Which Type of Elevated Stand Does Not Need A Tree?

For traditional tree stands, you will need trees to set them up in the right position. However, when you intend to hunt on an open plot of field or land, you cannot use a typical tree stand.

Then, what’s the best alternative solution on such occasions?

Simple, you will need a hunting stand that does not require any tree. But which one?

Well, I’m going to answer that here in this article.

So, which type of elevated stand does not need a tree?

Box or tower stands allow you to set up without using a tree as the core supporting equipment. These elevated stands are similar to ladder tree stands apart from their freestanding option, where you do not have to use a tree to set them up.

These stands are available in two options- where some have one or two chairs atop stilts, and others have box-like platforms as a shed on the top. Now let’s learn the details below.

Which Type of Elevated Stand Does Not Need A Tree?

In case you couldn’t comprehend the whole concept earlier, I will be explaining it once again here. Also, this time I will be brief so that you can understand it clearly.

By definition, these elevated Boxes or tower stands are large squared shape enclosed platforms placed on tripod stands and look like a shed. The tower or box elevated stands are also commonly known as Tripod Stands, which most people use for deer hunting.

These hunting stands are a great alternative when you cannot effort a traditional tree stand because of the location or lack of required trees around your area.

Generally, tower or box elevated stands are made of plywood or metal, and for climbing, you need to use stairs or ladders. If required, you can even build them with different heights, and the ideal location of building or setting a box stand is the edge of the field. This elevated stand offers you a 360-degree view of the surroundings and can shelter from bad weather conditions such as- rain.

Now that you got a hold of the elevated hunting stands. Let’s also have an idea of the pros and cons of using an elevated stand that does not need a tree-

Advantages Disadvantages
These stands are ideal when using them on the edge of a field or in an open countryside area. These stands can be slightly demanding since they require a secured, firm-level, and strong base with the ground.
Since these elevated stands consist of tripod stands, you do not have to worry about finding suitable trees for support. Unfortunately, these stands are typically bulky and heavy so, you cannot move them like other portable tree stands.
You can have a 360-degree viewing facility with these stands when hunting. These elevated stands are more convenient for special situations and not ideal for daily setting up and tear down.
Box or tower stands also give you less visibility since you will be 8 to 10 feet off the ground.

How Can You Build Your Own Elevated Hunting Blinds?

Before moving on to the step-by-step instructions to build your hunting blinds, let me remind you that you can always purchase Best Elevated Hunting Blinds from the stores or online marketplaces. Therefore, if you are not interested in building it, switch to the buying option.

First, list down the measurement of essential parts-

Parts Measurements
Platform 2-8 ft. (2×4)
3-12 ft. (2×4)
2-4″x8” ¼ Plywood sheets
Legs 2-12 ft. (4×4) Posts
Braces 4-12 ft. (2×4)
2-10 ft. (2×4)
Ladder 2-8″ ft. (2×4)
2-12″ ft. (2×4)

Let’s start building the box blinds-


First, you need to take two eight-footers and a twelve-footer. Then cut the 12 footers in five foot nine inches each. Now, put your two eight-footers together on the ground and mark your two-foot centers to boxes their ends in.

While cutting the inside runners, make sure your eight-footers are on the outer side and the five-foot-nine ones are inside. So, take three or three and a half-inch screws to put the whole box together.


Next, to fill in your box, take three of 12 footers and pull 5 ft. 9″ again from each direction. After cutting them, screw each of them securely inside your box. Now you will need a couple of plywood sheets to put on the top. You can take 8″ or 5ft. 9″ sheets for that and flip your framework over to screw the sheets in place.


Now flip your platform over and add the legs. Now, take 8-foot legs and set them on each corner. You can even cut them in V to tip them out and take 3- and 1/2-inches screws with a couple of leg bolts to secure the legs and platform firm connection.

Now, take 8-foot sides, and put them in an X on each alternative side. Then, brace 6-foot sides up and put them on the inside of the bottom lip. Screw them off there, and it will look like a small V shape.


After that, cut 2-foot-wide stairs and 24 inches across for building the ladder. If you are considering family hunting, for an 8-foot-tall tower, you will probably need 13-15 steps on your ladder. Now mark up to two boards based on your counts of steps and take 2- and 1/2-inches screws to secure the stairs on your ladder.

Then, fascinate your ladder to the platform by throwing 2 or 3 screws inside. Now your box blinds are ready for your hunting adventure.

Does A Tower Stand Need A Tree?

No, elevated tower stands have 3 legs to stay stand strong on the ground.


I hope you already got your answer to which type of elevated stand does not need a tree. I even explained how to build a freestanding hunting stand at your workstation. So, if you are interested, just follow my lead and create your own hunting stand.

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