12 Steps : How To Aim a Recurve Bow Without sight?

Traditional archery is a more relaxing type of sport than that with latest technologies. Hence, in recent years among archers, traditional ways are gaining more popularity than ever. But this relaxing game might turn into a frustrating one if you don’t know the right method to aim the bow accurately. As here you are to aim a bow just with the help of your instinct, it’s more challenging.

Therefore in this article, we will discuss how you will be able to aim a recurve bow accurately without a sight.

How to Aim a Recurve Bow Without Sight?

Actually, there are a good many methods and hundreds of techniques out there to shoot a bow. Though there are some commonly used techniques like gap shooting, instinctive that archers practice for aiming without a sight.

However, here in this article, we are going to state the steps you need to follow to achieve accurate aiming without the help of any sighting mechanism.

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Step 1:

To achieve precise aiming, the first thing you need to do is set up your bow properly and make sure it has the correct draw weight. If the bow has proper draw weight and is set perfectly, it will amaze you with the best performance. And these two factors will help you pull the bow back without causing any harm to your bow.

Step 2:

Finding the correct arrow is very important to achieve precise aiming in every method. And in traditional methods, the importance gets doubled. To find the right arrow, you might need to spend a considerable amount. Arrow’s spine, length, material are the factors that make the difference among their performance. Therefore, check these features thoroughly while purchasing one.

Step 3:

Handling the bow is an art and is of crucial importance to manage perfect aiming. Hold the bow gently between your thumb and index finger. The bow on your hand should be at 45-degree angle.

Step 4:

The next step is to face the target. In the beginning, you can start from a short distance and gradually increase it. Otherwise, you will lose your arrows. You can practice from a maximum of 10 yards at the initial stage. When you will feel you can now shoot all the six arrows in a satisfying sized grouping, move back by 5-10 yards.

Step 5:

Stand vertically facing towards your target. You can stand either keeping your feet parallel to the shooting line and rotate your feet. Or stand up straight keeping the nearest foot of the target pointing towards it. The first position is known as a square stance and the second one is known as an open stance. The square stance is easier and more suitable for beginner archer as it is easy to maintain consistency in this method.

Step 6:

Then you will have to nock your arrow. The point with the help of the index vane between the arm holding your bow and the riser. Point the arrow keeping it below a nocking point. And you have two nocking points put the arrow in between them.

Step 7:

Raise the bow and bring it up until your arm and shoulder are parallel. But carefully keep your shoulder down. While doing this, make sure you are not drawing back the string.

Step 8:

Now grip the string properly. Here you are allowed to choose your suitable grasp. You can place your index finger above, keeping middle and ring below. Or you can also keep your index, middle and ring fingers under the nock.

Step 9:

At this point, draw the string towards the corner of your face so that the arrow gets closer to your eye and aiming with accuracy becomes easier. Make sure your head remains straight.  It mustn’t bend towards the string.

Step 10:

Now it’s time to take aim. You can aim in using various methods. Among all, gap shooting, string walking, instinctive shooting and face walking are the most common methods that archers practice. You can try each method to find the suitable one for you.

Step 11:

Then release the arrow by relaxing your draw hand and let the string out. The arrow will leave your hand following through to your ear.

Step 12:

As the arrow leaves, you might want to move. Don’t do that. Stay still until it reaches the target.


However, following the above steps properly, even a novice archer will also be able to hit the target accurately. And through trial and error, a novice archer becomes an expert.

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