A Complete Guideline on How to Use Bow Sight?

Archery is a popular term for the bow hunters and archery lovers (both professional and occasional). Arrow the bow towards the target object is a matter of day to day practice exactly. And weapons like bow sights are the mandatory things (in your regular exercise or practical use), which allow you to hit the focused object more realistically.

When the bow hunters want to arrow the bow, properly sighting the bow is mandatory to overcome the gravity pulling, overcoming the distance disturbance.

However, if you are a bow hunter or a professional archer and keen to learn how to use bow sights, this article is for you.

Things you will Need to Know for The Using Procedure of The Bow Sights:

The following item will need you in that case-

  • Bow
  • Bow Sight
  • Arrows
  • Arrow Target Firing Range
  • Range Finder (Distance measuring tool)
  • Allen Wrench

Step by Step Instruction About Using the Bow Sights:

How to Use Bow Sight

There are a few methods to teach you how to use your bow sights. Here we go with this-


Select a perfect bow sight for your need. Like, if you are a professional archer, you will need a competitive bow sight. For the newbie hunter, general bow sights are workable.


The second step is mounting the bow sight on the bow. There is a user guideline included with the bow sight. See all the instructed written here to mount the sight on the bow. You will see the sights are attached with the riser with some screw. And the bow is featuring a pre-drilled hole to secure the sight. So firmly attach the sight on the bow. Make sure you didn’t loosely or tightly attach the screw.

Carefully handle the Sighting Pin of the sight; it should present a vertical position lining-up with the Bow String. Make sure you have installed the bow sight at the same angle to the bow. If possible, let set the bow sight to set overnight. It will further help you again tighten the screw if it is previously less tighten.


Set the sighting pin in the middle of the bow sights. As a result, you will find a more spacious place to adjust the pin in all directions. Use an Allen wrench to accommodate all those sighting pins. Allen wrenches are available in all hardware stores. So you can easily collect it.


It is the step to fix your target yard and mark it. Mark after every 10 yards and finally set your practice target up to at least 40 yards. You can go with a range finder for more precise yard measurement. You can purchase a perfect range finder from the nearby hunting hardware store. However, Set a sustainable target surface and go for the repeated shot of the arrow. Sighting the bows needs a repeated action to be correctly set.

Tips for Perfectly Using the Bow Sights:

  1. Never adjust the entire sighting pin more largely. We suggest it do by some increments. If you change the pin more broadly, it will arrow your bow in a far way making you unnecessarily delay and disturbed.
  2. While using a new bow and a new bowstring, make sure both are broken in. If both of them are by chance of settling down to the Tension, you will lose the sighting effectiveness.
  3. If you intend to set your target area, find an outdoor space free from people moving.
  4. Correctly set your body position. Your posture, Anchor point, how you stand, and how you hold the archery device all are vital to make you either successful or failed to hit your target point.
  5. Never expect a positive result at one shot. Go for a repetitive shot for more perfection in any of your actions.
  6. Be smart and tricky while adjusting the sight on your primary device. Be attentive while moving the sight and searching for a perfect adjusting. Follow the marks and split your trial shot into several attempts.
  7. FOLLOW THE ARROW. All types of bow need a fair adjustment of the bow sight and need to follow the arrow. Always move your bow sights according to the same direction of your arrows ON THE TARGET.
  8. Lastly, follow a simple rule. Like, if, by chance, the arrow hit a little bit left from the target position, you also need to move the bow sight a little bit down and left direction to adjust the total hitting procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is a Bow Sight?

Answer: It is a weapon-like product that features pin/pins, circles, and markers to help the user hit on the target object.

It is center at the mid-point of any target position. Thereby users get a precise aiming point to hit the target. So if the user can set the sight accurately, it can rapidly find the center of the object (which is going to hit by the bow).

How Can I Adjust the Bow Sight Regarding My Bow and the Shoot Distance?

Answer: A bow sight helps you adjust the sight regarding the bow and the distance you will hit the object. This device allows you to figure out to hold your bow arm at a perfect position (not too high, or too low and neither at left nor at right) to release the bowstring correctly.

Final Verdict:

Only finding the perfect bow sight or learning how to use bow sights will not let you enjoy a good hit on your target if you are not aware of some other things. Your posture, Standing position, Anchor point, And mood-all are crucial and need to be well consistent to release the bowstring and finally hit the target object successfully.

With a lot of practice and lots of motivational thinking, you can also hit the mark very easily and quickly. Never lose your hope.

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