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Why Use A Camping Kettle?

Why use a camping kettleToday there is a great necessity to enjoy your coffee all the time even when you are on the move and you have virtually no place to set the coffee maker. That is why the question of why to use a camping kettle is more pressing than ever before since it is the device which gives you freedom of coffee brewing under any conditions and circumstances.

Why Use A Camping Kettle?

What Is A Camping Kettle?

The camping kettle is a simple coffee machine that operates either manually or with the service of a series of batteries which are perfectly placed in the kettle body mass. This is the traditional way to brew coffee like the pilgrims did when they first immigrated to the Americas.

The only thing you need is hot water and your ground coffee. Then the kettle is filtering all this and provides you with the best aromatic coffee you have ever tasted. Usually, it is made of quality metal alloys that are rust free and protect it from gradual corrosion due to the outdoors use in the camping settlement.

On the other hand, kettles of this time are having great plastic handles to help you avoid unnecessary burnings when making or serving coffee. Hot coffee is the national trend that kettles are here to serve and can really be a revolutionary machine in the hands of every person that goes camping for a long time.

What Are The Benefits of Kettle Use?

As you all know, camping are usually places where energy is not given equally to everybody and many times you are required to be energy free to have a sustainable living there. That is why the kettle is there to prepare your coffee without the need to connect it to any external source of electricity.

Kettles are also easy to carry since they are made of special lightweight metal alloys. This is another plus compared to the coffee machines that have special motors which are heavier and take a lot more room in your tent.

Then there is the style issue. When using a kettle, you feel like you are one with nature and there is a great feeling of equilibrium and balance that comes with it. You are finally there to relax and make your life simpler and the coffee kettle can give you high-quality coffee with no energy needs at all while keeping you stylish at all times.

Finally, the kettle is giving you the chance to store your coffee for as long as you wish and then warm it up easily using a campfire. This is allowed due to the iron cast structure of the kettle body that you may directly expose it to the fire and use it as a warming pot.

Kettle vs Portable Coffee Machine.

Kettles are usually compared to the portable coffee machines in order to see which one of them is better for camping use. This is not, of course, the issue for many people that want to prepare their coffee manually and without any external power source even in the form of batteries.

The portable coffee machines are requiring you to have specialized ground coffee that is powder cut while the kettles can use any type of ground coffee without harming their filtering system. Not to mention, that portable coffee machines usually need purified water to work properly while kettles are working with any type of boiling water.

Portable machines require special manual energy so that they brew your coffee and bring it to the right drinking temperature. However, the kettles are the only coffee brewers that require zero effort to deliver you the best available coffee that you have ever experienced. Just put the boiling water in the central canister of the kettle and the gravity is going to do all the job for you.


People lately that want to participate in camping activity are quite confused when comparing kettles and other portable coffee machines. But in the long run, kettles have virtually no opponent in the outdoors-based use.

First, you can have them all the time with you since they virtually take no place in your backpack. They need zero energy and practically the less effort to brew a cup of quality coffee. The only thing you should prepare when you are using the kettle is the boiling water. But boiling water can be easily found with small campfires and there is not such an issue.

You must make sure that you are always choosing the right type of kettle that can serve you and your companions. This is extremely important since coffee experience is a multi-player game and you cannot simply enjoy your coffee by yourself all the time.

Get the best kettle available and go out to explore the wilderness in style.

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