How to Aim a Compound Bow with a Peep Sight

If you are a compound bow user, you may know about the peep sight functions to get a perfect aim. Unlike a natural bow, a compound bow is featuring more accessories to offer a perfect aiming naturally.

This type of bow includes peep sight and pin so that you can hit your target more precisely. As a compound bow is more prone to work faster, it is prevalent to get an incorrect aim from here.

However, if you know how to aim a compound bow with a peep sight, you can get a precise aim from your compound bow even at a higher speed.

Let’s start to discuss the detail-

How to Aim a Compound Bow with a Peep Sight:

Warm-up your Tense Muscle:

At first, do some exercise to make your arm mull & relax enough. If your arm muscle staying tensed, it can counteract through a good shot. It would help if you had a fully relaxed muscle, encouraging your arm to warm up for every archery session.

On the other hand, a tenser muscle will pull you back with your rigid arm. However, Stretch your shoulder/Neck/Back /two arm gently but repeatedly to get a relaxed muscle.

Own a Perfect Feet Distance:

Stand with a shooting distance of a 90-degree angle from the shooting object. Stand on a separate foot stand with this angle. You can step your lead foot few inches (to a forward then outward) positions to get an optimal position.

Get a straight standing position on your booth foot. Don’t try to lean. Don’t try to tilt back. Distribute your whole body weight equally on your both foot. If you are still facing the balance controlling problem, you can move your foot a few inches to get over on yourself.

Grasp your Bow Properly:

You should be very natural to hold your bow while preparing yourself to through towards your target. Properly holding the bow handle almost depends on the pressure delivering towards the part of your thumb.

Approximately 2.5cm below the thumb joint is the optimal place to exert all your pressure to grasp the handle. Firmly rotate your palm (a little bit) and relax your palm with all fingers.

Carefully rotate your palm, do not push on the bow handle while relaxing your palm and fingers. Grasping your bow handle in this way will offer you to feel a natural fee while through the shot. Moreover, it will prevent you from facing any twisting of your shots as well.

Place the Bow at Your Anchor Points:

Do you know where your anchoring points are? Anchor points are the place where the bow meets your face. NOCK THE ARROW ONTO YOUR BOWSTRING AND DRAW BACK IT. When doing this stage, you have to keep the wrist very straight and relax to do that firmly.

A natural placing of the bow on your anchor points allows you to more suitably through the shots to the targeted object.

However, if you cannot find the anchor points, find it in the followed way-

  • Find the points at your Jaw, Neck, Cheek, near or Under the Ear, where your hand (holding the bow) touches your face.
  • Find the point where the bowstring can naturally (slightly) touch the nose of your face.

Look Through The Peep Sight:

A peep is a plastic rubber-like thing that you will get in any archery shop nearby you. This ring is attached to the string in the most compound bow. This ring helps you to sight your target and aiming the target correctly.

So place the peep in such a way on your string so that you can look through it, aiming your target at the time of drawing the bow onto your anchor points. However, many bowers often fall in confusion about the larger or smaller peep setting on the string.

A smaller peep will allow you to sight on your target through a Wider Range of Distance, whereas a larger peep is useful when you are shooting archery in a low light environment. So you can use a smaller peep (but not so little) to get a significant peep sight to aim the bow shot.

Maintain an Accurate Distance in Between the Peep Sight and the Forward Sight:

The longer the distance, the more accurate aim you will get. Place the bow in a position so that the forward site (situated at the front of the bow) and the target object can be seen through the peep sight.

Close your one eye to focus on your target through the peep sight. However, you can open both eyes to get a more depth perception and more coverage on your target area at an advantage level.

Align the Perfect Pin:

As a compound bow includes several lined up pins at its forward sight, so you have to pick the correct one to align it with your target. The pins usually measure like; the top pin measures 20 yards, then the next pin measures 30 yards as a way, 40 yards, 50 yards, etc.

Now measure your target distance and choose the pin. Move your bow to place it in front of the target site. If your bow forward sight has a bubble level, notice on it. Tilts your bows right or left until you get the drop at the center level.

Concentrate on Your Focus:

Though it is optional, it is essential. Suppose you have correctly set the peep sight with a correct alignment of your pin, so you will probably aim precisely than previously. However, doing all these things and focusing on the target area might give you the advantage of aiming preciously.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is it Possible to Aim Preciously Without a Peep Sight?

It is possible, but it is so difficult. And you need to be in an advantageous level of archery to aiming without a peep sight. You need to know ‘Barebow’ (shooting without the peep). And the most important thing is you have to practice severely to find out where you have to focus for aiming to get the target without a peep sight.

How can I make a Perfect Alignment of my Peep Sight?

A fine-tuning of your peep sight, along with an accurate alignment of the bow sight, needs some tricky deeds. Put your peep sight at its center position. Twist it by a full turn (in or out direction); a half twisting will not make the proper alignment. Finally, flip over the peep sight once or twice to get a stable and balanced peep sight.

Final Verdict:

That is all about how to aim a compound bow with a peep sight. If you read the whole article, you now know the detailed process to aim precisely with your peep sight.

Do not give up your hope if you cannot get the precise result at your one or two first shots. Keep your trying on. Precision often depends on your trying solely.

Best of luck

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