What to Wear Duck Hunting – Getting Ready for Some Action.

Okay, so you are ready to go for your first ever duck hunting. And the thrill of catching those water creatures is already taking over you. But in that excitement, don’t forget to focus on the packaging phase.

It’s one of the major things to take care of before your big event. The packaging particulars need to be right and appropriate for upcoming situations. And to mull over that, you also need to consider what to wear duck hunting.

The necessary outfit list needs to be comprehensive and smartly made, that’s what we’ll be talking about today…

What to Bring Duck Hunting: Clothing Tips You Need.

To be double and triple sure about what clothing necessities you should be bringing along with for duck hunting is the utmost priority thing during pre-departure. And so, let’s quickly roll over some of the common tips regarding what clothing to bring and how apparels can help during the event…

A Comfortable & Stable Wader.

Best Waterfowl JacketSlacking along with muck and water is very much waiting for you to happen when the activity is about duck hunting. However, if you choose to go for field hunting (rare to happen) then the need for waders can be considered a bit less important. Picking up birds and setting decoys will demand a nice quality wader.

A cheap quality wader that shows leak after minimal use will be the last thing you would want to get. So, avoid making such mistakes and opt for top-rated options available for this must-have wear for duck hunting.

Something that comes with deep and fine treads will lead to the list of quality waders. These are excellent to provide you the necessary stability plus grip to stay safe. Proper insulation is also essential.

Usually, neoprene made waders are considered high quality. Puncture resistance and knee enforcement make a good duck hunting wader as well. However, get ready to sweat a bit in these. It’s still better than being less protected, don’t you think?

Recommendation for Best Waders!

If you’re questioning furiously about what waders for duck hunting should you grab, then I have two recommendations to make. Well, there are plenty of options available and feel free to choose one that goes right with your taste. However, I find the Foxelli Neoprene Chest Waders & TideWe Chest Waders two amazing picks that ticks several boxes of ideal wader.

Camouflage Jackets with High Tolerance.

In case you can’t get a wader or there’s an urgent situation, using camouflage jackets will also do. During duck hunting, there could be a need for hiding in several sights. For example, cattails, timber or grasses. You will feel like choking when wearing a wader here. So, a jacket can be a smart substitute to grab for such places.

You need a quality jacket that has matching prints with the surrounding. It needs to be tough enough to handle the condition you’ll be hunting in. Especially, if it’s cold outside, you want to ensure the jacket can protect you from freezing till death.

The Head Protection Mechanism Embedded Head Net.

You may think covering your entire body with all heavy and sturdy material will be enough. But that’s not right when the situation demands intimidating scenarios. In case of an accident or hit, you don’t want your face to be in the middle of danger. And so, you need a good quality head net.

Some would more likely consider the head net an extra clothing accessory. But trust me it’s not. Head nets are a whole agenda of protecting your head and face. So, don’t risk and take the chance of encountering a fallen object that ends up hurting your head or face.

Pair of Sturdy Gloves.

During cold winter, nobody will like the feel of chilled water. And so, touching icy water never comes into a duck hunters list. To protect your bare hand from the disastrous cold feeling of icy water, you should try bringing a good pair of gloves along. Yes, many will feel discouraged to get these, but a waterproof pair will surely come handy in more than many situations.

There are gloves available with neoprene construction. These are good at performing for decoys by providing extra ease to users.

Attracting ducks will be pretty simple with a comfortable decoy strategy. Also, there are some chances of getting in trouble with the borne disease. If you believe there’s a risk, don’t forget to include a pair of quality gloves into your defense list.

No Injury on Feet with Right Boot.

It’s deep down there in the water. And you can never tell what there will be inside. To make yourself comfortable and also safe, there’s a need to wear proper boots that cover your hips as well.

A hunting task does require many gears, a boot is one pro clothing essential you should not miss out. You can get as many as ducks you want. But what’s the point if a snake bite takes away all the fun you were having. So, beware about possible attacks underwater and make yourself safe from those potential damages even before going to the spot.

When picking a boot pair, don’t choose something that could be easy to penetrate. It should never let anything to harm or hurt your legs.

Have A Look at the Print of Your Clothing…

Having the Best duck hunting Jacket won’t save you if the wrong print is being selected. Don’t forget the fact that birds such as ducks have some superior sighting abilities. They can notice you from pretty afar. And so, you need to get some clothing that matches well with the surroundings.

Always focus on matching the camo color waders with whatever spot you’ve decided to go duck hunting on. You should also consider applying some face paint if necessary. Ducks can tell whether you are a human trying to get them by looking at your features.

And even if they can’t tell, there’s a good chance they’ll just run away from the sight of human, smelling potential danger. So better try some sort of face paint to cover your beautiful face. Also, don’t forget to get a gun wrap in case you are a pretty enthusiast about shiny gun outlooks. That glaze can alert ducks to hide quickly.

Layers of Clothing for Better Concealment…

Duck hunting is all about three essentials when it comes to apparel standards. And it’s regarding staying dry, blocking wind and controlling your body temperature. You should wear lots of layers such as pants, parka, and a hat to stay dry. Don’t forget to keep these clothing waterproof and breathable.


Now that you have a better idea about

There’s a lot to say when the question is, what to wear duck hunting. Here’re my top tips to make your pre-hunting attire packing worth the effort.

 just relax and anticipate the great day. It’s probably a challenging hunt to try considering skill, knowledge, and weather. But also, end result and reward would be worth the effort.

Just be sure to get prepared with the right accessories and gears including outfit. It’s absolutely a key point where you should work on to be a better hunter.

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