When Should A Hunter Wear A Fall Arrest System?

As a hunter, you have probably heard about fall-arrest systems. However, the possibility can be very low for those who are always hunting on the ground level.

Even if you are hearing the name for the first time, you could make a correct guess. The terms ‘Fall’ and ‘Arrest’ give us an idea of some safety equipment. The application of this system is in different sectors including hunting.

Now, the question is, when should a hunter wear a fall arrest system, and what is it?

The answer is very simple. Whenever a hunter is planning to hunt standing on a treestand or an elevated platform. Let me explain that by starting with a definition.

What Is A Fall Arrest System in Hunting?

FAS or fall arrest system means a combination of safety equipment that prevents a person from falling. The system includes a body harness, anchorage, and connector.

Here, the anchorage gets attached to the tree of any strong and stable object off the ground. And the body harness gets attached to the different body parts so that the fall doesn’t hurt any part particularly due to excessive pressure. Finally, the connector makes a secure connection between you and the anchor.

When Should A Hunter Wear A Fall Arrest System?

In simpler words, whenever a hunter is off the ground, he/she should wear a fall-arrest system with a full-body harness. For getting a longer range of visibility, hunters use tree stands a lot while hunting precious whitetails and other game animals. Also, it provides hunters more time to prepare a successful shot.

Needless to say, whenever you are planning and preparing for hunting on a tree, you must wear a fall-arrest system for safety.

Who Needs A Fall-Arrest System?

Hunters who love deer hunting often use tree stands to increase their success rate. And that leads to more than half of the incidents regarding deer hunting. Hunters with such hunting strategies must use FAS to avoid all sorts of accidents. It will also benefit you if there are chances to fall asleep while waiting for the game.

Furthermore, for those who ask, when should a hunter wear a full body harness, the above situations apply to them. Tree stands are preferred by bowhunters. So, archery on tree stands demands full-body harnesses and fall-arrest systems. However, with guns, it is ideal to hunt on the ground and it wouldn’t require you wear a full-body harness or FAS.

What Should You Wear When Using a Treestand?

Besides a suitable outfit, hunters should wear a full-body harness or fall-arrest system when they are using a treestand.

After all those explanations above, this question doesn’t make sense. Yet, I have included it as lots of hunters search with this term.

What Type of Game Is Suitable to Hunt With FAS?

The most popular game for hunters is whitetail deer to hunt from a hang-on treestand. However, you can use it to kill other animals too as it gives the hunter some advantages. Using bows or suitable firearms, it is possible to kill squirrels, wild turkeys, leopards, beaver, pigs, porcupines, gray foxes, etc. ranging from small to big games.

What Are the Safety Guidelines for Using FAS?

  • Before using FAS for the first time, you should practice adjusting the whole system in the presence of an adult experienced person.
  • A hunter should always wear the full-body harness and keep it attached to the tree anchor all the time while on the treestand.
  • Make sure that the length of the connecting rope between you and the tree lets you get back up in case you fall.
  • If you can’t climb back, don’t panic and signal for help. One should avoid suspension trauma in case the rescue takes time. Keep moving your legs where there is no suspension relief strap.

Why Should You Use Fall-Arrest System When Hunting?

You must use it to save yourself from free falling of the tree or elevated stand. As the full-body harness and the tree anchor stays connected with strong a connector, you can fully focus on the game.

The benefit of this system is that it gives you enough room to move freely and get into any position that helps aim properly. It saves any person from hitting the ground regardless of their weight.

Those who are trying to make one by themselves should be careful about the regulations. I recommend only the best fall arrest system for hunters to ensure safety and get the most benefits out of it. The proof of my suggestion is in these treestand safety tips from American Hunting Lease Association.

No matter how experienced or expert you are, accidents can happen anytime anywhere. So, don’t let an adrenaline-rushing event turn into a matter of regret.


So, those are the cases that answer, when should a hunter wear a fall arrest system? No matter how tempting it appears not to use the safety equipment, you must realize the importance of it, and wear it whenever it’s necessary.

Make sure that you are not using a FAS that has marks of wear and tear. By all means, don’t panic even if you fall with the straps on because it wouldn’t let you injure seriously. Let me know in the comments in case you face any problems while using a FAS. Safe hunting!

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