How to Set Up a Tree Stand? Complete Guide for Bow-Hunter

Hunting a good buck with your gun is so far different from hunting it with a bow. A gun cooperates with you to pop up even behind a tree, whereas using a bow requires a tree stand.

A tree stand can help you be a more specific, more forward thinker, and more attentive to your target objects in a decent way.

Like any other field, technology has also upgraded in the bowhunting field. There are varieties of tree stands nowadays.

Bowhunters now preferring using of light tree stands rather than the previous dense and metallic stands.

Let’s describe how to set up a tree stand covering all possible varieties of a tree stand.

Types of Tree Stands:

Let’s know the types of tree stands available nowadays before we know how to set the tree-stands. Once we knew the tree-stands types, we will discuss how to set each of them.

Fixed/Permanent Stands:

A fixed or permanent stand can be a durable small wooden platform made in between two/three trees. Again it could be a metal structure attaching the tree with rope, strap, chain, or cords.

The setting of a permanent tree stands sometimes needs a climbing gear. However, hunting at the same terrain for a long time, a fixed or stable tree stand, is more efficient.

Ladder Stands:

It is a tall ladder, a leather belt (strap)/chain is used to tie a ladder stand tightly with the tree. Ladder stands are simple and easy to set on the tree.

But the main problem is that this type of ladder is bulky and needs the toughest carrying process.

Climbing Stands:

Climbing stands are getting more popular day by day. The user-friendly features, lighter weight, simple structure make it so accessible nowadays.

The design and architecture of each climbing stand’s model are differing from each other through all they deliver the same function.

Tower Stands:

Tower stands further fall into two categories. One is portable with a metal frame. And the remaining is permanent stands made from wooden or metal.

A tower stand (don’t need to use a tree always to set up the tree stands on over) is included in our list because its properties are the same as other tree stands.

It correctly set you to throw the bow!

Tree stands Set-up Process:

Here I am explaining the setup process for all categorized tree stands. Please see the below-

How to set a Fixed/Permanent Tree Stand:

  • Select a massive and decent tree. You can select one or more trees; it depends on tree stand structure and design.
  • If it is a hang-on tree stand, hang it using the straps or chain from the tree height. Use a ladder to reach on the trunk carrying your tree stand.
  • Once you have tied the straps/rope/chain, make sure and check it is securely tight.
  • Never forget to wear a climbing belt/lineman’s belt while setting/removing/ascending/descending/ a fixed or permanent tree stand.
  • Placing a wooden tree stand needs a different process. Fix the wooden design at first. Set it on the tree. Use a ladder to set this stand on the trunk.
  • Properly tied it with the tree using strap, or rope. As usual, ensure the teeth of the top and bottom of the stand tightly fit in the tree wood.
  • If you have a prolonged wish to use this stand, you can make a small wooden hut on the tree.
  • A wooden tree stand needs a spare ladder or in-built ladder for ascending/descending over there.

How to set a Ladder Stand:

  • Select your ladder stand.
  • Decide the tree where you want to fix it. Choose a massive and decent tree.
  • If you already have assembled the top portion of your ladder in your home backyard, go for the next stage.
  • Place the ladder horizontally in front of the selected tree.
  • Call someone to actively (but firmly) push the ladder close to the tree.
  • Hold the ladder in a stand-up position adhering to the tree.
  • Again, push it up.
  • Attach the top of the ladder on the trunk of the tree using a ratchet strap.
  • Attach the middle support beam.

How to set a Climbing Stand:

  • Pick the most muscular trunk on a decent tree.
  • Wear safety gear
  • Climb on the tree. Attach you with the tree using a safety harness and climbing spikes. Correctly tied the top and bottom portion of the stands on the trunk.
  • Use the belts or chain to tie the stand. If the stand floor doesn’t attach tightly on the tree, it may cause you to fall. Be careful when climbing on the trunk with your stands.
  • Once you reached on the tree trunk, sit here, and start your setting process.
  • Dig both the top and bottom of the tree stand in a stable position.
  • Lock the stand onto the tree.
  • Push it a little bit upward.
  • Stand up on the ground portion of the stands; push it inward to set the stand teeth on the tree.
  • Sit on the stand seat; place your legs on the ground of the stands.
  • You can try this setting procedure at multiple sides of a tree and find a suitable one.

How to set a Tower Stand:

  • If you want to set a portable tower stands, buy an assembled tower stand. Bring it using a large tractor at your dedicated area.
  • Lifting it is teamwork. You can set it on air, supporting a tree.
  • Lift it, leveled it and stuck it properly.
  • The most straightforward way I have described it here; it’s not so easy at all! However, working in an experienced team will make it easy for you.

Final Words:

Setting a tree stand could be a dangerous task sometimes. Never forget to wear the safety measures to save your head and face.

If you think setting a tree stand is a hard job, please take professional help. Wrong placement of the tree stand could be severe for you.

If you think fixing a tree stand is a hard job, please seek professional advice. Improper installation of the tree stand could be critical for you.

That’s all about how to set up a tree stand.

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