What to Wear Deer Hunting – Options to Try.

My friend Andison was quite desperate to know about what I wear on a deer hunting trip. I was shocked by how he gave the whole clothing part this importance. More than shocked I was actually glad he took the thing seriously.

I spend around half an hour chatting with him about the issue. And once I finished answering his queries, “Why Not Write About It in My Next Article” just popped inside my head. So here I am with some mindful hacks on what to wear deer hunting.

Deer Hunting Clothes: The Crucial Outfit Planning Hacks.

The first thing I want to start with is plain and absolutely basic. It’s regarding wearing too uncomfortable or noisy clothes. By uncomfortable, I mean a set that disturbs your concertation. And by noisy apparel I mean outfits that will spook deer out.

What to wear while driving to hunting deer is a very rare kind of discussion to happen and that was the main reason, I wanted to talk about it.

Not investing too much and holding tightly the basics are what a beginner in such a situation should do. So, keeping those things in mind, I’ll be giving you a few hacks and tips that my hunting experience combinedly taught me…

Watch Out for Weather & Climate Conditions.

Weather is one of the prime reasons why we wear clothing. And it’s no different when the occasion is deer hunting. You will need to consider that an outfit is meant to protect your body from climate-dependent elements. And so, you should always follow the weather updates to implement clothing accordingly.

With a chilly night in winter, of course, you won’t want to freeze to death. And so, wearing something thin will surely never count on your list. While when the season is on a warmer side, clothing that is too thick will get blocked from your plan.

Also, you should go for darker colors when hunting in winter. While the light shades feel comfortable during hot summery days.

Waterproofing Will Save You.

The last thing you would want in a deer hunting trip is getting wet. The need to stay dry and warm is absolutely on the top list of your comfort zone. And so, including the waterproof features into your outfit plan will surely do more than you think.

Make sure you wear something waterproof for tops, pants, and deer hunting boots. Especially if there’s a chance to encounter rain on your way.

Wet environments go well with Gore-Tex fabrics. However, the materials are quite expensive and also prone to wearing out quickly. But for the sake of safety, it’s reasonable undoubtedly.

Skip Cotton by All Means.

As a city guy or girl, you may love a pair of jeans coupled with a comfy cotton shirt. But inside the hunting field, these are going to make you pay.

First of all, the cotton fabric is pretty time-consuming to get dry. Also, compared to everyday outdoor clothing this fabric will feel a lot heavier with passing time. Moreover, cotton gets torn too quickly in rough conditions.

And so, using clothes that are made from stretchable polyester will ensure not tearing too quick. Also, they are comfortable with the stretchiness.

Warm it Up with Multiple Layers.

This hack is a must one for those who love deer hunting in the winter season. Hunting in the cold conditions is quite uncomfortable in reality. And so, you should take proper measurements.

One cool trick is to wear multiple layers of clothing. There should be enough layers to tackle environments below the zero-degree temperature. At least three layers are the key to go for.

I usually wear a compression shirt with a warm sweater on top. Finally, my waterproof jacket comes above both of these layers.

The Law of Blaze Orange.

People usually know about what colors not to wear deer hunting. For example, anything that takes the attention of the prey. However, it does not matter what you wear inside, the blaze orange set should always stay as last layer.

This is a law in certain states to dressing in a blaze orange set. So that other hunters in the field know about you while hunting. Accidental shots on a fellow deer hunter could be avoided by using the apparels’ eye-catchy color.

Deer are not really capable to notice colors well. And so, you don’t have to worry about catching their attention and making them run away.

Have a Look at Patterns?

I love patterns and they are certainly my favorite out of any outfit designs. Why? Because the patterns create the illusion of blending with nature, you’ll be hunting in. There are so many well-known brands that come up with multiple pattern hunting wears to mimic the surrounding spots.

You should definitely check the terrain or foliage of your preferable hunting area. Then determining pattern based on foliage will make the best choice.

For example, if I’m supposed to hunt from a tall oak or pine tree, going for different patterns sounds effective to me. However, this is absolutely not the case when I’m hunting on a corn field’s edge or hardwood grove.

Also, when hunting from the ground you should consider clothing that blends well with vegetation. That’s how choosing the camo pattern according to foliage or terrain can help you hunt better.

Pants Full of Pockets.

Dan's Briar Proof, Nylon Faced Upland Game PantsThere’s a reason why people prefer buying the best upland hunting pants. A good pair can really turn into your must-have hunting garment in such critical situations. Especially for bow or crossbow hunting. You’ll have a rough exterior to fight long walking and support as a tough cover.

Also, these are very well designed using multiple pockets. So that you can have plenty of handy space within yourself. Of course, that’s important because deer hunting needs a pretty lot of gears. A few have to be accessible quickly. And there’s no other space as closely as your own pant’s pocket.

Another fact I want to add is size. When shopping for a pant, make sure to buy something comfortably loose when wearing multiple layers. Because a perfectly fit pant might not feel comfortable to wear over layered cloths.

Stay Safe & Store More with Right Jackets.

Buying the best hunting jacket will not only give you entire coverage from water but also broaden versatility of storing.

The camo clothing piece can be so much warmer when you decide to get it. Best thing is the fact that it disguises torso. Also, the coverage is pretty large for this continuous body part. Without proper wearing, you have a high risk of being spotted because of a solid color.

The pockets of the jacket will play as your store ammunition space. You can also hold the rangefinder and other necessary tools using this. Also, make sure to get a hood included jackets. This will help a lot during cold times or rains.

I tend to have more than one jackets when going on a deer hunting trip. This gives some better options to match the terrain and hunt effectively.

A Comfy Snug Belt.

Now, this is something that a few hunters might be frivolous about. However, those who have worn it even for once will hardly ever stop using them. The belt does task of keeping your pants full with gear filled pockets up.

And that’s more than just basic when you tend to hold a lot of gear and gadgets with yourself. Imagine feeling the pressure of dropping one of your expensive gadgets due to loosen pants. A belt can help you with that.

Make sure to shop for a tough and wide belt for deer hunting. Something that is sturdy enough to hold heavy wearing. However, it should not be too stiff to be uncomfortable. Go for a camo belt that has matte finish buckles.

Polished ones have a better chance of being grabbing attention due to its reflection. Deer can respond to your shiny belt and spook to the next country leaving you all regretting over your choice. So, think about it!

Disguise Proper with A Face Mask.

Like I said before, deer are quick at spotting reflective things. Now the thing could not only be a belt, right?

For example, in my case, I have pretty oily skin. Even in winters, I’ll end up looking like one of those glass-skin YouTubers for the reason. It sounds great but not really when deer hunting is the topic.

The shine that my face holds because of excess oil creates a reflection that is enough reason for a deer spotting me from a distance. As a result, I had multiple experiences during my starting days with targets running away.

I was quick to realize that face mask can help me. And so, I bought a camo facemask that was absolutely a blessing in such situations.

You should also wear a proper face mask that is comfortable enough to suit the weather. Mesh masks work great for summery days. However, a solid one will help a lot with winter days.


And I’m glad to provide you with a total ten hacks for What to Wear Deer Hunting. Yes, these are the very basic ones and I’ll love to share a few more. But let’s keep them for some other day.

For now, as a beginner of deer hunting, these are some of the clothing hacks that can make you covered well. Don’t miss out on your own comfort and preference when picking shades or designs.

But also, don’t be absolutely blind towards some color related to grabbing attention. You don’t want that to happen just because of fashion priorities. And anyways, a hunter already looks great enough with those demanding eyes for chasing their prey.

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