DYI Guideline On How To Keep Hunting Clothes Scent Free

While you are in the woods, scent-proof hunting clothes give you more shot opportunities. Even if you buy high-quality scent blocker clothing, you will need to wash and dry clean them after each hunting event. It will not only keep hunting clothes scent or odor-free but also will increase the durability of your hunting clothes too. However, you need to very careful with the cleaning technique, and today I will assist you in learning the whole procedure.

Now Learn How To Store Hunting Clothes Scent Free-

Once you are at the hunting site, you should apply a scent-killing spray all over your clothes and boots to keep your hunting clothes scent-free. It will absorb or mask your cloth odors. For keeping the hunting clothes scent or odor-free after washing the clothes, either air-dry them or use an electric dryer with a scent-killing.

When your clothes are fully dry and there is no moisture left in them, fold them neatly. Then, to safely store your hunting clothes put them in vacuum storage bags, which available in any local sports goodies’ stores.

You can even use airtight plastic containers or a scent-tapping bag to keep hunting clothes scent free. You have to store them in a dry indoor location to limit mold growth. Also, do not forget to store your hunting clothes and gear in a dark place to protect them from discoloration or damage caused by sunlight.

What Is The Best Way to Keep Hunting Clothes Scent Free?

Now, let me explain the best way of cleaning all types of hunting clothes such as Camo Hunting Clothes, Women Hunting Clothes, and Hunting Pants so that you can keep them intact just like new.

You can achieve the best result simply by following these 3 steps.

Step-1: Picking The Correct Detergent For Your Hunting Clothes: –

While picking a detergent for cleaning your hunting clothes, choose a scent-free one means one that’s UV brightener and perfume-free. There are detergents particularly formulated for military or hunting clothes so, you can purchase them.  Otherwise, you can even use laundry detergents labeled as “eco-friendly” or “natural.” Most of them do not contain brighteners, but to be on the safe side, just read the product packaging label first.

Step-2: Hunting Clothing Washing Technique: –

After choosing the correct detergent for washing your hunting clothes, it is time to understand and follow the exact laundry technique.

First, thoroughly clean your washer and dryer before putting the hunting clothes (including sleeping bags and other camping gears) on them. It will remove any left fabric softener, scented detergent, or dryer sheet debris from your washing and dry-cleaning machines.

If possible, consider washing your hunting gears in a large utility tub or sink instead of any family washer.  In that way, you will get more space and access to wash the clothes comfortably and neatly. Before the final rinsing of your clothes, add 1 cup of baking soda into the water. It will help to eliminate any remaining odors.

Step-3: Hunting clothes Drying And Storing Technique: –

Once you have washed all your clothes or gears neatly, you can air-dry them using a clothesline or drying rack. You can also use an electric dryer to dry your clothing.

When your clothes are dry, you need to place them in sealed plastic bags or containers and store them in a dark place. You can even use those available vacuum storage bags for storing the hunting gears. Remember to keep your clothing in a sealed container or bag till you reach the hunting spot.

Let’s Have A Quick Glance At This Table And Learn-

How to make hunting clothes scent-free? How to descent hunting clothes?   
To make your hunting clothes the best scent free clothing, wash them in quality brightener and odor-free detergent after every event. Then dry them outside or in your dryer with a scent killer spray. After drying, put them in an airtight bag or container and store them in a dark place far from sunlight.

Also, mask your body odor using scent-free products for showering, deodorant.

Remember to keep your hunting gears in an airtight bag before reaching the hunting spot and only wear them when you arrive there. Spray a scent killer all over your clothes after wearing along with the boots.

There is another shortcut way of keeping scent free hunting clothes. Using the Ozonics DRiWASH bags is a care-free method of deodorizing your hunting gears. It is a quick and easy way to eliminate any remaining scent or odor from your clothing within ten minutes.

For this technique, you will need the Ozonics DRiWASH bag and an HR-300.

Now put your hunting clothing or gears in the bag, and apply the one-touch DRiWASH cycle onto your HR-300 unit. These specially designed bags direct ozone through a baffled airflow system, then over the inside contents of the bag, and out through a vent. It allows you to have the exact concentration of ozone for eliminating the scent or odor.

Ending Notes:

Keeping your hunting clothes scent or odor-free means more opportunity in getting closure in the woods without getting noticed by the animals. But you need to know the right ingredients and technique for doing that. Therefore, learn and understand how to keep hunting clothes scent free and then try it.

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