Hunter Green vs. Forest Green: What is the Difference?

Are you having discomfort to opt-in the Hunter Green vs. Forest Green?

Both colors are excellent choices to fulfill the numerous aspects as well. Whereas the hunter green color has come from the hunters and it is exciting for fashionable decoration as well as clothes.

Contrary, forest green color is the nicest for expressing the peace, wealth, and care fullness of different matters. 

For knowing further clear concepts on this topic and versus the hunter green and forest green, you need to consider our writing.

Difference Between Hunter Green vs. Forest Green

Now, we share here some fundamental info about Hunter green vs. Forest green. Hold on your hat, and let’s dive right in.

Hunter Green:

In the 19th century, the Hunter Green was depicted by some hunters, and day by day this outstanding color has become popular with all of the people. In the 20th century, olive drab displaced this Hunter Green.

There is no doubt that this color is one of the best well-known fashion colors nowadays. Even Hunter Green is the official primary color of the New York Jets.

Is it good for decorating your home using this color?

Absolutely good and perfect for using Hunter Green to decorate your lovely residence. In this case, Pedro Calderon de la Barca said, “Hunter Green is the prime color of the world and that from which its loveliness arises.”

Forest Green:

In 1810, the word Forest Green color was fast used as a color name. This color is similar to the several leaves of the forest trees. It has become more popular just because of its fantastic looking.

Is it good for the latest fashion?

Obviously, Forest Green color is one of the most fashionable colors in today’s world. Even you can’t avoid this color for decorating offices or residents. What colors go with forest green?

This is a common but significant thing to know.  The Navy blue, burgundy, and harvest yellow colors go with forest green. And obviously, there are multiple-choice options to create forest green such as soft pink, camel looks stunning, and Fuschia.

Nowadays, Forest Green color is highly recommended for the fashion industry. Because this color is modern & amazing, looks drab and dated.

Compare & Contrast Table of Hunter Green vs. Forest Green g

This is time to present a quick compare and contrast table in this case, Hunter Green vs. Forest Green that helps you to save time as well as introducing more.

Explanation  Hunter Green Forest Green
Color types This is the mixture of green, red, and blue where the amount of green stands 36.9%. It is a combination of green, red, and blue where the quantity of green perhaps is  54.5%.
Similar or related to  It is related to the hunter’s outlook. This color is related to the forest, trees, or leaves viewpoint.
Suitable for  Hunter green color is suitable for making different fashionable clothes and decoration dwellings, and more. Forest green is also perfect for decorating homes, offices, or other places. Plus, it is considerable for utilizing fashion intentions.
Season of using these cloths People love to wear hunter green cloth in the cold weather. Whatever you can wear forest green color cloth is the hot weather or cold weather.
Others  Dark green. Natural green.

Head-to-Head Compared: Hunter Green vs. Forest Green

You know that a table is not enough to get a clear idea of any topic. This is because we also analyze here, head-to-head comparison of the Hunter Green vs. Forest Green.

Color Details

No one can reject this fashionable color. In that matter, Alex Papachristidis says,

“Hunter Green has been missing from the market lately. It’s a color that I love and will always use and I feel it’s making a comeback. What I’m hearing from some of the main fabric houses is that they are producing and incorporating more greens again. It’s such an important color because it brings nature indoors and into the home.”

In today’s fashion industry, Hunter Green or dark green is extremely popular. When someone wears a dark green color, she/he looks ambitious and wealthy. So, this color indicates different meanings, sometimes it indicates the natural color.

On the other hand, Forest Green color is also valuable and usable in any type of decorations or you can wear any gorgeous party. Oscar Wilde says,

“He had that curious love of forest green, which in individuals is always the sign of a subtle artistic temperament, and in nations is said to denote a laxity, if not a decadence of morals.”

Moreover, the dark forest green is the first choice of different terms such as masculine, conservative, and wealth. Most of the hospitals have used light green rooms due to their patient’s calming. And, forest green color is related to the good news, envy, and fertility.

Color coordinates

Hunter green is also recognized as hex #355e3b in the RGB color space. That is the combination of 36.9% green, 20.8% red, and 23.1% blue.

Plus, CMYK color space, this is the combination of 43.6% cyan, 63.01% black, 37.2% yellow, and 0% magenta. It contains a hue angle of 128.8 degrees, a lightness of 28.8%, and a saturation of 27.9%.

The hexadecimal color #355e3b maintains RGB values of R:53, G:94, B:59 and CMYK values of C:0.44, M:0, Y:0.37, K:0.63. Its decimal value is 3497531.

On the other side, Forest Green color also known as Hex triplet #228B22. It has a mixture of 54.5% green, 13.3% red, and 13.3% blue from the RGB color space. Plus, in CMYK color space, this color is made of 0% magenta, 75.5% cyan, 45.5% black, and 75.5% yellow.

The hexadecimal color #228BB22  maintains RGB values of R:34, G:139, B:34, and the CMYK values of C:83, M:21, Y:100, K:8.

Forest green color also keeps HSV value where H:120°, S:76%, and V:55%.( source X11, ISCC-NBS descriptor)

See at a glance.

Definition Hunter Green Forest Green
Hex triplet #355e3b #228B22
RGB Decimal R:53, G:94, B:59 R:34, G:139, B:34
CMYK C:44, M:0, Y:37, K:63 C:83, M:21, Y:100, K:8
HSV H:128.8°, S:43.6%, V:36.9%. H:120°, S:76%, V:55%.


So, Hunter green and forest green are the beautiful and sophisticated colors in the market today.

Yet, we have filled the all-important data, the comparison chart, and head-to-head compared to the Hunter Green vs. Forest Green.

Now, turn on your decision, which is the right one for you.

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