Types of Hunting Camo (Choice the Right Camo)

Every hunting region has a different view and position from others. Some areas may fill with the brush, gash while some others may fill with rock, mountain.

So, hunters often fall into debates about an effective camouflage for their hunt area. Choosing a Camo depends on where you are going to hunt and what are you going to hunt!

However, depending on these two significant concerns, there could be several types of hunting Camo patterns. In our today session, we will try to narrate the styles of the hunting camo you are supposed to choose for your hunting session (considering with other related facts).

Let’s enjoy-

Types of Hunting Camo:

Let give you an idea about three different types of hunting Camo patterns.


This type of Camo pattern mimics the surrounding area so that hunters can effectively hide over nature. To mimic the surroundings is not so easy always. As season always changes and nature also looks different in each season, so it is tough to hide in each season mimic its look.

A green Camo will work on green nature, but in winter, it will become merely useless. And the interesting fact is if you rely on your little bit different shades Camo, it will rather more alert your hunt to flee away. So, observe the natural look of the hunting area, choose the nearest matching sheds Camo.


This type of hunting Camo works by breaking down your outline. If you can successfully wear this Camo, it will easily make you a part of the hunting background. A breakup Camo allows you to look like a Logo, Stamp, or other parts of your nature background.

This Camo type can efficiently work to hide you from the big animal, turkey, or waterfowl. Like other hunting Camo, it not blends you with the background, rather than this Camo makes you a part of the hunting background. It also another two subtypes; Micro-Breakup for Close Range Hunting and Macro-Breakup for Long Range Hunting. It also becomes prevalent for Blaze Orange Camouflage (need at Rifle Season) for Deer hunting.

3D Camo Pattern:

It is adding some texture to your clothing so that you can hide from the fauna. This is one of the best Camo, which is suitable for all seasons. Snagging with the Rocks, Fences, and Branches makes this Camo very useful after all.

However, if you are hiding at a stationary position, this Camo is good, but when you need to run after your quarry for hunting it, 3D Camo does not offer you a comfy feel in that case. Comparing with the other two types of Camo pattern, 3D is a boss like Camo pattern.

Choosing Camo by Hunting Region:

We can divide the whole United States into four hunting regions. North, South, East & the West are four hunting regions in the U.S. So, let’s see how the surrounding environments of all these regions differ from each other and how you could select your Camo for each area-

North Region:

The North region is full of trees. So, hunters have to select such a Camo pattern, which can help the hunter blend with the tree line. Camo mixes with Light & Darker Swatch are effective at the north.

South Region:

The South portion is full of substantial lush vegetable fields. So, choose a Camo which can help you to disappear in the dense leaves &Branches.


The east hunting region is full of diverse types of surroundings. So a Camo that can blend with all environments look, go with it. As this hunting region is packed with a mixture of all look, an all-purpose Camo is perfect in that case.

West Region:

West hunting region is full of Mountains, Deserts, and Badlands. West is well known because it became the most challenging terrain for the Bowhunters. A Camo that can help you to hide you in an open space and direct sunlight perfect for the west hunting region.

Earth region is featuring small grasses, hard rocks, and brushes. Therefore, be concern about these things when you are going to select the Camo.

Choosing Camo by Fauna:

You can also decide your Camo type by the wild animal you are going to target soon. Waterfowl, Turkey, Whitetail, etc. are three popular hunts among the U.S. Bowhunters. So, depending on your quarry, you can also fix your Camo. Here are a few tips-


Duck also can see you if you do not hide from their sight. Use a Camo that can blend you with the grasses and reed presented surrounding your targeted duck.

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Turkey can see so far with its sharp eyesight. So, you have to conceal your whole body, including your hand and face, when you intend to hunt a turkey. Select a Camo pattern with huge Green & Shadows on over it.

Deer/Big Game:

Though most of the big Game animal has deficient color perception, still you cannot take the chance to let them see you anyhow. Properly Camouflage yourself to avoid the silhouette becomes visible to this animal. Select a Camo that can blend with the natural environment full of leaves, branches, and so on.

Why are Camouflage Different Types?

Hunters use different types of camouflage cloths to hide or blend themselves with the surrounding nature. Bowhunters have to face other surroundings when they go hunting in diverse terrain. Like Sheep hunting in Alaska has to meet very different environment hunting duck in Minnesota Marshes.

As different hunting nature, separate hunting scenarios force automatically to arise so many types of Camo patterns. If you can choose the right Camo pattern for your hunting session, it could help you hide you from the fauna’s seeing potentially. Therefore, it is mandatory to select the correct Camo matching with the nature you are going to hunting soon.

How to Choose the Correct Camo?

Camouflage clothing becomes a very efficient outlook for the Bowhunters. Like the army person wearing these clothes to deceive the opponent party, Bowhunters also uses these clothes to blend themselves with the hunting area and deceive the wild animal.

However, as all hunting area is not the same to look, you cannot use the same hunting Camo for all places. A Head-to-toe-to-bow Camo becomes the official clothing’s for the Bowhunters now a day. However, there are so many options about the hunting Camo; you need to choose it correctly.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Does Camouflage Necessary?

Hunters are hunting for thousands of years without using the Camouflage. If you are not using the hunting Camo, it is not unsafe. But the fact is using the hunting Camo increase the chance to makes you invisible to the fauna. And it is already proven, when a wild animal cannot see you, you can potentially attack it.

Which Camo Pattern is Right for Me?

Where you are going to hunt, what are you going to hunt? These two questions will determine which type of Camo pattern you need for yourself. However, if you are going to hunt in a stationary position, you can go for a 3D Camo Pattern. 3D Camo Pattern is perfect, as the boss on the other two Camo patterns.

Final Verdict:

Many hunt regions may need to wear an Orange Camo. An orange Camo can make you appear in the tree line. Big game animals like deer can fall in trouble to see this color. However, it will only save you from dangerous animals. But it will not blend you with the surroundings of your hunting area.

So, know the types of hunting Camo and prepare with the effective one. Check out so that your Camo suits you and your hunting purpose.

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