Best Wool Hunting Pants -(5 Comfortable Pants Reviews)

Best Wool Hunting PantsWinter is approaching, and you must be looking forward to hunting trips! Who doesn’t like it? As we’re discussing hunting trips, woolen hunting pants naturally arrive in our conversations.

Hunting woolen pants are something that serves as a shelter from a cold environment while on trips. Wooden pants are water and cold-resistant. They safeguard you from shivering like anything! And we don’t need to explain how comfy they are.

But how to know which pants are worth your riches? In this article, we’ve reviewed the best wool hunting pants that’ll blow your minds! We’ve also featured a buying guide for assisting the beginners.

Take a look at our Recommended  Wool Hunting Pants at a Glance:

80% Merino Wool, Button closure, Belt loop waistband, Brass zipper

13% Merino Wool, Machine Washable, 80g Wool ColdGear Reactor insulation, Scent Control technology

13% Wool, Machine Washable, water-resistant, lightweight warmth, Quiet construction

100% Wool, Button closure, Belt loop waistband, solid brass zip fly, Dry clean only, people wear it for hunting (got it from reviews)

Durable Merino-nylon fabric, ripstop woven configuration, stretch and articulated fit, Breathable and silent

What Are Wool Hunting Pants?

If you go through history, you’ll see the role of wool in the attire of civilization. It’s the most popular and used material for clothes. Wool hunting pants are something that you can barely not know about.

Maybe it has already made it to your cupboard. Wool hunting pants are the pair of pants that ensure warmth, water-resistance, and withstand ability at the same time. They keep you warm and dry without paying out piles of riches. It’s cheaper than other highbrow materials. And we don’t have to mention how soft and comfy modern Merino wools are, no?

Are Woolen Pants Good for Hunting?

If you’re wondering which pants are going to enhance your hunting experience, wool hunting pants is the answer. Wool pants for hunting have always been the best preference of beginners and experts.

Woolen pants have been part of hunting culture for centuries. And the purchasers had loved its insulation properties so much that people refer to it as ‘Iceman pants’.

Is Wool Good for Hunting? 

Of course! They’re the best for hunting purposes. The waterproof and full-breathable. Can you find these two characteristics in the same material? I don’t think so. The water and wind resistance of this awesomesauce will surprise you. Let’s tell you more!

It’s heavy-duty, effective, and cheap. Which clearly defines that you’ll not end up squandering your cash every year. On a trip, it’s the easiest hack to stay comfy without yielding effort. The insulation properties of this A-1 material are unmatched!

 5 Best Wool Hunting Pants Reviews

1. Best Overall: Big and Tall Wool Hunting and Shooting Cargo Pants

Big and Tall Wool Hunting and Shooting Cargo PantsIf you want the wool hunting pants for outdoor, check out Big Bil Merino Wool Hunting. This wool hunting pants brought to you by Big Bil consists of 80% merino wool. If you’re planning a hunting, shooting, or outdoor trip, this premium-class can enhance your comfort.

Big Bil Merino Wool Hunting makes sure that you feel the warmth in cold weather. The brass zipper adds a bit more to the withstand ability of this wool hunting pant.

As the zipper is crafted from brass, it can easily protect you from rust and corrosion. The green shade of these pants easily lets you get lost in the wilderness. It features two back pockets and side-pleated cargo pockets with flaps. The button closure 7 belt loops let you customize your wool pants the way you want.

If you’re looking for a solid and warm pair of wool hunting pants, there’s no substitute for this piece. Open bottom of 31″-33″ lets you adjust your pair of pants the way you want them. Now you can hunt comfortably in the wilderness without exhaustion.

When it comes to merino wool, they’ve never disappointed its users. And this amazing pair of pants feature 80% merino wool. Isn’t that astonishing? Unlike the cheap woolen hunting pant, they feature rust and corrosion-proof zipper. That undoubtedly makes Big Bil Merino Wool Hunting overall the best.

Summary: If you have no intention of compromising with your luxury and comfort, get yourself a pair of Big Bil Merino Wool Hunting pants. This green pair of woolen shelters will not let you feel the cold, no matter what. The customizable alteration enables you to adjust your pants as per choice. In maximum case, you won’t even need that. 
👍 Pros:
  • 80% merino wool
  • Brass zipper
  • Button closure
  • Belt-loop waistband
👎 Cons:
  • A bit pricey

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2. Runner-Up: Under Armor Men’s Extreme Wool Pants

Under Armor Men's Extreme Wool PantsUnder Armor Men’s Extreme Wool Pants offer you comfort and versatility at once. It consists of 13% wool and 82% acrylic. These machine-washable wool pants don’t need your extra care as the mainstream ones do. Under armor has always been serving its customers with maximum luxury and comfort.

If you feel our best choice isn’t going with your personality, you can try Under Armor Men’s Extreme Wool Pants. These 13% wool pants are the solution to your hunting difficulties. You no longer have to shiver in the cold if you bring a pair of this masterpiece for yourself.

It features a unique UA technology that can repulse moisture without degrading its breathability. 80g Wool ColdGear Reactor insulation provides you with warmth, breathability at once. This marvelous invention by Under Armor also has a scent control technology that keeps you undetected.

After analyzing all the features of Armor Men’s Extreme Wool Pants, we declare it as a ‘Runner-up’. If you’re not interested in paying your money on our best choice, you consider this one. This won’t have the best features, like the previous one. But it’s a good choice within such a budget.

Summary: Under Armor Men’s Extreme Wool Pants features everything that you can need on hunting trips. This imported hunting wear wool has a thermo-conductive inner coating for retaining heat. You can unlock non-stop comfort and versatility like a snap!
👍 Pros:
  • Machine-washable
  • UA storm technology
  • Scent Control Technology
  • Breathable and quiet
👎 Cons:
  • Better option available at the same price

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3. Best Budget: Under Armor Men’s Stealth Reaper Wool Pants

Under Armor Men's Stealth Reaper Wool PantsWe’ve brought to you another amazing wool pants by Under Armor. This Stealth Reaper Wool Pant is your ultimate solution for hunting trips. The pant consists of 13% wool in it. And like every other Under Armor pants, it has UA storm technology.

You’ll be thrilled to know the features of these amazing wool pants. Besides being weightless, this stunning pair of pants also offer breathability. These stealth reaper mid-season pants absorb all the moisture like a snap! And that easily frees up in the air. These pants also include wind-proof material that shields you like a gem.

The “no background” algorithm and coincidental disruption technology will conceal you from your prey’s eyes. If you’re someone who has classic dressing sense, these pants can satisfy your needs. You can enjoy heat-retention and water-resistance at once.

The price of this stunning pair of pants is so cheap that anyone can afford it. If you’re not interested in splashing your money on a pricey pair of wool pants, this one can be a great option. You can blindly rely on this best-budget wool hunting pant.

Summary: The best factor about this pair of wool hunting pants is its affordability. Even if you’re running on a tight budget, you can aim at this one. High water-resistance and top-class bottom closure make it out of the world.
👍 Pros:
  • Machine washable
  • Water-resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
👎 Cons:
  •  Not made from 100% wool

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4. Best Warm: Filson Mackinaw Field Pant

Filson Mackinaw Field PantGood news for them who’ve been scouring for a pair of 100% wool pants! If you’re wondering whether it’s water-resistant or not, let’s see. As it’s purely a cotton pant, it’s naturally water-resistant. It’ll serve you with a warmth you’ve never even imagined of.

We know that women go through hard times to choose a pair of wool hunting pants for them. Women’s wool hunting pants aren’t something much available in the market. But Filson Mackinaw Field Pant can be an ideal choice for the ladies out there. They’re pure wool craft and feature a wide divergence of belts.100% wool pants at such a cheap rate is unimaginable.

Plus, it withstands in all adverse situations! As you’ve already splashed all your cash for purchasing hunting equipment, you can easily bring home this cheaper option. And this pair of hunting pants are stylish enough to match with your style statement. The organic texture of this astounding attire makes it more special.

Filson Mackinaw Field Pant provides you with superior warmth that you haven’t ever thought of. That’s probably the best warm hunting pants you’ll ever come across. It’ll shield you from the irresistible cold.

Summary: Unlike mainstream high-brow pants in the market, Filson Mackinaw Field Pant abides by the claims. Belt loop waistband and durable brass zip make it one of the most durable wool pants you can ever own. As a woman, you’ll also love to wear this pair in the woods while chasing your prey. 
👍 Pros:
  • 100% wool pants
  • Water-resistant
  • 4 flap pockets and 2 slash pockets
  • Cheaper than others
👎 Cons:
  • A bit heavy to carry

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5. Best Durable: First Lite Obsidian Pants

First Lite Obsidian PantsA wool hunting pant isn’t worthy enough if it’s not durable. And we’ve brought to you such a wool pant that guarantees its durability. First Lite Obsidian Pants are crafted with merino-nylon fabric that offers the luxury withstanding ability.

As a buyer, you won’t like to compromise with the quality of your woolen pants, right? Thanks to the brand that First Lite Obsidian Pants features a set of suspenders for better customization. And don’t worry about its breathability. It’s very breathable. Hunting doesn’t seem to happen if you wear cheap wool pants. A very common problem with wool pants is that they’re UV-prone. Which makes the pant visible in the woods. But First Lite has features UV ray protection in this pant so that you can hide.

These are probably one of the most durable pair of pants you can never own. It won’t tear or damage while hunting. The fire resistance and odor control of this amazing piece of creation make it out of the world!

First Lite Obsidian Pants offer durability like no other pants in the market. You can blindly trust it as the best durable pant you can ever buy for yourself. The materials used for manufacturing the piece ensures its endurance.

Summary: Looking for the most durable wool hunting pants isn’t child play. Thanks to First Lite Obsidian Pants, that has made our job a bit easier. If you’re looking for some premium facilities and durable manufacture at the same time, go for it.
👍 Pros:
  • Durable manufacture
  • UV light-absorbing
  • Breathable
  • Stretch and the articulated fit
👎 Cons:
  • Requires special maintenance

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What to Consider Before Buying the Best Wool Hunting Pants

If you’re a newbie in the wool pants market, the wool hunting pants reviews are enough for your assistance. But we thought, why not help you a bit more?

That’s how we came up with the idea of introducing you to this informative buying guide. We’ve brought out some notable points under the limelight for a premium experience. Keeping them in mind will enhance your buying experience to a level higher.


Usually, the best wool hunting clothes come with an expensive price tag. But we’ve tried to review some of the most affordable wool hunting pants here. And it’s better to buy something pricey once than buying the cheap one every year. Sky’s the limit if you’re ready to invest in the expensive ones.


You’ll have to roam from place to place while hunting. In this case, buying heavyweight wool pants is going to be an absolute waste. Buy a pair of the best merino wool hunting pants that are lightweight.

We all know how feather-like weight woolen pants have. They’ll let you carry your clothes comfortably. You’ll be able to manage quick movements then. A lightweight pair of wool hunting pants will give you the luxury that you have never experienced.

Heavyweight wool hunting pants might give you warmth and comfort. But there are chances that you end up sweating. And carrying a heavy pair of pants in the wilderness isn’t that easy. Heavier pants can also be a major reason for exhaustion.

Withstand Ability

Traditional wool hunting clothes are pretty breathable. But they don’t offer so much breathability that they lose their durability. I mean, you have to understand which point to prioritize, right?

Wool is known for withstanding ability since time immemorial. It’ll offer durability worth every penny. Even if you wash them frequently, they’ll not lose its texture. What’s the point of buying something that doesn’t promise longevity?


If you’re familiar with cotton pants, you know they don’t provide you with much warmth. Good wool hunting pants can safeguard you from cold and serve you with extra-protection.

Whereas random cotton pants can’t deal with the adverse environment, top-rated wool hunting pants surely can! As you’ll have to run after and chase the prey, you’ll need something warm and comfortable. Nothing can beat wool hunting packs then. Woolen pants will also absorb your sweat and release them into the environment.


You won’t be able to chase your target while hunting if the pants don’t offer enough elasticity. Only the best wool hunting clothes included top-coat elasticity that makes hunting as heavenly as anything.

The cotton hunting clothes are very breathable to wear, but they don’t feature elasticity. Purchase a wool hunting pant that offers premium elasticity. Otherwise, you’ll face difficulties in hunting trips.


There is a common assumption that wool hunting pants require a lot of care and maintenance. Some of the brands have been able to break this stereotype. Woolen pants nowadays no longer require much care like it used to need.

They’re easily washable and detergent-friendly. Before purchasing a nice pair of woolen pants. Make sure that it won’t require too much care. Don’t wash them so rigidly that you damage the material.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wool Hunting Pants

Every other commodity wool hunting pant also has some brighter and darker sides. If you’re going to buy hunting pants for the very first time, you should have some basic knowledge about them. Here we’ve discussed some of the advantages and disadvantages.


  • Usually, wool hunting pants are very lightweight to carry. Unlike the cotton ones, you won’t feel heavy to wear them. They’ll serve you with a luxurious experience while on hunting.
  • Durability is the thing that wool hunting pants always assure. If you’re planning a rigorous shooting trip, you can count on wool hunting pants.
  • Normally, you’ll sweat a lot while hunting. But a nice pair of wool hunting pants can absorb moisture and sweat like a pro!
  • Unlike maximum warm clothes, woolen pants don’t take hours to dry. It easily absorbs water and releases it in the air.


  • When it comes to maintaining wool hunting pants, you need a pause. Usually, wool hunting clothes need pretty much care and maintenance. Otherwise, you’ll end up spoiling your hunting partner.
  • For extra protection and warmth, it’s better to select a heavier pair of wool pants. But the warmth also comes with a heavier weight to deal with.

How to Wash and Dry Wool Hunting Pants?

Wool pants are durable, heat-resistant, and waterproof. They offer you every quality that you scour in hunting pants. As it’s very comfortable and easy-to-clean, you don’t have to worry much about its cleaning procedure. But a bit of basic information seems handy if you’re a newbie. Let’s tell you how to clean your wool hunting pants easily!

  • Brush the whole wool hunting pant using a soft-bristled brush. That’ll remove unwanted debris and dirt from the surface of your attire. Hang it in a hanger then.
  • You can steam the pair of pants for eradicating unwanted odor from it. Steam it gradually from up and down. Turn the pants inside out and steam it for a better experience. Use a mild detergent to wash your pants. We suggest you refrain from using any strong detergent.
  • Hand-wash your pants in a sink or tub using tepid water. Soak it for some minutes before rinsing.
  • After washing it delicately by hand, the pants are now ready for machine-based cleaning. You can use specialized wool shampoo for a shiny and soft outcome.
  • After cleaning the wool hunting pants in cool water, air-dry them before preparing it for your hunting trip! Use the waistband to hang the pants.


In this article, we’ve reviewed some of the best wool hunting pants you can ever own. You can find numerous pairs of pants in the market. But not all of the mare worth your glance. We’ve also added a buying guide for your extra convenience. Purchasing a nice pair of wool hunting pants has never been this easier before the article. We’ve also added some pieces of expert advice here.

Let us know if the article helps you choose your kind of hunting pants before the trip!

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