5 Tips on How to keep Hunting Boots Scent-Free

Every fauna, especially the deer, is very sensitive to any human smell. This wild animal can sense any human smell even from a far distance and counteract the hunter’s action.

As fauna are very much active in the human smell system, they can sense every good or odd sense coming out from humans. So if any scent comes out from your hunting boots, it can also act as a threat for you and help the fauna flee to a safe place.

Therefore you mandatorily need to use scent-free boots at the time of hunting. So, we have come today to let you know the details of- How to Keep Hunting Boots Scent-Free.

Let’s see the detail-

How to keep Hunting Boots Scent-free

1. Clean your Feet Properly

It is the first and most important part I will describe to you. If you have dirty feet, you cannot make your hunting boots scent-free. So clean your feet finely. Frequently rub your feet with a bar of antibacterial soap. Practice it twice a day while you are already in a hunting session. 

Gently scrub all the dead skin from your feet. If your feet are more likely to create a foul odor that means your feet quickly get a bacterial attack from the surroundings. So, in that case, our suggestion is to use a more antibacterial agent like Epsom salts/vinegar/lemon juice mixture in warm water.

Wash your feet with this agent’s mixed with water for at least half an hour to kill the bacteria situated on your feet skin. After that, properly dry your feet. A damp and moisturize area is a loving place for the microorganism to make their colony, so avoid your wet feet as much as possible.

2. Choose the Right Boots

Yea, that is a significant concern to keep your boot scent-free. Use an insulated hunting boot for winter. In winter, this boot will keep your feet in a comfy position. However, you can’t use this boot in the summer. As insulated boots are not made to breathe outer, it will create an odd environment for your feet in any hot season or suffocated environments.

Insulated boots have a terrible reputation for absorbing moisture and trapping it inside the soaks. Therefore be picky about your boots. Select your boots depending on the weather of the hunting area you are going after a while.

3. Choose the Perfect Socks

Cotton Socks are the preferable socks for your hunting session. Cotton socks have the advantage of neither be too thicker nor be also thinner. If you choose a thicker pair of socks, it will unnecessarily warm your feet causing an excessive sweating coming out from your feet.

The ultimate result is-again, the odor will come out from your feet, which also contaminated your boots. And if you choose a thinner pair of socks, it will chill your feet in the winter. So do the following deeds-

  • Bring extra socks at your hunting session.
  • Change your soaks frequently while hunting so that no odor can come out from your feet.
  • Select a pair of socks prepared with natural fiber; it will not absorb moisture from your feet.

4. Properly Treat Your Boots

Your hunting boots need extra care from you. These boots are not the regular shoes you can treat as usual. If you have a habit of storing your hunting boots as usual until your next hunting session, please change your habit. Never keep your boots if it is not properly clean. And never use the boots just getting out from the storeroom. Clean it, and then use it.

You can use some wax to make waterproof your hunting boot, but these commercial products have some own smell, forcing the fauna to sense your presence.

5. Properly Wash Your Boots

A pair of clean hunting boot is the prerequisite to stop any smell that comes out from your feet. So let’s see some tips on how you should clean your hunting boots-

  • At first, wash your boots and the insole separately with warm water and soap.
  • Add some commercial scent killer on your boots; let set the killer for a few minutes.
  • Again clean your boots to remove the scent killer vanish from your boots.
  • Take some baking soda; apply this on your boots whole body. Again let the baking soda sit for one full night. Baking soda is featuring to remove any types of smell remaining on your shoes.
  • Again wash any remaining soda on the boots. Dry the boots and insole. And finally, bring the insole on your boots.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How to Neutralize the Scent of Hunting Boots?

It is pretty simple. At first, you have to clean your hunting boots finely with water and mild soap. After then, you have to use baking soda on your boots. Then you’ve to let the soda sit for one night. Finally, wash the excessive soda from your soda. Baking soda will fight with the scent on your boots to neutralize it.

Can Deer Smell Rubber Boots?

No, actually, they can’t. The rubber boot is less prone to excrete smell, so fauna rarely gets any chance to take the scent from the hunter’s boots. Moreover, rubber boots are well known to be scent-free during hunting. The outer rubber boot is made with vulcanized rubber, which is naturally prone to be impermeable to the exterior.

Final Verdict:

Please never allow formation of any mold on your hunting boots. If you have any fungal attack on your feet or if you are prone to keep dirty boots aside for a longer time, there is a possibility to form mold on your shoes. And you might know already; mold is a responsible agent to cause a foul smell comes out from your feet.

That is all about how to keep hunting boots scent-free. I hope you have got all the points very clearly.

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