Learn How to Use a GPS for Hunting [Complete Guide]

How to Use a GPS for HuntingAny successful hunting often depends on the Geolocation Type with Real-Time Mapping Technology. Moreover, using the latest device make the hunting processes more users friendly and more effective.

A GPS (that means global positioning system) is the latest device every hunter should take along with them to make a successful hunting end-of. With this device, hunters can get a detailed mapping of the hunting area with some other services.

So here we are going to write how to use a GPS for hunting. If you want to make your hunting effective and successful, you should grab the brief.

Let’s get started-

Using of GPS for hunting:

A GPS device can act as a multi-functional device in your hunting session. Five ways by which you can use a GPS device during your hunting, are written in below here-

Way number one:

When you are in a deep forest or a new, unfamiliar area, it is quite possible to get lost from the trail. In that case, a GPS can reduce the possibility of getting lost in a deep forest or a hunting spot.

As a hunter, you may have the experience to assume the hunting area by getting some audio clues to form some nearby public spots. Utilizing those audio clues cannot be sufficient, always deciding the place where you are presenting.

However, getting some audio clues from the nearby railway station or the nearby airport might not possible always. Using a GPS device could be the only handy option in that case.

Where Are You, How far is your hunting ground? And How far is your Home, all you can know from a GPS device? Though most GPS devices are featuring a compass, you still need to carry an extra compass on your backpack for further efficiency.

Way number two:

If the prey goes far by getting wounds on the body during the hunting process, you may follow the blood trail, which the prey is just leaving back while running until its death. So the fact is, the blood trail might not always be consistent; you may think proper.

If you lose the prey in the middle of the path, you can use the last drop of blood (as a reference point) you have watched. A GPS can show you all ways the prey might have gone. Without getting lost in the hunting ground, you also will be able to return your previous position with the help of a GPS as well.

Way number three:

The manual process of recording your waypoints might not come at your help during the nighttime. However, you can use a GPS to Recording your hunting Waypoints. You can mark six trees to get a specific path by several tree stands. A GPS device can record your waypoints and return to you at your previous position both in the daylight and at night.

You can use your GPS device to record the waypoints to locate initial hunting grounds; you may want to return. Going back to the hunting spot, erasing some of the tree marks (if they found useless to work out) could be possible if you use a GPS device.

Way number four:

You can identify your waypoints more identically by the scouting process. The scouting process works by Navigating at the hunting area. Your GPS helps you assume an overall structure of your hunting area and further help you find the exact location you are trying to reach.

You can keep a note on your GPS like- “SIX WHITE OAKS SURROUNDED BY PINES” or “10-POINTER JUMPED HERE” to records your waypoints more effectively. So after a few hours when you intend to return using the same trail, you can use those notes to identify your previous trail.

Way number five:

If you are using your vehicle to reach the hunting area, your vehicle may need some maintenance at that time as well. The interesting thing is your vehicle will keep you an on-time notification if it needs any care to reach on the hunting ground.

This notification is beneficial for you to get a more comprehensive plan to handle any potential hunting issues. You will keep in touch with all updated info about whether your car can reach the hunting spot on time or need any care to go there.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

FAQ-One: What are the perfect GPS for hunting?

Answer: Garmin Oregon 600, Garmin Approach G6, Garmin 750T, Garmin Montana 680, Garmin in Reach Explorer, etc. are some perfect GPS devices more effective and handy during a hunting mission. These GPS devices are best to meet your need affordably and durably.

FAQ-Two: How to use a GPS for hunting?


  • Firstly, use your GPS to find the nearby trail to reach your hunting spot.
  • Mark the trees (at least six) during your walk session.
  • Use your GPS device to keep some critical notes so that you can trace the previous location easily.
  • Follow the scouting rules. Mark each thing you can watch on your GPS.
  • Once you have scouted the hunted area using your GPS, now plan for hunt.

Final verdict:

A GPS device mandatorily needs to carry on the backpack during any hunting process. Therefore it is better to select a GPS device that features the most user-friendly interface with a quality build-up.

A perfect GPS not only allows you to keep on the right track at the deep forest, it also helps you to get any information until the end of your hunting session. You make sure your GPS device has longer battery life.

That’s all about how to use a GPS to work. Stay in touch with us.

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