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Best Waterfowl Hunting Jacket 2021 | Top 5 Picks and Reviews

Best Waterfowl JacketOne of the most important things to do while hunting is wearing comfortable jackets. Also, you may not be very excited about the ducks seeing you before you see them, so you also have to look for things that blend in. This is why particular jackets are recommended.

In an attempt to find you the best waterfowl jacket, we are going to go into details with some of the most popular ones in the market.

Hopefully, you will gain some much required deep insight into these jackets and will be able to get an item that is good value for money.

Our Recommended Top 5 Waterfowl Duck Hunting Jacket at a Glance:

5 Best Waterfowl Jacket Reviews

Each product has some common and unique features for themselves. It is recommended that you read very carefully. With the sense of humor that we could muster, we have tried to make it both useful and interesting. Now, let’s find the best duck hunting jacket among them all!

1. Wildfowler Outfitter Camo Hunting Insulated Parka

Highlighted Features
  • Completely resistant to water and won’t get affected by it
  • Very comfortable to wear and take off
  • You will have great flexibility in movement
  • The zipper at the front is very convenient to use
  • Has been properly insulated to keep you warm in all conditions
  • Has the right kind of camouflage to blend you into the backgrounds

Wildfowler Outfitter Camo Hunting Insulated ParkaThis jacket comes in a total of three different colors. If you are fancy, you will fancy the bright orange one. And if you want to keep a low profile, you will have two color choices between a camouflaged white and beige.

The jacket is completely resistant to water. It has double-layered waterproof protection and will act as a solid shield to keep you warm inside. The seams are taped to ensure that nothing leaks in.

It is a hooded parka jacket, designed to resist very low temperatures. These features against the environment will give you great flexibility and will help you to stay focused on your prey.

The material that this is made of is called tricot. It is a very soft material that is suitable for hunting in all types of weather. Since tricot is breathable, you might find yourself wearing this jacket even when you are not out hunting fowls.

All the materials have undergone a lot of testing to ensure that they remain durable even in the most challenging conditions. There is a zipper in the front, with which, it becomes much too convenient to wear and take off this jacket in seconds.

2. SITKA Gear Delta Wading Jacket

Highlighted Features
  • Come in very many different sizes
  • The material is very comfortable to wear
  • Has pockets with an advanced magnetic snaps
  • Reinforced gauntlets in the forearms for an added layer of protection

SITKA Gear Delta Wading JacketThis jacket will come in two basic shades – a dark and a light one. Both have very natural patterns that will effortlessly blend into the background in most cold forest settings.

The size range is huge! You will be able to get this in 6 different sizes, starting from small to xxx-large. It is an all-inclusive jacket.

Made from a three-layered Gore-Tex Pro Shell fabric, this jacket is really the epitome of the comfort you have always dreamed of being in a while hunting for long hours. Along with being comfortable, this jacket is also very lightweight and resistant.

You will feel free and unrestricted in movement, which is something that is essential during the strenuous process of hunting wild fowls.

The build of the jacket is sturdy and solid. Areas that cover the forearms are strengthened with gauntlets that will protect you from abrasive forces. The gasket cuffs have Velcro sewed into them, which is perfect in keeping the jacket sealed tight.

You will have a very adjustable hood with the jacket, which can be done in 3 different ways, as per the level of comfort you demand. Oh, and last but most definitely not the least, it comes with pockets! You will get the utmost use out of this jacket and carry essentials around with you.

3. Guide Gear Men’s Waterfowl Jacket

Highlighted Features
  • Has a removable hood
  • Is completely waterproof
  • There are plenty of hidden and open pockets
  • Contains Thinsulate, which helps to dry out moisture
  • You will also notice a chin guard, added for extra safety
  • The entire jacket has multi-layered insulation; even the hood has it

Guide Gear Men's Waterfowl Jacket This jacket is going to keep you completely dry. The main focus in the construction of this jacket was put into keeping it waterproof. This was done so that you can stay out hunting for longer. Without the worry of having to get wet, you will have a much more enjoyable experience out there!

The jacket has a nice outer membrane that is completely impenetrable by water. There is good insulation within the material, to keep you comfortable doing any kind of movement.

The Guide Dry element incorporated into the jacket is also equipped even to dry out the water that clings onto the exterior.  Despite being sealed, the material allows a good flow of air – to keep the jacket breathable and comfortable.

150 grams of Thinsulate has been stitched into the seams to keep the jacket warm, dry, and lightweight. There are microscopic pores inside the material that keep sweating off the charts.

Furthermore, you will have plenty of pockets! These pockets will accommodate you to hold all the essentials necessary for you to carry.

4. Drake Waterfowl EST Full Zip Vented Max 5 Jacket

Highlighted Features
  • There’s no risk of getting damaged from water
  • Comes with pockets and zippers
  • Made with a comfortable material
  • Has neoprene cuffs on the sleeves
  • Completely resistant to any levels of moisture

Drake Waterfowl EST Full Zip Vented Max 5 JacketThis jacket is a pretty basic one. It has all the things that your typical waterfowl hunting jacket should have. The company focuses more on quality than quantity. And this is proven by their minimalistic, but efficient design approach.

There are not too many color options. What you will get is the perfect camouflage for a forest setting, The classic beige and brown patterns featuring twigs and branches that make you blend in with the back seamlessly.

It has pockets for everything you need to carry. But they don’t overdo it with the pockets either. This helps them to keep costs down so that hunters can get a lot of use out of them without having to spend a fortune for unnecessary features.

This jacket is entirely waterproof in all the right ways. The underarms are the areas that have been given some ventilation. This is where the heat will escape from.

Many jackets have too much insulation, which causes the hunter to become overheated when they wear it for long periods at a stretch. But not with this one.

The cuffs on the sleeves are made with neoprene. This makes them ideal for being in wet conditions without letting any of the moisture in.

5. ArcticShield Men’s Classic Waterfowl Parka

Highlighted Features
  • Made with nylon
  • The hood is adjustable
  • This jacket can be hand-washed
  • Has a lot of pockets for your convenience
  • Completely resistant to water and other moisture

ArcticShield Arctic Shield Mens Classic Waterfowl ParkaThe best thing about this jacket is that it is made for the rough hunter with experience. This is not to say that beginners won’t be able to wear it. It rather means that the quality is so top-notch that seasoned professionals prefer this over other fancy equivalents.

Made with a 100% nylon material, this jacket is the best thing you could take near a body of water. It will resist water and moisture in every way. The amount that clings on to the surface will dry off in seconds.

Like all good hunting jackets, this one too has a hood. But if you want to go without it, you will be able to remove it and keep in on the side for later use. Now, we all want pockets, right? This jacket has many. On the chest, and also on the sides.

All the pockets have zippers so that the contents inside can stay completely safe when you are running around looking for your catch. There are cargo pockets, which will give you more room to carry your essentials on the go.

Buying Guide For Waterfowl Jacket

The best waterfowl camo jacket needs to meet many necessary standards so that you can rely on it. We are going to talk about some of those features below.


This is hands-down one of the most important things that your jacket needs to be. As the hunter, you are going to go very close to water bodies in order to aim at your prey properly. Now, you can’t go on sitting in the bushes with wet clothes, do you?

For a better and more successful hunting experience, make sure that your jacket is made with some sort of material that is completely waterproof. See that the seams and the cuffs are also equipped with waterproof systems.


This is also a very important feature to have. Insulation within the jacket will keep you warm in cold climates. This is necessary so that you can stay mobile and function better. If you are not insulated, you are going to find it very difficult to focus on your hunt.


Make sure that your jacket is comfortable. Many companies make their jackets uncomfortable in the quest to making them waterproof. But there is no compromise. One does not work without the other.

If your jacket is made with non-porous material like nylon, make sure that it has another layer of fabric lining the interior of the wear. Otherwise, your movements will not be exact and you will not find the patience to wait for your prey for much longer.


Needless to say, a hunter needs to carry around a few essentials with him. Dragging a bag along is not always convenient. Therefore, make sure your jacket has pockets and that the pockets have zippers.

You will be freer in your choices of movement when you have pockets, instead of a heavy bag on your back.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Finding the best waterfowl coat will not be a difficult task for you anymore, we hope. We have answered some questions you might have. If you have more, feel free to ask.

Q-1. Is it better for the jacket to be waterproof or water-resistant?

Ans: Water-proof jackets last longer.

Q-2. What fit should the jacket be?

Ans: The jacket should wrap around your waist area, not too tightly.

Q-3. How do I check if the flexibility is right for me?

Ans: Wear the jacket, fasten the first and the last button. Then twist your torso from extreme left to extreme right while your lower body remains fixed. If the movement feels restricted, the fit is not right. If you can move freely without feeling any tugs, then the fit is right.

Q-4. How do I wash these jackets?

Ans: Follow the particular mode mentioned on the packet.

Q-5. My jacket has lost its waterproof quality. Do I need to replace it?

Ans: No, you can get it re-proofed from the store. You don’t have to get a new one.


The best waterfowl jacket is Guide Gear Men’s Waterfowl Jacket, according to us. It has plenty of safety features for the hunter that likes to take risks.

Other than that, the jacket you choose to pick should depend solely on your level of personal comfort, and the area you will go to hunt most often in. We hope this article was useful to you in every way. Best of luck with the fowls!

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