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5 Useful Hiking Essentials In 2020!

Want to maximize your hiking comfort? Then you need to pack the right hiking essentials! If you get your basics right, you can elevate your hiking experience to the next level. That is exactly why our experts are sharing their Top 5 products for the perfect hiking packing list – helping you maximize your hiking fun! These are our must-have hiking essentials for any outdoor adventure:

Hiking Essentials

Hiking Belt

When hiking, don’t just settle for a regular belt to hold up your pants, invest in a high-quality hiking belt. A hiking belt is specifically designed with your comfort, safety, and hiking needs in mind – making it a worthwhile investment to your outdoor wardrobe. Firstly, hiking belts are made of durable, waterproof materials such as ripstop nylon – making them sturdier and more equipped to deal with muddy and wet conditions. Secondly, most hiking belts come with special quick-release belt buckles. This means that in any emergency situation, for example when you land in water and get trapped, you can instantly release your belt. Thirdly, hiking belts are extra heavy-duty and durable, allowing you to carry other outdoor accessories, like a torch, compass, or knife, via a loop on your belt. This keeps your essentials within easy reach and allows you to keep both hands free for other tasks. Handy! Many perks, minimum costs: a hiking belt is an affordable way to easily upgrade your hiking comfort. 


Multitool Pocket Knife

Another must-have essential for any hiker is a quality pocket knife, preferably with multitool functionality. Not only will a knife help you cut kindling for a fire or cut through the undergrowth, but it can also prove to be a lifesaver in emergencies. If you want to be prepped for all kinds of outdoor tasks, choose a pocket knife that comes with other accessories built-in – also known as a multitool. 

A multitool pocket knife can be the all-in-one solution for your hiking needs. These kinds of knives not only contain a sharp blade, but also other tools such as screwdrivers, wire cutters, pliers, bottle and can openers, rope cutters, and/or even a little saw. Whilst some multitool pocket knives only contain a few of these tools, others can have as many as 15 other built-in accessories for gear repairs, food prep, first aid, and more. These hiking knives are designed to be as compact and lightweight as possible. This means that they won’t weigh you down, and can even be carried on a hiking belt, as mentioned above. 

Lifestraw Water Filter

The LifeStraw Personal Water Filter is a superb gadget that turns any body of water into your personal drinking well. This water filter can be used to drink from streams, ponds, lakes, and/or glaciers – making it a fantastic addition to any packing list. The straw’s ‘hollow fiber membrane technology’ removes up to 99.99% of waterborne bacteria and parasites, and filters even the smallest microplastics, resulting in clean and purified drinking water. This compact water purifier requires minimal packing weight (2 ounces) but offers maximum convenience. Whether you use it on every trip to quench your thirst for adventure, or only in emergencies when you run out of regular drinking water: packing a LifeStraw Personal Water Filter is always a great idea. 

Wood-Burning Backpacking Stove

Want to enjoy warm meals and hot drinks, without having to carry fuel or propane canisters? Then switch to a wood-burning backpacking stove! This type of backpacking stove is ultralight, takes up minimal space and your pack, and doesn’t require you to pack any fuel. All you need to fire it up is the nature around you, and a bit of patience to scavenge some tinder around your campsite. Woodburning stoves burn on natural materials such as pinecones, leaves, and twigs: which are nearly always in abundance on any hiking trip. Whilst there are many different designs on the market, we prefer the Solo Stove: a double-walled design that uses powerful secondary combustion to quickly heat your pots and pans. The best part? This high-quality stove weighs just 9 ounces and can easily be clipped to the exterior of your daypack. Yes, you could bring pre-packed sandwiches and a heavy thermos flask of coffee on your hiking trip, but wouldn’t you rather enjoy a fresh cup of coffee and a warm meal after a long day on the trail? Exactly, that’s why an ultralight and compact wood-burning backpacking stove is a worthwhile addition to your packing list! 

camping first aid kit

First Aid Kit

When hiking a long route, it’s tempting to eliminate all unnecessary weight from your hiking backpack. However, one thing you should never leave without is a proper first aid kit. No, we’re not talking about stuffing a few bandages in your pocket… We suggest a kit that has the essentials to make a real difference in case of injury. The good news is that there are plenty of lightweight, compact kits on the market. So, limited packing space or saving on packing weight are not valid arguments to leave without one!

For example, we always pack the backpacking first aid kit by Surviveware – Available via Amazon. This kit contains more than 100 first aid accessories and weighs just 1 lb, yet allows you to be prepared for all kinds of emergency situations. Whether it’s a scrape, a cut, a burn, an allergic reaction, or worse: a first aid kit can help patch you up and keep going – which is crucial in any remote location. If you don’t want to pack a full first aid kit, we recommend you to carefully consider which essentials you still need to bring. For example, if you’re hiking through dense wilderness, pack disinfecting wipes and gauge to deal with scrapes. Or perhaps you’re hiking in very cold conditions, in this case, an emergency blanket can help prevent hypothermia in extreme situations. That said, it’s always better to be safe than sorry, even if that means being weighed down by a few extra first aid supplies in your pack!

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