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How To Reload Ammo For Shooting Accuracy (Step By Step Guide)

Reloading ammo is the way to load different gun shells by gathering different components that make up a bullet and align every component according to the required criteria.

This is a strategic way to get the job done by you without buying the whole readymade ammunition. If you are up for doing a different type of projects by yourself, this one is perfect for you.

Reloading ammo is getting popular daily and it is most popular among experienced shooters. You can customize it by the way you prefer and enjoy the way you want to shoot. Sounds fun right?

Without proper guidance of the way to reload ammo, you will face some serious problems as the gun itself is potentially dangerous. So, it is better to be on the safer side and follow the guide step by step.

Following the article, you will get to know all about the reloading process.

How To Reload Ammo For Shooting Accuracy

3 Reasons Behind Reloading

Here are three common reasons why people choose to reload by themselves nowadays;

  • Saves You Money

Any project that you will plan to do by yourself will always involve saving money. In this case, it is nothing different. There are ways that you can save money while reloading ammo and if you follow it, you will be on the beneficial side. Most of the costs are mainly covered up by the shell or brass casing.

This casing takes more than half of the cost of your overall ammunition. So, don’t just throw it out after shooting. Use it for your benefit. Follow the guide below and use the casing for a couple of times and save yourself some money.

One thing to keep in mind is that your savings will depend on your gun caliber. Cheap calibers will save you less amount of money, whereas expensive one will save you a good time.

  • Accuracy and Customization

Another reason to reload is that you can check your accuracy and customize the speed of the bullet the way you want.

The speed of the bullet entirely depends on the gunpowder. So, you can adjust the speed by increasing or reducing the gunpowder. In this way, you can check the accuracy of your shot. This is a great way if you are up for shooting practice. Just fill the gunpowder according to the distance that you want the bullet to go.

  • Extra Skill

And the final reason is that you can do it to upgrade your skills. Different skills are necessary to get on with life, and you never know which skills will come in handy during which time. You will get to know what the components inside the brass casing are and how the bullet works and all other scientific reasons behind it.

How To Reload Ammo

Following are the steps that you should follow precisely to be successful at reloading your ammo.

  • Learn About The Components Inside A Bullet Firearm

As you get on with reloading, you first need to know the components and the way they are placed. The components present are a primer, brass casing, bullet, and gunpowder. In a bullet firearm, the primer is fitted at the bottom of the casing.

The gun powders are filled in the middle portion, and the bullet is fitted at the top. If you google it, you will get to see the diagram and the inside part of a bullet firearm. While pulling the trigger, the hammer of the gun hits the primer.

After getting hit, the primer generates a small explosion which triggers the gunpowder to ignite. The ignition will force the bullet to leave the barrel with a strong velocity.

  • Clean Your Brass

After you are finished firing, take the used and dirty brass and clean it using a tumbler. The brass tumbler will clear off any dirt present in the brass and will make it look as clean as possible. After that, check for any cracks present in the brass.

If you find any errors in it, throw it away. Only use the one that looks perfect for reusing. Always do this process outside your home or in a garage as this involves sound and takes a couple of hours to get finished.

  • Resize The Primer Pocket

If you see your primer pocket in a non-uniform shape after it had been used, then you need to take some necessary steps.

Start by taking out the primer and use a tool named ‘reamer’ to resize the primer pocket. If you go for tumbling, it is better to take the primer out for the better cleaning process.

  • Resize The Brass Casing

It is obvious that the fired brass will not be in its original shape. As the gunpowder ignites, the brass casing loses its usual shape due to the expansion of the powder inside.

You can solve this by using a tool named ‘Resizing die.’ This is an effective tool to shrink the expanded case to its original shape. Not only will this help in resizing, but it will also solve any dent or any irregular problems present in this case.

  • Remove The Extra Brass Case

If the case has been fired multiple times, the length has changed. The reason is that the case has been shrunk and fired multiple times. As a result, the excess portion is generated. Just, cut off the extra part by using a cartridge case trimmer.

As brass is a metal, cutting off will create sharp edges. Sharp and rough edges will create a problem in your overall reloading process, especially in the bullet fitting portion. Carefully, smoothen the rough edges as much as possible.

  • Do The Priming

Take out the primer (already mentioned above) and clean the primer pocket. Do it with a fresh cloth or brush according to your preference. After that, finish it off by putting in a new primer. There are lots of priming tools present.

Most of them are hand based. You can check it out from different websites. Always remember to resize the primer pocket before doing the priming. Without resizing, the new primer will be tough to fit in.

  • Add Gunpowder

There are lots of gun powders present that will work with your bullet. You will even see gun powders made specifically for various bullet weights. There are lots of tools to measure the weight of the gunpowder.

Use any of the powder measures according to your preference. The tools are also applicable for dropping the gunpowder into the brass casing that you have primed. Carefully drop the gunpowder into the case and do it slowly and patiently.

  • Fit The Bullet

Now is the finishing part. Take the bullet and fit it in the mouth of the case. You can fit it by pressing the bullet. If the bullet is not fitting into the case properly, you have to flare the top/mouth of the case.

Either you have to expand or shrink a bit for the bullet to fit in properly. Simply press the bullet into the mouth of the case and use a bullet seating die for solving the problem.

  • Store The Bullet In A Box

After you are done with all the mentioned steps, it is time for you to wrap it up. Take all the bullets and store it in a box carefully.

Things To Keep In Mind

Here are some additional things to keep in mind;

  • Always reload your ammo in an open place. This can be your garage, store room, etc. As the process is full of sounds and other stuff, it is better to do it in an open place.
  • While smoothening the edges of the bullet, make sure not to cut yourself if you are using a hand based tool. If necessary, wear hand gloves while doing this.
  • Keep the gunpowder away from other components used for reloading. Store the powder in a cabinet or other secured boxes.
  • Use a large bench for your project. The bench should be strong enough to hold all the components including the reloading press. Pick a bench that is tall enough for you to work properly.
  • Always use reloading manuals. You will get these from bullet manufacturers. Consult with the manufacturers about the do’s and don’ts while reloading. This will alert you beforehand from any trouble.
  • Be up to date with the laws of your country. Many countries only enable the person to purchase ammo who possesses an ammo license, or else, reloading by you won’t be possible. So, check the current law that is going in your country.
  • To make all of the reloading possible, there are lots of reloading presses that can be used to get effective results. Single Stage Press, Turret Press, and Progressive Press are the ones to make your reloading as smooth and easy as possible.
  • When the reloading is finished, check the bullets for any irregularities and store them in the box accordingly.


Hope this guide gave you the knowledge you need for reloading ammo by yourself. Reloading ammo can be fun, and if you are in love with shooting, reloading will be a part of your life.

Not only it’s saving money but it will also give you a sense of achievement when you are able to reap the rewards. So don’t wait for it. Try it out.

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