How to keep Feet Warm While Hunting with 7 Best Tips

Hunting in the winter as exciting as it is can lead to several miserable sufferings as well. Finding a deer or other animals in the cold weather can make your feet freeze to miss the aim just a few meters away.

So it could sometimes be a challenging job in the bitter winter to get your desired wild animals. Luckily if you got one, it would be very pathetic if you missed it for your freeze feet.

So, how can you stop freezing your feet?

Here I am giving some tips on how to keep feet warm while hunting either from a tree stand or on the ground.

7 Ways to Keep Feet Warm While Hunting in a Cold-Weather:

1. Cover your Feet:

Perfectly covering your feet is the fundamental trick to warding off the cold. Wear two pairs of socks to cover your feet.

The innermost shock pairs should be made of moisture-wicking thin fabric (like polypropylene). The outermost shock pair must be made from a thick material (A wool better works to act as an insulator here).

Most often, I saw many deer hunters prefer to wear a third pair of shocks to enhance the warming procedure.

If you want to wear a third pair of socks carefully, notice that your boot doesn’t become tights on your legs.

2. Choose Perfect Boots:

Select one or two sizes larger than the boots from your actual fitting size. As you have to wear two or three sets of socks, larger boots will let your toes wiggle freely inside the shoes.

Again too larger or too loose boot will force you to waste your time to stop in the middle of your walking. A boot featuring a heat insulator can be ideal for preventing getting down at a shallow temperature.

If you are hunting with a bike, you have to carry a pair of cycling shoes extra. So be aware of your essential hunting gear weight always.

3. Use a Heat Insulator on the Bottom of your Tree Stand:

Place a heat insulator on over the bottom portion of the tree stand. It will prevent the cold wind from coming close to your feet.

Several insulator boards are available in the market; maximum is very affordable and suitable to carry on your backpack.

However, you can still use some alternate to insulate the bottom. A thick blanket or a thick canvas fabric can replace the commercial insulator board very efficiently.

4. Use Portable Heat Packs:

Disposal heat packs are awesome to warm the various body portions, including your feet. You can use two body warmers inside your boot to get a quick response.

The problem may happen; keeping the body warmer in such a way can certainly make your feet sweated once they stop warming.

5. Stop Perspiration:

Sweating inside the boots can let it absorb by the insider socks. So it can entrap moisture inside your boot.

To stop happening this, use a branded perspiration agent on over your feet. You can spray commercial deodorant agents on your feet; you can use foot talc powder as well.

6. Drink Hot Liquid:

Drinking a cup of hot coffee/tea is just awesome in cold weather. Even a mug of plain warm water also could be so quick responsive; you will fall in love with it.

Anyway, add hot soup, hot milk, carb mix (burn inside your body to fuel it up), or caffeine bar in your snacks list. These snacks will offer you to enjoy an inside body warming when you eat them.

7. Cover your Head and Rar Adequately:

I may seem a bit wondering why I am writing to cover your head and ear when my topic is how to warming the feet! Let’s share the reason.

I heard a popular myth from my Grandmom. And interestingly also seen to practically used by many users. If you cover your head correctly, your feet will also keep warmer naturally.

The scientific reason I try to get is that if a hunter’s head becomes cold, the body will supply more heat on the head by pulling it from the body’s extremities (hand, leg).

So finally, the warming level of the hand and feet get down suddenly.

Tips to Keep the Feet Warm While Hunting:

  • Never wear cotton socks while you are going hunting in the cold weather. Unlike moisture-wicking fabrics, cotton will absorb moisture and stacked it on your feet skin. So next, your body heat will transfer in the outer environment, which is unwanted in the winter.
  • Once you reached on the tree-stand, if possible, change the socks. It will give you extra comfort and a fresh feel. As you walked to reach the tree stand, it may have been sweating on your feet, which may wet the soaks.
  • While using the additional heat warmer inside your feet, carefully notice on your feet. If your feet get wet with sweat, change the wet socks, and dry your feet. Do it when the warmer being stopped warming.
  • Use a winter hat to cover your head; a wool cap is better in that case. Use a scarf or buff to cover your neck and face. An adequately covering your head can prevent losing heat from your feet.
  • Using a Snow-Pac-Style boot will prevent your feet from icy wind hunting. Especially, the mid-west Whitetail hunter or Montana Ranch hand usage boot like this.

Final words:

Agonies of frozen feet lead to losing blood circulation, which is the main reason to go back without completing the hunting process.

The Late Fall or the Winter offers the hunter an excellent hunting opportunity with an adventurous feels in foul weather.

Once you have well set yourself to frigid the cold, you will be able to defeat the stand or blind position of your feet in the bitter cold.

So have you learned well about how to keep feet warm while hunting? Please now spread your knowledge on your friend’s timeline.

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