How to Use a Tree Stand Harness and Ensure Your Security

An ideal tree stands harness ensures your tree climbing security in a fantastic way.

A safety harness protects the Bowhunters each of the dangerous attempts which may come from a perilous Dangling Strap or a confusing Weave-Through Buckle.

Tree stand safety harness also provides an extra comfort feel when the user climbs to reach the tree stand wearing it.

However, there are lots of trees stand safety harnesses available in the market; if you choose the lightweight and efficient among them, it will protect you from getting fall down (for a severe body injury!).

So once you have purchased a perfect tree stand harness, now it turns to know how to use a tree stand harness.

Let’s go for it-

Parts of a Tree Stand Safety Harness:

The front portion of a tree stand harness consisting of followed pieces-

  • Left Shoulder Strap.
  • Right Shoulder Strap.
  • Double Shoulder Strap.
  • Left Leg Strap.
  • Right Leg Strap.

The back portion of a tree stand harness consisting of followed pieces-

  • Left Shoulder Strap.
  • Right Shoulder Strap.
  • Tree Tether.
  • Size Adjuster.
  • Left Leg Strap.
  • Right Leg Strap.


  • Tree Strap Tether.
  • Suspension Relief Device.

Using a Tree Stand Harness:

See the below-listed steps; the details process is described here-

Wear the Safety Harness:

It is the leading segment of the total tree stand harness system. Wear the safety harness standing on the ground of the tree. Carefully wear it through your head.

Fit the double chest straps on your chest. The front double chest straps should fit plainly, whereas the back chest straps should fix in an X structure. Ensure no twisting of the leather straps is arising anywhere.

Now go to fit the extremities portion. Firstly, cover your left leg using the Left Leg strap. Invade the belt on the first slot of the strap adjuster.

Then again, feed it through the second slit of the strap adjuster, securely tight the strap on the strap adjuster. Again back the belt on the first slot of the adjuster.

Repeat the same process to wrap the Right Leg strap also. Once both the left and right-left strap fitted well, adjust the size adjuster placed on your back panel.

Ensure you have correctly tightened this adjuster for your future security

Set the Tree Strap:

Hold the tree strap and cross it through the front chest strap already put on over your body. Roundly cover the tree using one wrap of the tree strap.

Secure the tree strap by the slider adjustment strap. Firmly adjust the tree strap on your body and the tree.

Keep a measured amount of loose length of the tree strap so you can lean back when you need it. Tug on the tree strap to ensure it has been locked adequately with the tree and your body.

Set the Tree Strap Tether:

If you have reached near your tree stand, attach the tree strap in the opening loop of the tree strap tether. Now cover the tree slot using the tree strap, only one time and in a roundabout way.

Avoid any twisting of the strap when wrapping the tree slot. Now use the slider adjuster and securely adjust the strap. However, if you seated on the tree stand, put your tree strap on over your head.

Set the tree Suspension Relief Device:

This system is very efficient for proper blood circulation to the lower extremities of all safety harness users. However, it takes a straightforward process to set up on the tree.

Wrap the leather suspension reliever back on the tree, make a round type wrapping. Insert one portion of the strap to the loop of the second strap.

Tightly pull the inserted strap until your leg got it firmly. Now place your one leg onto the circle of the hanging strap of the suspension reliever.

Force the loop downward, press your weight to stand on the strap loop.

12 Safety tips using a Tree Stand Safety Harness:

  1. Read the safety instruction very well before wearing the safety harness.
  2. Maintain the capacity of the harness. Suppose your safety harness has the maximum ability to carry a load up to 300 pounds. So if you and your accessories weight more than 300 pounds, strictly avoid using the harness.
  3. Before wear, a safety harness, check it very well. Any sign of damage on the safety harness strongly demand to discard it and use a new one. Check your safety harness is free from any loose stitching or frayed portions.
  4. Never try to repair a damaged safety harness by yourself. It is a life treating issue if you fix it without any professional aid.
  5. Know each portion of the safety harness. Without knowing it, it is not possible to learn all the use and safety procedure regarding this product.
  6. Practice on the ground before you start to climb on a tree wearing a tree stand harness.
  7. See the manufacturing date, expiration date, and safety warning before wearing a safety harness.
  8. Carefully handle the strap of the harness. Never let come to the strap around your neck.
  9. Avoid using a safety harness if it was kept in a direct contract with the sunlight or other corrosive agents.
  10. Please do not use your safety harness for other purposes rather than using it for climbing on a tree stand.
  11. Be careful using the suspension reliever device. If any individual instruction included on the user guideline, follow it strictly.
  12. Store your safety harness correctly.

Final Word:

Knowing how to use a tree stand harness is solely depends on your learning intentions and your practicing frequency.

If you are thinking using a tree stand harness is a complicated job, Please practice it repeatedly. Believe me; you will be perfectly able to use it very soon.

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