Elk Vs. Reindeer: In-Depth Comparison with Including a Table 

Eager to know about what’s the difference between Elk vs. Reindeer?

Well, the elk and reindeer are the heavy-handed species of the deer’s world. Both have some similar characteristics and outlines. But, their weight, antlers, diet, and the geographical difference is a great considerable matter.

Where the elk is the most gigantic species in North America and Eastern Asia. They are much larger and heavier deer than others.

Alternatively, reindeer are also large animals living in the Arctic.  The male and female reindeer have antlers. Plus, they can keep a closer union with humans.

Here, we are going to ensure the basic definition of the Elk vs. Reindeer at first.

Then accommodate a comparison chart and accessory things that are truly willing for you.

Definition of the Elk vs. Reindeer

It is nearly impossible to find one from the elk or reindeer when you stay in the long-distance. But, if you have a clear knowledge of these animals, you will mark them effortlessly. Now, we assess here the definition of the Elk vs. Reindeer.


One of the largest species in the deer family is the elk, also known as wapiti. Most of the elk live in Eastern Asia and North America. They are forest-edge and forest environmental deer. Lives on eating several kinds of grass, leaves, plants, and bark.

There is a little difference between male and female elk. Where the male carries the large antlers that are removed yearly. But, the female elk have no antlers.

They are aboriginal not only Eastern Asia & North America, but we found them New Zealand and Argentina and more introducing areas.

Furthermore, Elk has some infectious diseases which may occur in livestock. That is why they need to get vaccines.


The reindeer also stands a species of deer and is identified as the caribou. They are accessible in North America, native to the Arctic, tundra, mountainous regions of northern Europe, boreal, and Siberia.

This contains not only sedentary but nomadic populations. The size of the reindeer depends on the variety of geographic regions. You have found the largest reindeer in Russia. Where the amount of these wild animals is from 400,000 to 1,000,000.

Typically, the Tundra reindeer and Woodland reindeer are the two principal types of reindeer, although according to the ecosystems. The average body weight is 90 to 210 kilograms.

The reindeer grow the larger antlers relative to body size compared to elk. Even their antlers can be protected with the velvety fur.

Comparison Table of EIK vs. Reindeer

Discover the quicker table of this content? No worries. We show below a comparison table of Elk vs. Reindeer. Don’t have to waste your time, just catch sight of it.

Definition  Elk Reindeer 
Aboriginal areas They stand in Eastern Asia and North America. Reindeer live in North America and the Arctic.
Comparing lifespan  Their lifespan is less than the reindeer. More than elk.
Diet types  They are herbivores. They are ruminants.
Antlers  The only male has grown antlers. Male and female have grown antlers.
Average weight & mass Much heavier and higher mass rate. Standard weight and less mass rate.

Additional Information about EIK vs. Reindeer

Now, this is time to represent the additional evidence of this issue. Here are the main differences. Carefully handle this next step.

Geographical Difference

The elk originated in Cervidae, the deer family, and founded them in Northeast Asia and North America, we mentioned. The average mass rate of this wild has a 220 to 330 kg which is higher than reindeer. And, they contain a large tail & reddish complexion, and even a heavier weight contradicted to reindeer.

On the other hand, the reindeer have been founded in the Arctic, northern Europe, or North America areas. Their scientific name is Rangifer tarandus. Most of the adult reindeer’s height average eighty-five to one hundred and fifty centimeters. Their running speed is sixty to eighty km/h in the North American population. The average mass rate is 80 to 180 kg and the reindeer is lower than elk.

Food Habits

The Elk is known as herbivores or vegetation animals. But, their food habits depend on the seasons. In summer, they prefer to eat grasses, eating woody growth in the winter season. Other favorite diets are mushrooms, clover, aster, and dandelions.

Alternatively, reindeer eat mosses, ferns, herbs, or grasses so that they are ruminants. They are also specified for eating the leaves & shoots of trees like birch or willow. Sometimes reindeer work with fungi and lichen.

Compare the Lifestyle

Normally, most of these elk lifespan is from ten to thirteen years and an average of 240 to 262 days gestation period. Only the males shed the antlers.

On the other side, the reindeer lives in around twelve to fifteen years. The most unique characteristics are that both reindeer grow antlers. Where the female sheds the antlers in late winter and the male sheds the antlers in early. That makes it different from elk wilds.

The Final words

So, elk and reindeer are fantastic types of deer. Both have many similar features and the dissimilar is a little bit. The main comparison is that the elk is extremely larger & bigger than the not only reindeer but some of the other animals.

Alternatively, the reindeer have an awesome antlers feature that is totally different from the other species.

We have shared a lot of comparisons in this article. And, focused on the major difference by showing a diagram. Hopefully, you understand all of our easy & effective directions of the Elk vs. Reindeer.

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