quality product. The level of protection it offers is praiseworthy. When it’s a thorny terrain, it will do the job better than others. What’s also nice about this pant is that it has leg zippers introduced in it. Thus, you have more flexibility.

However, make sure that the zipper doesn’t hurt you around your knees, which is something it threatens to do. And wearing a fabric under the pant will solve the problem easily.

Another worth mentioning thing is the riveting capacity it comes with. Thus, it will be quite comfy to put on. Moreover, it’s always assuring when you know that the product is made in the USA.

Now, I’m not sure whether the model will protect the legs when the terrain is too thorny. Otherwise, it should provide the protection well. So, only if they could make the leg zippers completely harmless to the skin, would’ve been brilliant.

3. Browning Upland Pheasants Forever Chaps Pants

Highlighted Features
  • Provides amazing warmth on a very cold day
  • Moisture resistance is on another level with the materials used
  • Front pockets, as well as the rear pockets, are deep
  • Very lightweight with good stitching throughout

Browning Upland Pheasants Forever Chaps PantsThe next product on the list comes with a great look. Yes, the combination of the colors makes it quite eye-catching. Also, its front pockets are as deep as ever, allowing you to keep your stuff securely.

The flap rear pockets are also useful in their own ways. Moreover, you will like the water repellence it has to offer.

When you are out there on a very chilly morning, this pant will seem like a lifesaver. Yes, it will keep your legs warm, alright. Another worth mentioning thing is that it’s quite lightweight. And thus, you can move fast and swiftly going after the target.

Now, there are some drawbacks I want to talk about. The fact that the legs do not come with pockets isn’t very cool. Also, it would’ve been nice if the pant came with suspenders. And it might not be the best option if you are looking forward to hunting in too-thorny areas.

4. MidwayUSA Men’s HD All-Purpose Brush Pants

Highlighted Features
  • Comes with nylon face all over so that you can have it dry in no time
  • Flap rear pockets will keep the wallet and other gears secure
  • Made to deal with brush efficiently and keep the legs protected
  • Fits nicely with boots, thanks to the wide lower part

MidwayUSA Men's HD All-Purpose Brush PantsMidwayUSA Men's HD All-Purpose Brush Pantsir?t=arifhfahim 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07DYQGX79This product we are about to review comes with a military look. Yes, you’ve got to check out its design. However, the best thing about it is that it comes with a nylon face throughout. And underneath this awesome water-repelling material, you have cotton and a touch of spandex.

What’s also impressive is the waistband it comes with. Because of its elasticity, you should find it very comfy. Also, the zipper will serve the purpose right. Moreover, the pant comes with flap rear pockets for keeping your wallet secure.

Now, will it protect the legs from the brush? Considering its fabric quality, you can hope that it will. As for drawbacks, you might notice thread pulls caused by the thorns. Nevertheless, you surely want to check out this pant for comfort and flexibility. For, it’s one of the best waterproof hunting pants out there.

5. Banded Tallgrass Upland Pant with Chaps

Highlighted Features
  • Combination of polyester and cotton makes the pant waterproof and breathable
  • Very lightweight, thanks to the introduction of polyester
  • The exterior is expected to be efficient in protecting the legs from briars and burrs
  • Fit is brilliant with the waist adjustment feature

Banded Tallgrass Upland Pant with ChapsIf you are looking for a product with durable and sturdy materials, then you are in the right place. Yes, the pant over here should impress you with the combination of polyester and cotton it comes with. Thanks to these, you will find it to be awesomely resistant to moisture.

Also, such materials should keep the legs protected from burrs and briars. Another thing you need to check out is the breathability it offers. Yes, polyester is known to offer such an advantage. Therefore, this is one of the best hunting pants for summertime.

What’s also interesting is that they’ve made the back heel part of the pant in a way so that it doesn’t wear out soon. Moreover, the zipper should be smooth and durable. Yes, YKK brass zippers aren’t known to mess around.

What’s more, the pant comes with waist adjustment so that you can focus more on hunting and less on keeping the pants on the waist. Now, we came across one user’s review, where we found the user to be unhappy with the water repellence this pant provides.

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Buying Guide For Upland Hunting Pants

There are a few things I want to draw your attention to so that you don’t go wrong with the buying decision. Let’s talk about them in brief.


The first thing you want to check out is the level of protection the pant can offer. Now, not everyone needs the pant to be resistant to thorns. For, different terrains come with different challenges. But, if the terrain in which you are going to hunt comes with thorns everywhere, the pant needs to be sturdy.


Sometimes, you need to hunt all day long. And those are the times when a pant with the wrong fit gives the user a hard time. You must make sure that you’ve got the fit right. And then check if the pant will stretch when you need it to.

We’ve come across pants that have stretch or flex technology. These could be great for flexibility.

Water Repellence

The pant should come with proper materials that will keep the moisture away. You can imagine how thoroughly uncomfortable it will be if you have to hunt with wet pants on. Now, polyester and nylon are the materials you should look for in your pants if you want to be a happy buyer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q-1. What’s the advantage of a boot cut pant?

Ans: This type of pants doesn’t wear too soon due to repeated friction with boots. Also, such a pant looks better than others.

Q-2. What’s the better option; a button waist or a snap waist?

Ans: I would prefer a pant with a button waist over the other option. For, snap waist won’t hold the pant on the waist as securely as a button one.

Q-3. Is it cool to wear the pant with another pant underneath?

Ans: Yes, you can do that. Many hunters prefer to wear their hunting pants this way. For, you have more protection from thorns if you have more fabrics on.

Q-4. Does hunting pant provide warmth on a cold day?

Ans: Of course, it does. Unless the pant comes with flimsy materials, you can wear it on a chilly day. Also, it will keep the moisture away if it is a good-quality one.

Q-5. Can I use the pant for any other jobs?

Ans: Yes, you can do a lot of things with a hunting pant on. It will be handy in some types of woodworking. And if the pant is sturdily made, there shouldn’t be any problem in using it while working with saws.


These best upland hunting pants that we’ve reviewed come with considerable protection against thorns. But, you should keep your expectation in check, when the terrain involves too many briars and burrs.

Some of these will resist water better than others. And some will be more breathable than the rest. Now, I would recommend the Carhartt Men’s Rugged Flex Upland Field Pant, for most of the users have liked its features very much.

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