How to Get into Bow Hunting With (Ultimate Guide to Start)

There’s a line between a beginner and pro hunter that is determined by years of practice, patience, and knowledge. If you are someone who wants to cross that line desperately, it’s going to be tough.

Because there’s been a lot that an experience and skilled bow hunter had gone through for becoming who they are. And so, you need a lot of passion and willpower to walk that way.

Now, this does not mean it’s too hard to even try. Just because you failed it a few times, that does not determine your potentials in this area. And so, to welcome you in this amazing passionate activity, I’ll try to short down some advice on how to get into bow hunting based on proficiency I’ve achieved till now.

How to Get into Bow Hunting with My 7 Pieces of Advice.

I’m guilty of not being confident enough during my starting days. My grandpa was really supportive and luckily, he knew a lot about this activity. I had most of my beginner’s concept practiced with him. Now you too need some sort of support to get started. Soon you’ll hit those bullseyes if you promise to stick with the route without losing hope.

And so, as a soon-to-be bowhunter, you need the right starting route to get going…

Stick to Someone Experienced…

It’s always a good idea to start under an expert person, who can guide you about a lot of things. They usually know a lot about not only the main tool but also bow hunting accessories and supportive tricks.

And so, you should communicate with someone who can teach about techniques of safe and effective hunting.

Right Bow to Start With…

Best Compound Bow for BeginnersThe only companion you’ll have during this whole time of hunting is your tools. And so, whether you are thinking about investing in the best beginners compound bow or simply any other suitable type, do it with lots of considerations. The tool selection should never go wrong.

When making a choice, ensure that bow stays at the target level, points toward it and also draws without movement when you hold it. Also, mull over the weight limits. You need to give importance to your comfort in this selection Usually beginners are comfortable with lighter bows.

Bow & Arrows Are Not Enough…

Ever thought why people stress so much about picking the best ghillie suit for bowhunting. Or why is it so important to carefully purchase the best backpack for bowhunting.

One can simply wear whatever they like while carrying any regular bag with themselves, why waste money? Never ever think like that if you are actually taking bow hunting seriously.

Buying a bow and carrying some arrows won’t be enough. You also need extra tools such as bow slings, hunting license, range finders, GoPro Camera and similar gadgets for bow hunting. Make sure you are gearing up with the right stuff and not risking your potential ability when going on a hunt. A good set of tools and accessories can really make a change over your end day results.

Also, have a good thought about picking the best bow hunting clothing before your hunting trip. A lot of people slide over this part and trust me, they have a horrible experience.

Not comfortable clothes and suitable for certain hunting situations is the worst thing you’ll ever take with yourself when on a hunting journey. So, don’t do such mistakes and think about your hunting priorities.

The Standards You Make for Accuracy, Matters…

After watching a couple of videos online and reading tons of articles related to bow hunting, you may confuse yourself of being absolutely ready. Well, no you are not. There’s a standard you need to meet before actually calling yourself ready to hunt in the woods.

A principled hunter needs to hit that 30 yards distant pie plate at least four out of five times. If you are hitting full scores then even better. Make yourself compatible to reach this accuracy standard. You can make a standard for yourself as well if that distance does not feel right. It’s okay to master a certain limit you are confident at.

Practice Is All That Rookies Need…

The term practice exits just next to perfect, there’s a reason behind. Even the most complicated thing that seems impossible to you will turn out easier if you’re trusting this one word. And the same goes for bow hunting. The more you’ll invest time in practice, the better will be your end results.

Even before the day you actually go hunting, arrange a dress rehearsal. Wear everything including hat, safety harness, jacket, and facemask. Don’t forget to put on your gloves as well. See how the overall clothing feels. If there’s any problem, then it’ll get discovered earlier this way.

Let one of your broadheads get sacrificed a little earlier. This is pretty important if you pick mechanical broadheads in particular. Because these types are prone to fly like field points, but they still might not. You’ll be able to adjust your sights earlier in case there is a different targeting impact existing.

Try different field positions to practice shooting. This includes keeling and also tree stand position at awkward angles. If money is not the problem, buy yourself a 3D animal target. It’s the best way to practice with.

Become an Informal Animal Anatomy Expert…

To figure out where you should aim, it’s important it locates the animal’s heart and lungs. Thinking in three dimensional is important here. This will make the arrow shooting envision clear and understandable.

Since you are just starting, it’s a good idea to avoid full-frontal shots. Extreme angle shots are also tricky to handle for a novice. Go for fully broadside shots instead. It’s also okay to try slightly quartering broadside shots. And in any case, you will need to have good knowledge over your target animal’s body parts.

Observe Animals & Learn Recovery…

After a shot, you need to calm down yourself as fast as possible. Make sure to mark down the last standing position where the animal was seen. If possible, take some pictures on your camera or cell phones. Try to remember the last sound it made as well. Try to recall how the animal behaved after getting shot.

If it kicked the back feet high in the air, chances are that its heart got shot. The tail clamps tightly? Did it start scrabbling low to the ground? There can be a lot of reactions happening and these are your clue to figure for recovery.

Waiting for half an hour is important after making a shot. Then go straight to that place and try finding arrow. If it comes with pink and bubble blood, the heart or lung got shot. You can now follow the blood trail and get your bounty.

However, if blood is red, muscle or probably the liver was shot. You need to prepare for shooting again while finding it. Sometimes broken limbs, bentgrass, and such obvious signs also declare the target’s condition. If you are wondering, how to be a successful bowhunter then these are the areas you need to work really hard on.


I have a lot to share on how to get into bow hunting, but let’s take it slow. Start with the basics, practice hard and learn regularly. You just need to make your key elements of bow hunting right.

Focus on building your strategy as well as skills in a practice session. And probably, you’ll perform excellently on the actual game field. Best Wishes on Making to The Pro List Someday.

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