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Using Drones for Hunting | Modern Hunting Equipment

using drone for huntingDrones are aircraft without humans aboard. Drone technology first came into limelight in 1907 through the first world quadcopter created by inventor brothers Jacques and Louis Brèguet. This drone was crude with a lot of limitations, like being unsteerable. There was a steady improvement in drone technology throughout the 19th century. Most drones make use of thermal optics to record and transmit to the controller. This piece of technology is used by everyone who wants a bird’s eye view of the area. Even though drones can be helpful while hunting, some laws prevent you from fully utilizing this gadget.

Drone technology covers everything from the aerodynamics of the drone, materials used in the manufacture of the drone, to the circuit boards chooser and software. Presently, there are a lot of uses for drones, like for remote sensing, commercial aerial surveillance, industrial and motion picture film making, farming and more recently for hunting. In this article, we will be focusing on drones for hunting and how it can help hunters.

How Can Drones Help Hunters?

Technology has crept into different sectors and hunting is not left out. Recently, there has been a spike in the use of drones when hunting. A lot of people are against using drones for hunting, the ethics involved will fill up this article but that is not what we’re concentrating on now. We want to see how the gadgets affect The hunter. It has made hunting easier as hunters can just sit in a single location and scan the area through the camera of the drones. Some of the uses of drones in hunting can be seen below.

Scouting During the Offseason

These gadgets can be used during the offseason to scout for game. People frown at hunters using drones for hunting but are a little lenient on hunters using it to scour the area during offseason. This helps you to analyze the potential an area has. During the offseason, the number of big games would have significantly reduced, but a trained eye can still spot the potential an area has by tracking the movement of the game. This is done by following the track print, however, with the rise in drone usage for hunting it is now easier as hunters do not have to go through the bushes but can use the drones to track the prints.

Stalking of Wounded Animals

Here, the hunter uses the drone to carefully track the whereabouts of animals that escaped after being shot and wounded. Traditionally, the hunter uses intuition and hunter skills to know where the animal went, but with the drone, the work is easier.

This method is frowned upon by animal rights activists as they claim it gives the hunter an unfair advantage over the wildlife.

Sighting Big Games

In this scenario, drones are used to spot games in the wild. Using this without regulation can make hinting too easy, leaving the animals with no chance of escape. That is why laws have been put in place to regulate it’s use. It should be used to identify game long before hunting season begins.

Because of the misuse of UAVs several laws have been placed to curtail the use of these gadgets to spot big games. Hunting still needs it’s traditional touch.

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Animal rights activists are clamoring for the total ban of drones in hunting as they argue it lacks sportsmanship and gives the animals little or no chance of escape. While several ‘old school’ hunters feel the hunting skill is lost when using drones for hunting. These and several more have made the government bring outlaws to regulate the use of drones while hunting. Some of the federal and state regulations are states below.

Federal Regulations

There are hardly any federal regulations concerning the use of drones for hunting rather just general rules about flying UAVs.

Flying drones commercially is regarded as an offense, same as using a drone above 400ft or in a flight controlled airspace like airports.

State Regulations

This varies from state to state. Several states have set a limit or outright ban on the use of UAVs for hunting. You should check with your state regulations before proceeding. Drones are classified as aircraft. Therefore some other laws are binding too. It is illegal to scout private residences and areas carrying out certain activities.


Using drones requires careful maintenance and usage. Some of the ways to keep your drone up and running are listed below.

-Upgrading to a higher battery capacity

-Consider your flying style

-Set your UAV to conservative flight mode

-Start flying your drone from the point you want to start taking your pictures

-Properly charge your battery

And obey the laws guiding drone hunting in your state.

Doing all these most especially not breaking any hunting laws will ensure smooth usage of your drone.

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