How Should A Hang-On Stand Be Secured? 5 Simple Steaps

If you are into hunting adventures, you must be familiar with the hanging tree stand task. Whether you are hunting private or public, knowing the correct essentials and technique is the key to successfully hang-on a stand.

It is not just about how to hang a stand, but more likely about how to secure your tree stand in place.

So, how should a hang on stand be secured?

Firstly, always pick trees straight or without lots of limbs, and use a lineman/climbing belt while doing the hang-on task. Secure the connection between the stands and the tree by hauling the stands into place.

However, while attaching the stands in place, make sure the straps, chains are securely fastened. These types of tree stand require separate climbing assistances such as- climbing sticks or segmented ladders. 

The whole method seems a little complicated, right?

I can understand that, but no need to stress out because I will explain each step more briefly in the next part.

How Should A Hang On Tree Stand Be Secured?

Before explaining how to secure a hand on stand step by step, let me inform you of the core tip first. Make sure to pick the right gears, such as Best Hang on Tree stand, Best ladder tree stand, and others. Because choosing the right equipment will ensure that your hang-on tree stand is secured in its position.

So, what else will you need to buy and gather for this task?

Well, I have explained the answer below:

Hang-on Or Lock-on Stand: Well, you will get several other stand options for hunting, but if you ask me which one is the quickest and easiest to set up, then the hang-on tree stand is the best alternative for you.

So, you need to purchase a hang-on or lock-on stand.

You can get them from any nearest sports or hunting supplies store. These are even available on online platforms like Amazon or eBay.

Other Supporting Equipment: You will need a minimum of 4 to 5 climbing sticks. If the trees are tall more than 30 ft or 9.1 m, you will require more sticks.

Along with climbing sticks, you will also need ratchet straps, plenty of rope, and carabiners.

Remember, the length of your rope should be the same as your chosen tree height.

While buying the carabiners, make sure those are strong enough for climbing tasks.

Now hang the tree stand by following the below-mentioned instructions:

Step-1: Wear Your Harness And Strap The Climbing Sticks To It

Before starting the setup, you should always wear a harness to protect yourself from any accidental fall. Also, make sure that your chosen harness is rated for climbing tasks and can securely cover your chest and torso parts.

Now hook the climbing sticks through the spare hoop on your harness. You can even use the ratchet straps on the sticks to keep them within your grasp while climbing the tree.

Since the first two sticks will be closer to the ground, it is not mandatory to attach them to your harness unless you have enough room on your harness.

Step-2: Pulling The Tree Stand Up

Once you have reached the right height on your climbing sticks, pull the attached rope to bring the tree stand up towards you. Remember to maintain a slow and steady pace, while pulling the stand up.

Another way of doing it is strapping the climbing stand to your back and take it off to access it. But in that cases, you have to be very careful and tightly hold on to it. Because if you drop it, not only it will be too noisy, but also you will need to climb all the way down to pick it once again.

Step-3: Securely Attach The Tree Stand With The Tree

Now, press the backside of your stand against the face of the tree underneath your highest climbing stick. Then, you need to wrap the rope around the trunk of your tree. Instead of the rope, you can even use a ratchet strap for the wrapping task.

After that, attach the rope or ratchet strap to the other side of your tree stand and securely tighten it. You can even connect a secondary rope to a strong branch above your tree stand for extra protection.

Step-4: Push Down On Your Tree Stand

After securing the stand in the right place, you need to grasp a solid point on the tree stand. Then stand to the highest climbing stick and keep pushing down on your tree stand until there is no room for any further movement.

Most tree stands have metal support to sit against the face of the tree. So, you can easily grab that point to push your tree stand into place.

Step-5: Fold Out The Tree Stand And Sit On The Stand

Mostly tree stands have two separate sections, and to make them functional, you will need to fold those sections. First, fold out the metal base of your tree stand, and it will give you a platform to stand on it. While resting your feet on that platform, it will reveal a seat there.

Now, fold down that to sit on and start your hunting adventure. In case you are sure how to fold out the tree stand, check the service manual of your purchased tree stand.

What Is A Common Cause Of Accidental Falls From A Stand?

Let have a glance at the most common reason behind accidental falls-

  • Most falls occur when someone climbs up or down on a tree without using the fall arrest system.
  • The accidental falls can also happen because of incorrect use or placement of the tools.
  • If you are not being careful and concentrated enough while climbing into or out of the tree stand, it can cause such accidental commotion too.
  • An accident can happen if you are using damaged equipment.
  • It can also occur because of a lack of knowledge of how to use a hand on stand.

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How To Hand Lock On Tree Stand?  

To know how to hang a lock on stands, just read the following instructions below-

  • Once you got your stand up in the right position, take the straps to wrap them around the tree and hook them up.
  • Then, attach your top strap and start pulling it snug. After that, lift your platform and pull your belts tight.
  • The next thing you need to do is attaching your tether above the stand. Step up one more step while still attached to the tree with your lineman’s belt and fasten your tether to the accurate height.
  • Last you need to grab your carabiner and lock in there.

Since I have already briefly explained how should a hang-on stand be secured, I hope you got a clear concept of the whole process by now. If you have any questions to ask, feel free to comment below.

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