12 Best Tricks to Stay Warm In a Tree Stand While Hunting

Hunting a healthy buck in the winter season is more a challenging matter rather than enjoying it. Basically, in December and January, the icy temperature is the main obstacle for the bowhunters to staying warmer and comfortable on a tree stand.

And all we know very well, hunting a healthy buck needs a specific focusing from the hunter which cannot achieve if the hunter is getting freeze on the icy weather. 

However, all bowhunters already practice the best cold-weather dressing, but I am going to share some tricky and thick tips to make the bowhunters warmer and more comfortable in the tree stand. 

Following the sly tricks to stay warm in the tree stand, offer the hunter to enjoy a more adventurous hunting journey even in the icy weather also.

12 Best Steps to Stay Warmer on a Tree Stand:

I am going to describing 12 best ways to prevent the cold to getting in your body on a tree stand.

1. Wear three Layers of Thick Winter Clothes:

Wearing some thick clothing layers can prevent the winter from entering your body.

Three layers of clothing can be more justified here. The innermost layer should be off-wicking fabrics so that it can absorb moisture.

The second and the outermost clothing layer should be made of some breathable & heat-trapping materials.

Moreover, the outer layer supposed to be wind resistant. However, I prefer using wool or camo cloths to make the outermost outerwear.

2. Cover your Head and Ear:

Adequately covering the head and ear can protect your body from losing almost 80% of your total body heat. A jacket with a headcover/hood is an ideal solution in that case.

A separate head and ear flap may be a Bomber style or Northbound hat that could be so perfect in a brutal winter. You can also take a Balaclava or a Neck gaiter for more warming your body.

3. Cover your hand:

Wearing a thick glove sometimes could be the main obstacle to through the bow correctly. Again, a thin glove is not enough to prevent the winter. In that case, we have the best solution.

Use hand muffs strapping both hands waist. Wearing thin gloves inside the hand muffs will keep your hand warmer even in colder weather.

4. Cover your Feet:

Icy weather first going to strike your feet to make you colder. Several Pac-type boots are available nowadays, offering the user a Super-heavy-insulation at bad silent weather.

You can purchase one or two sizes bigger cold weather boots than your actual size. It gonna let some air pocket in front of your toes.

Another essential thing I already forgot to share, use a gumboot featuring an insulator inside the boots. It will prevent your boots get down at -30 degrees temperature.

5. Wrap You Up:

Did you see any Native Americans mountain man? They wear a typical big Buffalo Robe wrapping themselves. You can use such a Robe to cover yourself.

A big blanket or a big piece of thick canvas cloths also can replace the buffalo robe to wrap yourself efficiently.

6. Provide Enough Fuel to Your Body:

Carbohydrates are the key to providing enough fuel to your body. You need fuel to burn it up and to make you warmer.

However, you can eat a pancake, peanut butter, almonds, or other carbo mixes to eat each one- or-two hours interval while sitting on the tree stand for hunting purposes.

If it is possible, you could take a cup of hot coffee or tea to warm your body actively. In the absence of hot coffee, eat some caffeine candy bars.

7. Use Thermal Vision Goggle:

A thermal vision goggle not only protect your eyes from getting in touch with the colder wind. It also helps you to see the downed deer even at low light weather (if you are hunting in a darker night).

The main problem is to get such a google set is its price. Anyway, a more bit affording your money for enhancing your comfort level is not an enormous issue at all!

8. Use a Foamy or Padded Hunting Seat:

No matter how you expand to prevent the cold from getting in your body, you need to ensure a padded hunting seat to insulate your body.

You can use a portable hot/warmer seat hunting seat for better efficiency. Using a padded or foamy seat on your hunting seat, keep your back portion in a comfortable feel for all time.

Who loves to sit on a metallic or wooden chair for a long time in the bloody cold winter?

9. Pick a Warmer Time-Slot:

At early morning, it could be a little bit difficult to stay warmer in a brutal winter. Try to pick the late morning so that you can prevent the wind from staying on over you for a couple of hours.

Get down from the tree stand before the afternoon sun is going to abolish on your head.

10. Wrap the Tree Stand Using an Insulator:

You can use a blanket or a thicker bed sheet on the ground portion of the tree stand to make it a heat insulator.

If you don’t have a budget-related issue, buy a heat insulator board and place it under your feet. So, winter wind never will get any chance to get close your boots by invading this insulator.

It’s a nice trick, you know!

11. Use Handwarmer:

Never forget to keep some piece of hand warmer with you when you are going to hunt a deer in a bitter winter.

Keeping off those hand warmers under your feet, on your hands or at your back portion, will warm you up efficiently.

12. What About a Ground Blind?

You can choose an alternate rather than standing on a tree stand in the worst winter. A ground Blind is so perfect for preventing the cold wind coming close to you.

Final words:

Winter never allows you to get a good deer in your divan. Keep your courage and hit the tree stand by your feet.

A well and wise dressing are the best tricks to stay warm in tree stand. Follow all the processes described above & defeat the winter. It will really help you a lot.

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