Comparison Between Danner Pronghorn Vs Irish Setter Elk Tracker

For Work, rough weather, or outdoor activities, boots are always a necessity. But the question is, how do you make the right choice of buying the best pair of boots? What Material preference do you need to keep in mind while buying one?

Well, I have stated all the features both the Danner Pronghorn and The Irish setter elk tracker offer such as the Materials, height, weight, longevity, comfort, inner lining condition. The decision is entirely yours. Depending on your purpose, and you can definitely choose one of them. They both hold a great position when it comes to durability.

Now stick to the end of the article to have a better insight.

Danner Pronghorn vs Irish Setter Elk Tracker: At a glance

If you are short of time to read the entire article, it’s no problem. You can have a quick look at the comparison chart:

Features Danner Pronghorn Irish setter elk tracker
Materials 100% Leather 100% Leather
Height 8 inches 12 inches
Weight 53 oz 62 oz
Water-resistant Yes Yes
Liner Gore-Tex Gore-Tex

Who Makes Danner Pronghorn?

Danner has associated with LaCrosse footwear in 1994 before making their own manufacturing facility in 2012 in Northeast Portland. Most of their shoes and boots are made in the USA with components imported from Northeast Portland.

Despite they had to move the production overseas they are still on track of durability and maintained the quality of their products.

How Good Danner Pronghorn Boots Are?

Danner pronghorn boots are made of full-grain leather while the upper side is stuffed with Nylon.

To fight the rough weather, they make them waterproof with a liner of Gore-tex fabric membrane from the inside. Which mostly do the part to keep your feet warm and dry from the inside.

The leather quality is tested 6 times and each boot gets touched by at least 100 craftspeople before the final production. They make it almost easy to use on the field, in war, hiking or tracking, etc.

  • Height: They are 8 inches long and for a detailed idea follow the size chart of your desired model.
  • Weight: Unexpectedly lightweight compared to the other brands. It only weighs 53 oz per pair which is quite an advantage for the long run.
  • Lining: The lining is done with Gore-tex fabric from inside and it keeps your feet safe from the water. That’s a protection for your feet from bacteria.

My Recommended Products:
Danner Men’s Pronghorn 8″ 1200G Gore-Tex Hunting Shoe
Danner Men’s Pronghorn 8″ Gore-Tex Hunting Shoe

Who Makes Irish Setter Elk Tracker?

Irish setter elk tracker is based in Red Wing, Minnesota which is a division of the Red Wing shoe company. They are pretty reputed for the performances of their hunting boots and the rugged outdoor casual footwear.

The Company uses their manmade soles, which prevent the boots from mud and debris. They are keeping quite a place in the shoe business by providing the finest materials to the consumers.

How Irish Setter Elk Trackers Are?

Irish Setter Elk tracker boots are made of full-grain leather. They have a Kiltie overlay at the toe-box that protects your toes. “Kiltie” is a piece of leather that protects the tongue of your boots.

They have an exciting sight that you can wear them anywhere by not making yourself look irrelevant.

An odor control name ScentBan is also added to the material to keep your feet safe from bacteria. Plus, the Gore-tex finishing from the inside makes the boots water-resistant.

  • Height: They are 12 inches long which will make your feet feel like they never left the home.
  • Weight: It weighs only 62 oz per pair.
  • Lining: The Gore-tex lining from the inside helps keep you dry while the 200g 3M ultra insulation keeps you warm.

My Recommended Product:

Irish Setter Men’s 860 Elk Tracker Hunting Boot

An In-Depth Comparison Between Danner Pronghorn and Irish Setter Elk Tracker Boots


Talking about materials they both have good criteria all over. Both are made of full-grain leather and lined up with a Gore-tex fabric membrane.

Although Irish Setter Elk provides a Kiltie overlay and an odor control technology to keep your feet protected from bacteria.

While Danner also makes sure that the leather is tested properly under at least 100 craftspeople. So according to materials features, Irish setter elk takes the place over Danner Pronghorn here.


On Height, the Irish setter elk tracker is 4 inches bigger than the Danner. It means you get more room if you get the Irish elk ones. And again, Danner gets a bit narrow along the time.

With a pair of medium-heavy socks, you can go for the Irish setter elk tracker over Danner if you prefer the space. Because Danner ones are 8 inches long where Irish elk ones are 12 inches.


Danner stands a good place on weight since it weighs only 53 oz while Irish Elk is 62 oz per pair. A bit of lightweight boots is always a plus for your long journey. If you are worried about that, then Danner is the pick here.


In lining both of the brands use Gore-tex membrane from the inside for a dry and warm environment. It also helps them breathe on rough weather.


Both of the brands have insulated and non-insulated boots. Insulated boots are comparatively heavier than non-insulated ones. Because, they have more materials inside to keep the feet warmer in cold weather.

But if you are planning on wearing them in milder weather then we suggest you go for the non-insulated ones. As they are lighter and easy to be carried with.


If we talk about permanence, Danner and Irish elk tracker have a prominent place in the boots business. The longevity always depends on the after-buy care guide.

With taken good care of, boots can last decades and look still new. Both of the brands offer you the best quality materials and facilities. We have stated the facts and within your purpose, you must decide the best ones for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How much do Danner pronghorns weigh?

The Danner Pronghorn boots weigh 53 oz per pair.

Do Danner pronghorns run small?

Danner Pronghorns do run a bit narrow along with the time. We suggest you to buy 1/2 size larger than your normal size. And wear medium socks to keep the fitness.

Is Danner a good brand for boots?

When it comes to longevity, Danner is a quite renowned brand for boots. If well taken care of, they can go decades without even having any major problems.

How much does Irish setter elk tracker weigh?

Irish setter elk tracker boots weigh 62 oz per pair.

Do Irish setter boot any good?

Irish Setter stands a good place in Boots business. They give you the versatile look that you can wear them at work and also on a War.

Like the saying, “a good pair of boots can take you places”. They also are reputed for the durability of their boots and their excellent craftsmanship.


Danner Pronghorn and Irish Elk Setter tracker provide the very best facilities and features for their boots. We have explained every feature in detail in the article. You can precisely differentiate the better ones for you following the details. If you have any questions, kindly leave a comment below.

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